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  1. I haven't seen a Ronald Reagan movie until a few year ago when I saw That Hagen Girl, (With Shirley Temple.) After that I've seen Bedtime For Bonzo and Kings Row. I don't think I've seen a Sonny Tufts film.
  2. Actually the timing of this showing of Harry And Tonto is interesting. Larry Hagman has a small part in it and he just left us.
  3. About three months ago I saw a film called Nola with Emmy Rossum. It was full of behavior and characters that I could never understand. At the end Nola after revieviing stuning news of some sort, gets up, goes to a piano, and sings a song. (Actually Emmy Rossum, who was in Phantom Of The Opera, has a beautiful voice but the scenes was still a mess.) Has anyone ever stumbled onto this thing on cable.
  4. I don't think the lion share of porn is long enough, (pun unintended) to be called an actual movie. My cut off point for something to be called a film is 50 minutes.
  5. Rat Fink A Boo Boo has to be seen to be believed.
  6. Monkeybone. Lisztomania (It's actually really hard to say.)
  7. Actually Jennifer Jason Leigh now has a prime time TV gig. She's Emily's / Amanada's mother on Revenge. (A show I recomend for people who miss prime time soaps. It's better than the New version of Dallas.)
  8. I kind of miss it. I heard this funny story. They once mocked a 80's film with Kim Catrall. One of the robots expressed affection for her. She responded by said robot flowers. I liked how Gypsy, the robot who showed the movies but wasn't around to mocked them, (except once) had a deep abiding love for Richard Basehart.
  9. I found a movie I've been looking for for 27 years. I saw *Fedora* on Amazon.com on sale on VHS. It set me back $37, but it was worth it. It kind of helps that this is a relative recient film, (1978, I got a thing for the 70's, besides this was Billy Wilder's penultimate film.) I found *Buddy Buddy*, His last movie on the same site for around $30. From what I've heard about it I'm saving my money.
  10. TCM show Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies, (whew) a few years ago. It was a double feature with Rat Fink A Bobo. I have it on tape somewhere.
  11. I saw "Three Chumps Ahead. I thought the sound was muddy, muffled and it was hard to hear the dialogue. In comparission Laurel And Hardy, The Three Stooges and Our Gang Shorts from the same era sound okay. Maybe they had some restoration done that the Patsy Kelly / Thelma Todd shorts didn't. On a some what tangental note. Has anyone out there ever seen the made for tv bio pic of Thelma Todd? I haven't. It starred Loni Anderson, (yeah I know) who also stared in the Jane Mansfield Story, (which I have seen.)
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