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  1. Sunset Boulevard second hand report: Received a text this morning from the before mentioned person who now lives out in CA and he did in fact get up early this AM and while it was a hard decision between Sunset Blvd and The Magnificent Ambersons he chose Sunset, but I digress... He got up up early and headed down to Hollywood and got in line early at the Chinese Theatre (the text says 11:18am here so 8:18am there) and was11th in line for tickets. After the film and event a phone call revealed that: Sunset Boulevard actress Nancy Olson appeared and gave a 20-25 minute talk on the film and her experiences. One story mentioned was how BIlly Wilder asked her to keep kissing William Holden until Wilder said "CUT." He did not get the chance as Mrs William Holden was on the set that day and beat him to the direction. If anyone attended the Magnifcent Ambersons showing and panel please post anything new or just anything by Peter Bogdanovich and David Kamp. That's all from me...not there in body, but in spirit for sure. Take Care and Enjoy!
  2. Have fun everyone. Wish I was able to go. A former employee of mine from here in Ohio who set out for work in the animation industry earlier this year will try to attend some screenings and pick up some swag for me. Anyway.. ENJOY and HAVE FUN! Keep us fans "back home" updated...THANKS!!!
  3. Tonight my top 10 are these...not in any order: The Manchurian Candidate The Night of the Hunter Top Hat Lonely Are The Brave Lawrence of Arabia The Magnificent Ambersons She Wore A Yellow Ribbon Ride The High Country Winchester 73 On The Beach Tomorrow perhaps another 10
  4. The King of Comedy - Martin Lewis comedy next: Lonely Are the Brave
  5. Picked up *In My Father's Shadow: A Daughter Remembers Orson Welles* over the holidays and am reading it now. So far a interesting and fascinating read. The book mixes Christopher Welles Feder's globe trotting and famous encounters with down to earth events that show what not only grounded her, but also connects one with the author. At the center of the story is Chrissie's love for her father. While I am half way through I recommend this book very much!
  6. Aldrich, Robert directed Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
  7. This is not only WONDERFUL news, but a breath of fresh air on a cold day! Yesterday I tried to purchase what looks to be a superb release from Warner (50th Anniversary "North By Northwest" Blu-Ray) and my local Columbus,OH Target ordered 0 and the Barnes & Noble down the way...ordered 1. The mentality of buyers who fill the shelves with "I Love You Beth Cooper", "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Taking of Pelham 123", but not "North By Northwest" baffles me. NBNW is not a run of the mill film by any stretch and the director is perhaps known in most households. Anyway...Thanks TCM for this news...I hope to pack up and head West as you fling open the doors to Grauman's and the other venues where at least for a moment in time we will celebrate classic films on the big screen! YES! Edited by: cubswin1984 on Nov 4, 2009 11:34 AM
  9. The film I most looked forward to seeing so far was "Love In The Afternoon". Saw it for the first time and bought the DVD the next day. I enjoy this film and "Ball Of Fire" very much. More Summer under the Stars highlights for me... "The Farmer Takes A Wife" nice film, but what I found most interesting was Bickford was at the helm of a boat here and also later in "Mr. Lucky" another Summer treat. "The Rounders" Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda reminded me a bit of "Lonely Are The Brave" one of my favorites "Crisis" and "Walk Don't Run" Had never seen either of these. While Walk started a bit slow for me it wrapped up just right. Nice funny film...thought it very funny Grant was whistling the theme to "Charade". "Manhattan Melodrama" Gable (from Cadiz, Ohio near where my family reunion is held each year) and Powell / Loy were just superb. Darn I missed "Idiot's Delight" It is hard to beat "The Sons of Katie Elder", "McLintock!" and "True Grit" all in one day. Not to mention a wonderful Christmas film "3 Godfathers". "Terror in a Texas Town" watch out he has a har.....****. ouch. "The Asphalt Jungle" ok ok Sterling Hayden and Marilyn are tops, but Louis Calhern is THE BEST! Odd "State of The Union" was not on during Angela Lansbury day because that is another great one, but you can't show them all. "Manchurian Candidate" - Lansbury's tour de force "Gaslight and "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and so it goes...Thanks TCM
  10. 1. Jungle Book : Louis Prima and Phil Harris!!! Yeah Man!..George Sanders as Shere Khan. All around great fun music and animation. 2. Sleeping Beauty : 2 words Eyvind Earle. The colors, designs and style of this film are still brilliant and stand out as a masterpiece. 3. Gosh this last one is hard...Robin Hood, Mulan, Dumbo, etc...hmmm I am going to go and say Melody Time. Melody Time for one reason...."Once Upon A Wintertime". This segment is the perfect superb mix of animation and color. The Mary Blair story boards for OUAW are just as gorgeous as the film (if not better). What a gem. Message was edited by: cubswin1984
  11. Lzcutter Not sure if he was in any films but former Cardinals player and Cubs, Dodgers and Giants Manager Leo Durocher was on the small screen a lot and of course he was connected to Hollywood through his marriage to Laraine Day. Bob Uecker maybe. Major League Catcher then long time Brewers broadcaster. Although he pretty much portrayed what he does for a living. PS John Berardino won a World Series in 1948 with the Cleveland Indians (vs Boston Braves I think) He is mentioned in one of Bill Veeck's books either "Veeck As In Wreck" or "The Hustler's Handbook". I recall he is mentioned in a remark about the train back from Boston to Cleveland. Veeck owned the team at the time when "Every Day Was Mardi Gras...And Every Fan A King."
  12. Lzcutter, Just sitting here thinking. There is usually a lot of emotion and tension in a baseball film also. Like for instance "Pride of The Yankees" Lou Gherig...at the topof his game then he can't do anything to stop it and he detiorates to a man barely able to walk. His wife Eleanor keeps her spirits up for her "Luke", but in the end... Then..On The 4th of July of all Days....Lou Gehrig Day at Yankee Stadium and The Speech. Shirley Povich wrote this about that day for the Washington Post... "New York, July 4 ? I saw strong men weep this afternoon, expressionless umpires swallow hard, and emotion pump the hearts and glaze the eyes of 61,000 baseball fans in Yankee Stadium. Yes, and hard-boiled news photographers clicked their shutters with fingers that trembled a bit...." Bang The Drum Slowly , The Stratton Story, Fear Strikes Out even Bull Durham. All emotion..Heart and ... well basically what makes these and most movies great is even though it is about baseball they all have great charaters...the PEOPLE. Sure many of us love the game too, but without guys like Lou and Eleanor or Crash and Annie and Marty Stratton and his wife, etc. they would just another game / movie in a 162 game season.
  13. Yes Good Old Number 10 had Juvenile Diabetes. I believe his parents were also killed in an automobile accident at some point on their way from Washington State (where Santo is from) to Spring Training.By the way there is a Santo film "This Old Cub" available on DVD somewhere. As a broadcater most folks love him or think he is horrible. As a player he was one of the best 3B ever. Many who saw him play agree he should be in the HOF (Marty Brennaman for one). I enjoy his and Pat Hughes' games, but long for the days of Harry Caray...my favorite. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! HOLY COW!
  14. "What is it about baseball movies (more so than other sports films) that move us so much more than other films about sports, especially those of us who aren't that into sports?" I think it is because baseball is familiar to all of us in some way. Whether we played or not and most of us at least knocked some kind of ball around at some time in the back yard or our friends did. We came across the sport somehow somewhere all through ourlives. We know someone that has played maybe little league or in school. Wherever you go in any town at the park there is a baseball field. Even if it is some grass and dirt or pebbles and if you're lucky a backstop. The Stratton Story is really good movie with baseball included. Hope this helps.
  15. This is one of my favorite films and top 2 or 3 Hitchcock Films. Grant's best work? His Girl Friday is one I would perhaps put on the list. Maybe this one. The Bishop's Wife is also a favorite here.
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