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  1. I used to work as a film editor at a local tv station in Miami. Call me Choppist! Now I'm a sprockets archaeologist!
  2. Olive Films released Samuel Goldwyn's THE NORTH STAR under its 1957 NTA (theatrical) reissue title ARMORED ATTACK. The film was cut from 108 to 76 minutes with a total shift in sympathies with respect to the Russians. As an EXTRA on the DVD, Olive included the uncut 1943 RKO release. A wonderful film with a great cast and music by Aaron Copland. Written by Lillian Hellman and Directed by Lewis Milestone.
  3. Miles Malleson would have to be on my list! And, for the moderns, Damian Lewis.
  4. One of the knocks against this program was that they dubbed in Hal Roach music played by the Ronnie Hazelhurst orchestra to films that had no music scores (like the Oscar-winning THE MUSIC BOX!).
  5. Ray, do you know what the rights issue was with THE SILVER CORD that had kept it off TCM until now? It had been shown on the good old AMC back in the 1990s, but looking it up in my old BIB books it appears it was not available to TV from at least the 1960s through when AMC got it. And thanks for pointing out the connection with OUT ALL NIGHT. Honestly, I found Laura Hope Crews annoying in both! Rich - I don't know. It had to be a domestic rights issue, probably with the Sidney Howard play, as the film was being distributed worldwide (the ok.ru upload is from a Channel 1 broadcast). I have a mint C&C print that was struck in the 60's. And of course Crews was annoying. That was her shtick. To be annoying! GWTW!!!! By the way, Rich, did you notice that the Steiner main title to THE SILVER CORD was a retread of Max's TOPAZE?
  6. THE WALKING DEAD features a terrific score by Bernhard Kaun and makes good use of Anton Rubinstein's "Kammeni Ostrow" aka "Reve Angelique" http://www.chelsearialtostudios.com/walking_dead.mp3
  7. Laura Hope Crews did a burlesque on her SILVER CORD role in Universal's OUT ALL NIGHT with Slim Summerville (he's her son) and Zasu Pitts. A very funny picture! And SILVER CORD was actually released a month after OUT ALL NIGHT.
  8. Yes, definitely THE BODY SNATCHER. Also THE WALKING DEAD. His final performance in "The White Birches", an episode of THE NAME OF THE GAME, is quite remarkable. For his stamina if nothing else. Two Columbias - THE CRIMINAL CODE and THE BLACK ROOM are also recommended.
  9. And a fine nebbish in SHADOW OF A DOUBT. And a wonderful face-changing villain on HAWAII FIVE-O!
  10. Looks like next month is Columbia's TERRY AND THE PIRATES. Uh-oh.
  11. I met John one evening when he was visiting his wife at St. Luke's Hospital. He stopped in for coffee at the West End on the upper west side. We had a very nice chat. I always liked him as an actor. I have several of his films including THAT NIGHT!, a movie about a guy who has a heart attack that was produced by radio's Hyman Brown. Helen (his wife) died soon after.
  12. Elspeth Dudgeon (billed as John Dudgeon) playing Roderick Femm in THE OLD DARK HOUSE!
  13. Tiomkin gets the final nod in the review. Here's the main title from our soundtrack CD: http://www.chelsearialtostudios.com/champion_maintitle.mp3
  14. I think I still have a couple of betamax Allied Artists Sherlock Holmes releases.
  15. Here's the original version of STREET SCENE. http://www.chelsearialtostudios.com/street_scene_1931.mp3
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