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  1. THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES. The seance scene. "Me-lo-dee". Gale Sondergaard sent shivers up my spine.
  2. Here are, from my 16mm prints, the original 1931 DRACULA and 1938 (adapted from 1931) FRANKENSTEIN trailers. These are vastly different from the common Realart trailers that are on all the Universal DVD's, blu-rays etc.
  3. ??? You sure you're not talking about the tested-but-not-filmed Frankenstein sequence for THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY?
  4. In LOST CONTINENT, Cesar Romero is never without a cig or not lighting a cig. Lippert must have had some tobacco backers.
  5. I particularly remember his interview with Eddie Bracken and Bracken later told me (at a Sons banquet) that Yost was one of the nicest people he'd ever met. By the way, back in the 80's, WLIW on Long Island ran several "The Moviemakers" programs featuring Elwe interviewing many Hollywood veterans. I managed to grab a few of these half-hour shows on Betamax.
  6. My visits to my in-laws in Ottawa were always augmented by watching Elwe Yost and his classic movie presentations. A genuine film enthusiast!
  7. Definitely 1931 Jekyll for me. And absolutely Rene Clair's AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. Speaking of the latter, I have a 16mm (dupe) print of the original trailer. It's the American trailer but adapted for British release with the British title (the same title as the book's original monicker!) Here it is with the title card at the end partially masked for obvious reasons.
  8. For those who might be interested, here are the original 1948 MGM titles to Frank Capra's STATE OF THE UNION. After the original release, rights reverted to Capra and he reissued it under the Liberty Films banner. The remade titles also misspelled Katharine Hepburn's name (as "Katherine"). Also significant is that the original release did NOT include the portion of the scene in Kay Thorndyke's office where her editors resign en masse. I've included the original cutting of that sequence on the video, followed by the original Liberty Bell end title (title was changed and music was cut in the rei
  9. One Man's Way with Don Murray as Norman Vincent Peale. And Murray again as The Hoodlum Priest. And probably my favorite film about a cleric - ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN with Fredric March and Martha Scott. A true story beautifully written, played and scored (Steiner).
  10. Paramount owns these shorts by virtue of their purchase of Republic/NTA. Paramount had sold off most of their shorts to UM&M TV back in the 50's. Unless CHAMPAGNE FOR TWO somehow fell into public domain, hopefully this means Paramount is actually digging into its library to exploit more esoteric material. They are, after all, licensing Republic features to Olive. We'll see.
  11. "Milo - you're not eating your tapioca!"
  12. Hale didn't seem to come out of his shell until he repeated his role of Little John in Curtiz' ROBIN HOOD. Up until then he was mostly seen as either villainous or pseudo-brutish. Even in OUR RELATIONS with Laurel and Hardy he played it mostly straight. But after ROBIN HOOD all bets were off and his natural charm and gregariousness made him a favorite of co-workers and audiences alike.
  13. That cover for THE WELL is totally bogus. The original posters are well-representative of the film. Wade Williams, who "owns" the film, not only released the film with bogus artwork but from a horribly scratched 16mm print. That image of Richard Rober and Christine Larsen is from a publicity still. I believe the pressbook (can't dig it out now) may include it in a merchandising tie-in.
  14. My favorite is David Lean's THE PASSIONATE FRIENDS with Ann Todd, Trevor Howard and Claude Rains as the cuckolded husband. A shocking, rewarding climax.
  15. See if it's on WATCH TCM, which you can either watch online or with Roku on your TV (sign in with your cable provider).
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