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  1. I had never seen THE SNAKE PIT until last week when I picked up a very nice 16mm print. I thought it was very good and deserved its reputation. However, I was surprised that Fox, who had pioneered docudrama productions, littered the supporting cast with name players as patients at the asylum. In contrast with Warners' CAGED, in which the prison inmates were played by mostly unknown actresses, SNAKE PIT had almost every non-glamorous (or formerly glamorous) actress in Hollywood. Ruth Donnelly, Isabel Jewell, Victoria "Mrs. Jack Oakie" Horne, Celeste Holm, Lee Patrick, Beulah Bondi, Ann Doran, J
  2. Here's a trailer I put together for THE LOST PATROL. Just to explain the raison d'etre, when the actual trailer doesn't survive for a film of which I have a (16mm) print, I put together a digital file and have it printed back to film.
  3. Yes, they teamed up in a segment of A MIRACLE CAN HAPPEN (ON OUR MERRY WAY), 1948.
  4. Robinson and Cagney only appeared in one film together - SMART MONEY in 1931.
  5. Also, Max Steiner used his "Four Daughters" motif in the main title of DAUGHTERS COURAGEOUS when the "Four Daughters" credit appeared on screen.
  6. I'm a huge fan of the picture but I think the general release version is better. The padding that was cut out was completely expendable, especially Winters' monologue about helping a little old lady back home - which gives his mayhem MOTIVE. The only scene I would restore simply for clarity sake is the phone call with Keaton. And the footage is gone. Only the track remains. Longer is not funnier. The trims helped the pacing immeasurably. But that's just my opinion. Of course, I'm delighted that the long version was released on blu-ray because it allowed me to use the rear surrou
  7. With Warner Archive releasing a new restoration of THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX, a very silly notion popped into my head. Remember how Warners cannibalized their westerns in the mid-late 40's and dressed up Robert Shayne to take the place of Flynn & Cagney in two-reelers with stock footage? Imagine Robert Shayne and Ann Doran as Essex and Elizabeth in a B&W two-reeler adapted from the 1939 classic! I can hear Jack Warner now: "Get me Hollings' head!!" Too bad Warners only knocked-off their westerns. Any suggestions for other re-tread two-reelers?
  8. Interesting that you bring up JIM THORPE-ALL AMERICAN. Max Steiner originally wrote his "Indian Idyll" for JIM THORPE and then reused it five years later in THE SEARCHERS. Here's a link to our remastered soundtrack CD: https://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/28964/THE-SEARCHERS/
  9. For fans of the Universal Holmes films, the late Michael Hoey - son of Dennis "Inspector Lestrade" Hoey - wrote a wonderful book about the Sherlock Holmes stock company (Sherlock Holmes & the Fabulous Faces - The Universal Pictures Repertory Company ). He reviews the cast members of all 12 films (and touches on the 2 Fox pictures as well) and gives well-researched bios of the supporting cast members.
  10. I've met quite a few folks over the years. I had street encounters with Dane Clark (the first was nice, the second very sad as he had lost quite a bit of his awareness), Joseph Wiseman (a wonderful gentleman), George Kennedy (an innoccuous meeting) and several NY actors whom I admired. I hosted a screening of LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN for Joan Fontaine and CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR for Celeste Holm, both at the Players Club in Gramercy Park. Best of all was my visit with Allan Jones. Jones learned I had a print of THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE which he had not seen since 1940. He called me up and
  11. I love YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE. It's typical 60's Delmer Daves - flamboyant and fun. Great character cast (including one of Lee Bowman's last peformances) and a great score by Max Steiner.
  12. I have a print of VOICE IN THE MIRROR, about the starting-up of an Alcoholics Anonymous-type group. It's Universal-International and would be a great choice for an Egan fest. Also in the film is radio great Harry Bartell.
  13. Don't assume the trailer is in public domain. It was copyrighted and may very well have been renewed, especially since United Artists was distributing trailers to television stations through AAP along with the features. Both MGM and Warners copyrighted their trailers. They may not pursue rights offenders with the same vigor as features but still - never assume.
  14. There are very few Warner Bros. features that are public domain. Even their trailers were copyrighted (renewal on those is another question). The ANGELS rights have "reportedly" reverted to Rowland Brown's estate. Brown wrote the original story.
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