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  1. I'm waiting for HUNTER - STRAW MAN OF THE ART WORLD.
  2. I just got in a 16mm Anscocolor print of LET'S MAKE UP (the American release of LILACS IN THE SPRING). Near the end of the picture, Flynn chides his daughter for not going to Burma because she doesn't have her pajamas. Flynn remarks "Pajamas in Burma? Darling, you don't need them - I should know!" Flynn is very, very good in this musical drama.
  3. A couple of years later I saw Davis on another show (I thought it was Carson but, apparently, not so) and she confessed that, after having recently seen ELIZABETH AND ESSEX again, she was wrong about Flynn and wished he were alive so she could tell him. It was a very, very emotional moment.
  4. Well, of course. And I am blessed to have been able to produce the original soundtrack albums for DODGE CITY, ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN, ROCKY MOUNTAIN and several other Steiner Flynns. One of my biggest thrills was preparing the musical score for THE ADVENTURES OF ERROL FLYNN, in which I got to use original music tracks as background for that terrific documentary.
  5. Flynn's cameo in IT'S A GREAT FEELING is a riot. And his performance in THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS is a revelation. But he was definitely the king of the swashbucklers (though he had a little help from Erich Korngold!!).
  6. No, I'm afraid not on both questions!
  7. TAKE IT BIG. One of the Pine-Thomas Paramounts with Jack Haley, Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard. WNBC used to run this back in the late 60's.
  8. I have a 16mm print of the network version of THE TOWERING INFERNO. There is almost 30 minutes of extra footage. As for cuts, when I was at WCIX in Miami in 1978, we scheduled MIDNIGHT COWBOY. A fellow editor was a maven for the film and was incensed that United Artists sent a print that, in the negative, had been edited from 113 to around 100 minutes. He lobbied the station manager who, in turn, instructed UA to send us a theatrical print. The editor then proceeded to cut 45 seconds from the film! We ran it in a 2-1/2 hour time slot. The adventures of local television.
  9. I'm still waiting for Warners to do a 35mm release of THE FRENCH LINE. I have a 16 Tech print. It's a lot of fun. And, of course, there is THAT DANCE! A friend of mine has a 35mm tech print of the original dance. For the final release, they used mostly long shots of Jane. Someone put up a youtube using both left and right (it was in 3D) prints of the original dance:
  10. Both my wife and I are mighty partial to A SUMMER PLACE. We went to a screening at the Guild Theater at which Troy and Sandra appeared.
  11. Well, in the 50's and 60's the prints were pretty much uncut (16mm Interstate prints). But when King World bought the package, they first used the Interstate prints but then made new negs from 35mm fine grains. Trouble was, they censored the shorts cutting out virtually all footage showcasing any of the black kids (Farina, Stymie, Cotton, Buckwheat). Two shorts, SPANKY and LITTLE SINNER,were literally cut in half. But Bonedust (Clifton Young) was left alone!
  12. I produced the original soundtrack CD for Rhino Records several years ago. Among Max Steiner's acetate recordings (which was the source material for the album) was a dance band arrangement of his "Pardners" theme. Here it is: http://www.chelsearialtostudios.com/treasure_pardners.mp3
  13. I'm doing the audio restoration for a new series of Our Gang blu-rays. They're being released in chronological order and are really gorgeous. If you ever decide to give the Rascals a second chance, now is the time!
  14. And Clifton "Bonedust" Young gave Jackie Cooper and the Gang REALLY bad answers for Miss Crabtree in SCHOOL'S OUT. Then he pulled the old "the money's in the jug" gag when buying molasses from Cooper in HELPING GRANDMA.
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