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  1. WeAponX, Thanks for the good comments and information. I guess we can't do anything about changing methods. Anyway, I'm glad that some of the real old black and white movies are undistorted, and the video quality is excellent due to restoration and digitizing. I appreciate that. Newer is not always better.
  2. I would agree with you, ElusivePimpernel, except for one thing. Cinematography is an art and should be shown in its original format, shade, and color to do it justice. Imagine if one were to go to a museum of art and they had clipped all the paintings from the masters down to a one size fits all rectangle; and even removed the top of Mona Lisa's head, and the legs from Thomas Gainsborough's, "Blue Boy"? If they can't reproduce the entire image the way it was done by the artists originally, then they should back off and not use the movie at all.
  3. Okay, all they need to do is leave the original aspect ratio alone; don't clip off anything, and reduce the size of the image. I would rather have the entire image smaller than distorted or mutilated. Clipped movies are not worth watching. Somebody needs to get their act together. What's the use of buying a new television set if it won't show the old movies? Most of the newer movies are so bad that they would have to pay me to watch them. The movies are a cultural barometer; and as the culture goes, so goes the movies, as the movies go, so goes the culture, ****.
  4. A data base of movie cars would be nice. A few days ago TCM showed "Two-Lane Blacktop", and I was amazed at that movie, and had no idea that it existed. It was strange, like a cult classic. You could feel it as much as see it. Someone mentioned "Vanishing Point" as a good car movie, but I haven't seen that one yet. I hate silent movies, but many of them have interesting old time cars. I watch those when I know that they feature certain cars and motorcycles. Another movie which is good for old cars, if you like 1950s sports cars, is "The Fast and Furious", 1955, which has a t
  5. GeorgieGirl, Thanks for the reply and the link. I'll do that.
  6. With all the wide screen televisions, I've noticed an effort to make old movies fit the new wide screen format by clipping the top and bottom of the picture. That really disturbs me in that it ruins the cinematography, and removes the tops of heads, and the legs of the actors. This ruins the movie for me. I'm trying to watch "The Parallax View" and it's like trying to watch the movie through Venetian Blinds, or a slot. Movies made to the current wide screen in the first place do not have this distortion, and all of the picture is there. This clipping of old movies seems to remove abo
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