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  1. I agree with you, Joe. However there's no denying that when people think of war movies, a lot will usually associate the genre with movies about WW1, WW2 or Vietnam. Maybe even Iraq and Afghanistan. That's just my impression, anyway.
  2. This is AWESOME news, I just had a friend e-mail me this link to a discussion at the Silver Screen Oasis: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3282 Congratulations to Dewey1960 for his fine work in programming this very appealing film noir festival! B-)
  3. Could you share the name of the book that you make reference to? I'm familiar with some Hitchcock bios, but not sure about the book you mention. There's a lot of recurring themes in Hitchcock's movies that I enjoy, although I suspect even those who don't enjoy all of his recurring themes can still enjoy the sheer suspense of his movies, especially those that are considered his best movies. And since there's quite a few Hitchcock movies coming up on TCM, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to come up with many examples of his themes, technique, etc. What I find most interesting (and sometimes
  4. > {quote:title=theladyeve wrote:}{quote} > I would personally love to see a month devoted to international cinema - Italian films - Fellini, Rossellini, Antonioni, Pasolini and others. And the French cinema - including The New Wave - Godard, Chabrol, Truffaut, Rohmer. And so much more - the Japanese classics, The Apu Trilogy...a sampling of the greatest films of from around the world. > I'm definitely there with you, ladyeve, although I'm afraid those of us who enjoy whatever foreign-language films TCM can program may be somewhat of a minority among all TCM viewers, but all th
  5. > {quote:title=weAponX wrote:}{quote} > One film that could do with a soundtrack rehash is "My Name is Nobody"- Not actually directed by Leone, but he influenced it. That's my favourite of all the Westerns related to some form of Pasta. According to imdb.com (and of course that may not be completely reliable) Leone did in fact direct that movie, but was not credited for some unexplained reason.
  6. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > As an aside, our own Moira Finnie wrote a wonderful piece on the beloved "Ol' Mose" of > The Searchers, right here in TCM's Movie Morlocks: > > http://moviemorlocks.com/2009/04/08/hank-worden-ol-mose-knows/ Thanks for the link, I love moira's blog. :x
  7. > {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote} > And I think using the "fine" china speaks to Cinemafan's brilliant observation about > Marian wearing dresses from this day forth. She feels like a woman again and she > really likes that feeling. > A brilliant observation, indeed! Of course Marian had a lot of reasons to feel happy with her feminity, especially with two handsome men around the house! > That's right, things like that mean a lot to a woman. This reminds me of.. > > > > > > An excellent association, although I haven't
  8. Coming up on April 21st is a Gregory Peck movie I've never seen, "Behold a Pale Horse". I don't know much about it, but it also stars Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif, and was directed by Fred Zinneman, whose movies tend to be quite above average. So I've a hunch it's going to be a good movie, or at least an intersting one.
  9. "Green Pastures" is on the schedule for Sunday (6:30am ET)
  10. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > Awwww those dogs are simply adorable! :x Almost makes me want to learn to play the violin myself. The dogs might well be easier, though.
  11. > {quote:title=Ollie_T wrote:}{quote} > Gloria Grahame was always terrific as some teary innocent-appearing lass, then reveal those daggered eyes matched her sharp fangs, too. CM would do SO well in such a role. Heh, that's hilarious! I actually saw that promo with the fan programmers, but it would have _never_ occured to me to see her in that light! Interesting idea.
  12. Oh, I think it's definitely one of the very best, ever!
  13. > {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote} > well, I liked the TV gypsy. ANd I completely agree--nothing can come close to the original strippers. But I'd much rather they remake it with the recent broadway cast. Did you watch it recently? (On Broadway, I mean).
  14. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > Oooh, I love my bonnet! :x Don't you worry about this nasty > poster following you from town to town, dear Molo, I'll make > sure the mean old Sheriff who sent these out calls them all > back in. > > > > Seriously, Larry, no discussion is a "rush" around here, you have plenty of > time! That's a great poster, MG! Although I wonder if a reward of confederate money would be much incentive these days!
  15. > {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote} > Coopsgirl, > > My family watched THE REAL WEST shortly after Coop's death. It must have been re-broadcast. My mom's favorite actor, she made sad comments about hard it must have been. If you said Gary Cooper, my mother was there. HIGH NOON, SERGEANT YORK. She kept us home from school to watch BEAU GESTE! There's little doubt as to where my love of classic film was born. Now, Mom's gone as well. But I'll always have the movies. I love Beau Geste! :x Cooper is so darn gentlemanly in that one. And those desert locations, the
  16. I've heard awesome things about "Little Dorrit" - thanks TCM!! B-)
  17. > {quote:title=HarryLong wrote:}{quote} > Well, it'll make them look, I suppose ... It would do that, wouldn't it? Funny thing is, that's not the ending I remember.
  18. That site is rad, Kid Dab! Thanks for the link.
  19. > {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote} > Hi Eve. These are my favorite Walsh movies. > > The Thief of Baghdad > The Roaring Twenties > The Big Trail > High Sierra > The Strawberry Blonde Those are all great movies. I think I've seen most of them, though I'm not sure about The Thief of Bagdad. I have _definitely_ seen the 1940 version, but not sure about the Walsh version. I like White Heat a lot, too! Cagney's awesome in that one.
  20. Are there any Wonder Woman fans here on the forums? WW is my favorite comic book superhero! She is so strong and powerful. :x
  21. > {quote:title=georgiegirl wrote:}{quote} > Sure, that sounds feasible. :-) Good enough for me.
  22. Thank you for out-pointing, lzcutter! It looks like a great micro-site.
  23. > {quote:title=coopsgirl wrote:}{quote} > It was scary but also exciting like MM1951 said. It was a lot of hard work but I can imagine the people (at least the ones who lived to tell the tale) got a great sense of satisfaction out of making something where once there was nothing. My ancestors moved from the Midwest into Texas in the 1820s when it was still wild and quite barren and they established several settlements in the northern parts of the state. Some of the things my great,greatgrandfather, his brother and nephew did would fit right along with a lot of Westerns. Its like Ive got
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