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  1. So Finance, what you're saying is that if you don't pay your condo fee you don't get cable- which is the only way to watch TCM.


    So you, like everybody else on this planet, PAY FOR TCM.


    Thank you for proving my point.


    While the rest of you joyfully agree to sacrifice TCM's ideals in order to solve their non-existent financial crisis I bid you farewell. Keep setting your sights high and reaching for that rainbow!


    All the best,


  2. LOL! Short-sightedness makes me giggle! You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think.


    TCM should start showing commercials immediately. Sooner, if possible. I'd also like to see news updates. And why not a TV show or two? How about a "Hogan's Heroes" marathon? And since TV shows have breaks for commercials why not show a T-Mobile ad or two during the gaps? And since slow-paced movies have natural breaks between scenes, why not insert some commercials there? Where does it stop? If the die-hard fans of TCM aren't going to defend their network, clearly no one will.


    JJG- "Something for nothing"? Explain to me how I can get TCM in my home with no monetary output and I'll begin to take you seriously. Or does your cable company provide free service?


    It's staggering when people are unable to look beyon-


    "This post is brought to you by Thermacare Heat Wraps: 'Thermacare delivers heat that penetrates deep, warming the muscle right where it hurts- to relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles for lasting pain relief''"






  3. Cee- you are absolutely right. TCM promised with their mission statement to be commercial-free. Even the incessant DVD commercials are getting to be destructive. Those that shrug or bend over at this development are brainwashed and have learned to identify with their corporate opressors. The network makes Plenty of money without showing any ads at all... and Plenty is Enough. Remember, we PAY to get this channel...


    TCM is not supposed to show commercials... watch as Greed destroys another great thing.

  4. I agree with you, Ham Radio... and the TCM messageboards is a perfect example of political correctness taken to its absurd extreme.


    One would hope that true film fans could use the boards to discuss classic film: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Hilarious and Everything In Between. Sadly, the place is a semi-conscious graveyard for blowhards and control freaks, intent on eliminating the human spirit from any and all discussions. It's death by PC... And it's not the fault of the Moderator... he's Alive, he Understands, but he is forced to kowtow to the prickly, humorless drones who want to drain the blood and color from every conversation. It's not fair to him either.


    I've been on and off the board for years with my various e-mail addresses... each time I've re-joined I've witnessed the condescension and mistrust directed at the "new" people, myself included, who couldn't possibly know anything about movies, and whose contrasting opinions were by definition incorrect. TCM attracts an audience of the most intelligent, most culturally-enlightened, wealthiest people on the planet... but I can only describe the messageboards as a wasteland.


    Art, like life, like people, is a living breathing thing... people have their own reactions, their own interpretations, and when you prevent them from speaking their mind the passion dies. It's one thing to delete a thread or a post when it's SPAM... but when you delete an original, funny, offbeat opinion just for being different you are killing the conversation. The joy is in the conversation. That's why- in my opinion- TCM still hasn't broken through culturally- in spite of the fact that it's the greatest network in TV history. That's why the forum remains stuck in mid-90's technology and thought... that's why the messageboard users are afraid to express their own outrageous opinions and feel they're much safer nodding along and agreeing that everything is simply "good."


    Personally, I don't care how many movies someone has seen or if they have any expertise in the field... I don't care if they're 9 or 89... I just want to know what movies they LOVED or HATED, what actors they LIKE or DESPISE... their PERSONAL stories of movies are ten times more exciting than ancient industry gossip... It's a shame. Political correctness has taken the cocktails from the cocktail party, and what we're left with isn't a party I'd want to attend.

  5. BOO.


    Jim Brooks is the most brilliant dramatic writers of our generation, and my hero.


    Dr. Strangelove is the most brilliant black comedy in the history of cinema, directed by Stanley Kubrick, another one of my heroes.


    Don't worry, Angela Lansbury night is coming.

  6. Okay, the Mickey Rooney story was a joke so here is my real one, although I guess she was more a classic televsion star than a classic film star...


    A few years back my grandmother broke her hip while shopping for artichokes (LONG story). After the surgery she was sent to a rehabilitation facility where she could recuperate and get physical therapy. One of the nurses there mentioned to me that Imogene Coca was also a patient. I knew she had been on "Your Show of Shows" but I primarily knew her as Aunt Edna from National Lampoon's Vacation, and so I snuk off down the hallways to see if I could find her.


    I had to go into the rooms because the patient names weren't listed on the door, and after a horrifying encounter with a deranged woman who seemed to recognize me and call me "Sonny!" (LONGER story) I finally found Imogene Coca.


    She was in a wheelchair, and much older than when she did NLV but she looked exactly the same. She was smiling, she was friendly, she treated me like her own grandson... she asked for help with her radio (she was looking for music to sing along with) and she asked me for a cigarette, half-kidding I think, and I never forgot her. She died less than six months later.



  7. Well WillamTell, per your request, I won't say anything more on the subject of Angela Lansbury. I was prepared to let the subject drop but the thread kept popping up... I thank you for your honest request.


    As for whether or not Angie reads the TCM webpages, I think she is smart enough and strong enough to withstand the humorous and fictional implication of an affair between herself and Robert Osborne. If this thread was the worst thing that ever happened to her I for one would say she's led a pretty wonderful life. In fact, if Angela was here right now, she might tell some of the messageboard users here to lighten up and learn to take a joke. Ms. Lansbury once said in one of her numerous acceptance speeches:


    "If you're not laughing, you're not living..."


    But then, I'm paraphrasing...


  8. I'm sure, Finance... I know that the disputed song was changed in Oliver Stone's "The Doors" for the purpose of clarity... and I know that most people (myself included) never even knew that the line from "Break On Through" was "She gets high" because the radio to this day only plays the "PG" version. I'm going through my discs to find the original version... soon as I do I will post it for you.


    The Stones changed "Let's Spend The Night Together" to "Let's Spend Some Time Together" at the request of Ed's people. :^0

  9. I personally agree. It's sad that some people have become so small-minded and over-sensitive that they take offense to anything outside of accepted norms. Sense of humor is dead. Imagination is gone. Take a look around and you'll see plenty of frightened people who try to push any and all new or dissenting opinion as far away from themselves as they possibly can. You don't achieve tolerance and understanding by living in a bubble and hiding from reality. You achieve these things through education and enlightenment.


    The Charlie Chan films would be a perfect example... to show those movies might open a dialogue... between parents and children, between spouses, between messageboard users right here... and in the conversation we could all hear one another's stories and learn the most important lesson: WHY ethnic stereotypes can be harmful, and why we as people should not buy into them or repeat them. That's how prejudice dies.


    But I guess those movies will sit on the shelf, so we can pretend they never happened, so that contented and respectable people like you and me can feel better about ourselves and feign outrage when some genuine lunatic commits a racial hate crime. It's much easier that way...


  10. Actually, Finance, the controversial line on the Ed Sullivan show wasn't in the song "Light My Fire"... it was in "Break On Through" and it went as follows:


    "Everybody loves my baby

    Everybody loves my baby

    She gets... She gets... She gets... HIGH!"


    That word "high" is still cut from most radio releases of the song to this day, and as such it's a ridiculous lyric because Jim never tells us what his girl gets. (Instead of "high" he sings "Yayyy..") In spite of being asked to omit the word from their Sullivan appearance, Jim and the Doors did an extended version of the song... and sang "high" anyway.



    Censorship sucks.

  11. I've had only one incident that might be described as a "brush with fame." A few years ago I ran into Mickey Rooney at the 7-11... despite dousing him with holy water and driving a stake through his heart the man refused to die. I asked him how he could justify stealing oxygen from the rest of us when his career peaked nearly a century ago... he just popped a can of Red Bull and gave me the finger.


    You gotta respect the man... he is one tough hombre.

  12. "The Andromeda Strain" Not an auspicious way to start the evening... A great director (Robert Wise) but long past his prime and completely out of his element: this movie features unattractive people in bad clothes and worse hair talking incessantly in stiff, stilted dialogue about a threat that doesn't register as "real" in the least...


    The other movies tonight HAVE TO be better than this.

  13. LoveFilmNoir, I'm not sure what you mean by proof... I was alluding to the strange coincidences this month, namely


    - Angela Lansbury as SOTM on TCM

    Not exactly a first-choice, and there's certainly never been any call-out by anyone to give Angela this honor


    - Murder, She Wrote on TV Land

    Of all the classic shows not being re-run- many of which are MUCH higher-quality than the plodding MSW- why did TV Land choose this show to re-run now?


    As I said I feel like someone is trying to turn her into a living legend, which isn't going to happen for two main reasons: 1) She's not a legend, and 2) The fact that she's living is open for debate. Betty White is Beloved... Angela's just Tolerated.

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