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  1. "Murder, She Wrote" is currently on TVLAND... Jessica Fletcher found a dead body in the swimming pool. She's solving crimes in a velour jumpsuit. Is this some sort of a joke? Are you people playing some sort of joke on me?
  2. LOL Sepiatone! I always assumed the girls were trying to get their parents back together so that the state of California would recognize the common-law marriage and award the girls a larger trust fund when they eventually petitioned the court to become emancipated minors and brought a civil suit against their parents for traumatic separation and aggravated child abuse... ...but that's just me.
  3. I too- sadly- am old enough to remember commercial-free AMC. I'm not sad because of my age... I'm sad because the old AMC is just a memory, and when I think of what the network is today I could cry. It's not possible for me to follow the narrative thread of movies with six-minute commercial breaks every nine minutes... even movies I've seen before. I get back from the break and I'm lost, disoriented... who were these characters again? Where were they going...? Do you think the minds, attention-spans and mental processes of those who regularly watch commercial TV are affected by the constan
  4. JJG... "It's Love I'm After" is an awesome choice. Olivia DeHavilland was never more beautiful than she was in that movie.
  5. SO many! The tiger sequence from Monty Python's "Meaning Of Life" always destroys me.
  6. I am watching this movie and it's very funny. Ann Sheridan and Alexis Smith look like they could be sisters here. It's silly but very funny, and Eve Arden plays kind of a kinky Natasha-like Russian sergeant.
  7. > {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}I know. LOL. I've seen pix of [Robert Osborne] at some of Angela's openings. I'm not saying a word.
  8. > {quote:title=Geraldddddd wrote:}{quote}The worst SOTM is still light years ahead of whatever the other channels are showing. And you still get some really good films to watch. So why are we splitting hairs ?? > > I enjoy how TCM mixes things up a bit. And why not have some one celebrated who is still around so she can appreciate it in person instead of posthumously ? > > I enjoy being exposed to actors I may not know or didn't know as much about as I could have. It can be educational as well as entertaining. Sometimes somebody comes along and puts it all into persp
  9. After reflecting on this for a few hours I think Tomboy's original post might be a haiku... either that or it's an anagram which will reveal the location of a buried treasure when successfully unscrambled. Let's keep working on this...
  10. Beta? My hat is off to you. Well I'm almost an hour into "Montana Belle" and I'm quite puzzled. First, where are Jane's breasts? I've seen lower necklines in a convent. Second, this is clearly the "fake Old West" of 50's TV shows... everything is pink and blue and looks brand new. Plus there are musical numbers, including Jane singing "The Gilded Lily" in a blonde wig... not very bad-***. There is also very little attempt at making this thing look real in the least... oh well, it's always good to see Jane.
  11. I still think TCM is the greatest network of all-time, and I will even watch Lansbury's pictures hoping, praying to understand her appeal. If this doesn't work I'm just going to egg her house. (E-mail me for the nude version of this shot) Ed
  12. :^0 LOL Sprocketman! "They fight like they love... dirty"
  13. LoveFilmNoir, not to open Pandora's Box but do you personally consider Film Noir its own genre?
  14. It's true, Krieger... I am the last man in America with a VCR. Stacks of TCM tapes on top of my television. I liked the 80's okay? :^0
  15. Miss Wonderly: LOL! :^0 I take it all back!!!! She was indeed the TeaPOT... please forgive me.
  16. I have to say, I completely disagree with the idea that someone should/could earn SOTM by just being in a lot of great movies. Then why have SOTM at all? Just show great movies! I think you can see why this month's choice is questionable: Angie just doesn't have a filmography worth highlighting. Whether she was the lead or not, Angela Lansbury didn't make the good films she was in good or the bad films she was in bad... and the truth is the vast majority of the movies she was in fall somewhere in the middle. Joel McCrea is overlooked... can you really say the same about Lansbury? I'd rath
  17. Well, the first movie that comes into mind for me is "Klute." Jane Fonda gives the most realistic, three-dimensional portrayal of a prostitute I've ever seen. The movie forces you to accept her as a REAL human being first and a prostitute second. This is very rare for Hollywood which usually sorts pros into two categories: - Hooker With A Heart Of Gold This is the prostitute who's not really a prostitute- she's just a good girl caught up in the wrong industry and looking for the chance to reform/redeem herself with an act of morality or the appearance of her prince. "Pretty Woman" kinda f
  18. LOL! I read the description to this movie and was set for a bad-*** cowgirl... but once I saw Gene Tierney riding up on her horse and dismounting for her Technicolor glamour closeup I kinda just fell in love... and gave up all hope of rootin' tootin' violence! I taped "Montana Belle" where Jane Russell plays Belle Star but haven't seen it yet. Why do I have the strange feeling that Ms. Russell manages to pull off the sexy bad girl better than Sweet Gene?
  19. Hmm... I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that.
  20. Unfortunately there are thousands of movies unavailable on video/DVD and stuck in ownership limbo. The lesson I have learned: never miss a chance to see a movie!
  21. I just love that fly joke... I'm gonna use it next time I'm at the Retirement Village!
  22. LOL... good points, Valeska! Angela Lansbury is indeed a waste of SOTM, and I'm glad you share my disdain for this month's march of mediocrity. I hope Angela is paying you for that bio... I would hate to think there's anyone alive out there whose life actually revolves around that marshmallow from "Murder, She Wrote." That would make me too sad to cry. I admire you for speaking your mind... there are some messageboards on the web where people actually start multiple accounts so that they can hide like cowards when they spew their poison and bile. Clearly these people have been so roundly
  23. It's an impressive list, Givenbak. What gave you this idea?
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