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  1. Krieger, just a question about your comments toward Audrey... it's one thing when a film is explicit in it's portrayal of such things as LGBT, but who's to say which "sub-texted" relationships are intended by the filmmakers to imply such a meaning? It's all up to interpretation. If I wanted to do a "Republican Week" or "Democrat Week" on TCM I could find movies that supposedly support the ideals of either party... and some that support both. What about a Socialism Week? Or a Communist Week? It's one thing to show a Cold War film but what happens when people start reading their own politic
  2. I love Hedy Lamarr... I will check it out! LOL... I thought I was going to be lost after not having seen the first 12 "Operator" films but I picked up the plot pretty quickly Between Marion being an octoroon, the subplot about Katharine Parker's panties and the jugband singing Jungle Fever this was one strange little movie. Personally I like Marion Davies best in silent comedies. Has anyone ever seen "The Red Mill"? She is adorable in that and so funny!
  3. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered. LOL Finance, I'm guessing you're not in the club.
  4. Okay, I know this is not PC in the least, but Marion Davies speaking pidgin English with that accent is actually kind of sexy.
  5. Oh my! the blackface & accent... LOL what is Marion Davies doing?!?
  6. What other minority groups would you like to see with their own theme week? Blacks, Jews, Latins, Native Americans, the handicapped, victims of bullying, the mentally ill, veterans, the homeless?
  7. LoveFilmNoir, I really hope I didn't offend you... I wasn't singling you out or accusing you of anything. I have this condition called Lansbury Fever which causes me to go a little nuts. It seems to be especially strong this month...
  8. My one- and only- complaint about these message boards is that instead of people simply agreeing to disagree, there seems to be a tendency toward trying to explain away dissenting opinions with semantics and veiled insults. I am an open-minded man. I am a dedicated film fan. I have seen just as many movies- if not more- than the person reading this sentence right now. I *DON'T LIKE* Angela Lansbury. To me she is the acting equivalent of the styrofoam peanut. If you like her, that's fine- please enjoy the month of January and all of the films in which she is featured. It's not necessary to
  9. Very interesting movie... and well done. In regards to it being "too soon after the war," I might agree... plus the epilogue in which the movie is dedicated to the generation of the "25th century" may have been a little too fantastic an idea for audiences. Even today the 25th century seems a long way off. Does anyone know anything about the atomic bomb footage? Was this government-shot and then loaned to the studio for use in the film? Was it from a test? One thing is sure: it's the real deal. And it's always great to see the lovely Audrey Totter and her mega-brows pop up... I LOVE he
  10. Movie Gal... no, I have not seen "Manchurian Candidate." For you I will watch it.
  11. Hey Jennifer... Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here... keep your eyes open for more Judy Garland movies. They show them all the time.
  12. I agree with you Ms Wonderly... I understand the "countdown" theme on New Year's Eve but "Fail Safe" is indeed a stark, sobering movie for a night that is usually meant for celebration. The film is like being doused with a bucket of ice water... I still try to picture how audiences of the time got up from their seats in the theater and went home, most likely speechless at the prospect of the scenario in the movie. "Radio Days" on NYE... excellent choice!
  13. Yes, Clore! Anybody who has a "Barney Miller" marathon is just fine by me. Now who wants to send me their gold?
  14. Mr. Roberts, be fair sir... I have nothing against Ms. Lansbury personally- I don't even mind her saggy cheeks- but she was never a Movie Star. There is a difference between having a long career as an actress and being worthy of "Star of the Month" treatment. What was Lansbury's biggest movie role? Bedknobs and Broomsticks? She was never desirable, never funny, never dramatic or memorable in anything she did. The only reason most of us even know her name is because we're old enough to remember "Murder, She Wrote," a mystery series targeted at the elderly which made Lansbury a household nam
  15. Are we really devoting the most depressing month of the year to Angela Lansbury?!? I really hope no one rushes to the defense of "screen legend" Angela Lansbury here... she was not a very good actress... she was never a movie star... she was never popular in film... this is a very sad misstep by the great TCM. Isn't it about time for a Bette Davis month again?
  16. Our man was wearing his tux, holding a glass of champagne, introducing the TCM premiere of "Panic In The Streets," and just before the fadeout he lifts his glass and drinks. Nicely done, guys... proving once again why TCM is the greatest network on television and why Robert Osborne is The Man.
  17. You guys feel free to argue Prime Numbers and reflexive properties with the aliens... I'll be enjoying their culture, learning their technology and making love to their women... Relax...it's only a movie...
  18. Are we the only two people on the planet who actually stayed up and watched a movie titled "Dalek's: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D."? "EX-TERMINATE! EX-TERMINATE!" I think death would be preferable to hearing those robots shout at me. And yes, George Lucas was definitely a fan of this film. The R2 units in Star Wars are streamlined Daleks and they even have the same hook extender-arm as R2-D2. There's a shot in this film as one of the robots accesses a control panel that is almost an exact replica from a shot of R2 interfacing with the Death Star's computer. This is the third time I've seen
  19. Okay, so myabe Sydney G wasn't in "Sierra Madre" but any marathon that includes that movie, The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca is okay by me.
  20. LOL... if you find the scene funny- it's funny. You are the audience and if you and your brother are both laughing you must be right. Hamradio... I was having a perfectly lovely day until you went and brought up "Star Trek V." I had almost completely forgotten that one...
  21. I agree with you Swithin... and it's all relative I suppose. Barbara Stanwyck never got the press or acclaim that Katherine Hepburn did, and in my personal opinion Babs is much better actress. BUT, since then it seems to have become popular for film fans- like ourselves- to sing Stanwyck's praises since no one else had. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) It's all in the eye of the beholder... in all fairness Hepburn's star has dimmed considerably in the past fifteen years. When I was growing up she was choked down our throat as THE Hollywood actress. My next vote for seriously
  22. Gellar, I think your terminology is outdated and sad. We try to avoid terms like "troll" and "hater" on these messageboards because we try to stay sophisticated, open-minded, and fair toward everyone's opinions. I started this thread and although I don't like Katharine Hepburn I have more than once THANKED those that disagreed with me for opening my eyes and explaining their reasons for liking her. I think that was the first time name-calling has come up, which as I'm sure you know just leads to more fighting and a breakdown in manners. If I like Hitchcock and you don't are you a troll? A
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