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  1. Hmmm.... good question. I want to suggest a "Director Of The Month: Alfred Hitchcock" tribute because I don't feel they play enough of his movies. A month full of Hitchcock's suspenseful films would be great!
  2. > {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote} Who IS writing these intros? Clearly, it should be you!
  3. I am a big sap for "The Best Years Of Our Lives." It takes a WHOLE LOT for a movie to make me cry but there is something about that movie that is so sad, so real... was it the first time Hollywood showed the downside/depression to soldiers returning home instead of the gung-ho yo-Joe WW2 action thrill-rides? Anyway Dargo great point! *BONUS- Little-Known Thin Man Movies* (For Series Die-Hards Only) - The Thin Man Gains Weight - Bastard Child Of The Thin Man - The Thin Man Does Nothing - Fatal Stroke Of The Thin Man It's a shame TCM isn't including these in the marathon.
  4. Oh my god. I hope anyone who hasn't seen the Thin Man movies (not you guys- I know you've seen 'em) is taking advantage of the marathon tonight. I LOVE William Powell... but I LOVE LOVE Myrna Loy. She is so beautiful, so funny, and in my opinion, so under-rated... she has such a light touch... and she just sweetens any movie she's in. I think Nora Charles was her best role... it seemed to let her be herself more than any other. What a doll...
  5. It just goes to show you, boys... never stop dreaming. As a result of starting this thread, Winona did in fact call me, and we've been out several times... *sigh* She's even sweeter in person... And Finance: they're real... and they're spectacular.
  6. Today is the day! Sweet Winona comes to co-host! Don't miss it!
  7. LOL... that reminds me: I've got to get back to work on that Jack The Ripper musical I've been writing. My working title is "Saucy Jack" So HERE'S a disturbing tidbit about Kate that will surely put you off your oatmeal- According to Wikipedia, "the young Hepburn was a tomboy who liked to call herself Jimmy and cut her hair short like a boy's." WHAT?!? Was she male or female? How do you get "Jimmy" from Kate? Did she refer to herself in the third person? ("Jimmy wants to go to Hollywood... Jimmy wants to work with Cary Grant!") The one thing missing from Katharine Hepburn's biogr
  8. LOL... yes, Finance. I am a man. I like women. I started that other thread to give the female fans here a chance to name the men they found attractive because I feel like we guys are always talking about the actresses we like. It never occurred to me that anyone would think I wasn't a guy but I guess in that thread I didn't specify. :^0
  9. I had a crush on her when I was a kid, but I totally grew out of that. But now I love her more than ever before: when she guest-hosted this Summer she was great and I can't wait to see her on Wednesday. In the promo she says to Robert Osborne: "You better look out... I'm gunning for your job!" I know she was kidding, and God Forbid if Mr. O EVER leaves TCM, but I wouldn't mind seeing Winona stop by once a week to partner with him... or even do the overnights. She is so beautiful and such a great hostess... I honestly think she's better at this than as an actress (and that's no insult to he
  10. * s p o i l e r s * Wow... I just saw this movie and I was very impressed. Richard Widmark always looks like he's sucking on a lemon, and this is by far the *best* acting I have ever seen out of Marilyn Monroe. (If anybody brings up "The Misfits" I may have to jump off a cliff.) The scene where Richard Widmark goes to check on the little girl and he thinks she's asleep and he walks away and we see she's tied up by psycho Nell! Whoa! Every setup in the movie had a payoff... Marilyn saying she never eats candy, the introduction of the wealthy battle-axe... the only thing that was almost
  11. > {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote}This has to be the oddest post ever, what does color have to do with comedy?? Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye and Steve Martin movies were ruined because of color? Hamradio, I understand what you're saying but as a student of comedy believe me: color matters. First, black and white presents a more stark, simple visual- less color to distract the eye, less extraneous visual information... if there's a visual joke or gag- BAM! - it's more likely to score because it strikes with more impact. Look at a Buster Keaton or Three Stooges short- bold sight gags a
  12. Guys, this thread is so much easier than you're making it. There are only two appropriate responses to my thesis: A) I agree, Katharine Hepburn IS indeed the Most Over-Rated Star In Hollywood History. You're the King of Everything, Bolesroor! OR You're wrong, Bolesroor- she is NOT the Most Over-Rated Star In Hollywood History. You're ugly and your Mother dresses you funny. When you start bringing in other actors you muddy the argument. It is not fair to introduce other actors into the discussion- it is cheap and manipulative. Discussing anyone other than Kate Hepburn is just
  13. :^0 LOL, Fred! I saw ten seconds of Kate tonight and with the sides of her hair mussed she honestly reminded me of Elsa Lanchester in "Bride Of Frankenstein!" Can you imagine if Kate had gotten that role? "Now really, Frankie, just because you're undead doesn't mean you can't dress more sharply... that blazer is positively ghastly! There's a sale at Barney's this weekend and then we're going sunbathing to put a little color in your complexion... "
  14. Goodness gracious Valentine, first let me say I'm sorry if I offended you: that was not my intention. Secondly let me state that I honestly fail to follow your thought process. It seems to me like you are arguing semantics. My thesis statement was simple- and I stand by it. Katharine Hepburn is- unarguably- one of the most lauded, respected actresses in Hollywood history. According to Wikipedia, she is also "considered an important and influential cultural figure." She has also been credited with 'breaking the mold' for women in Hollywood, where she "brought a new breed of strong-willed f
  15. I just saw her in "Beauty & The Boss" and "Under 18." What a doll... and how much fun are those pre-code movies where sex is not a dirty word? Marian in her slip and a full-length fur... eroticism that has yet to be matched. Anybody else seen either or both?
  16. Thanks to all those who Private Messaged me... I guess I'm finally ready to reveal my new project. It's a spec-script I'm writing called "Bogart Vs The Paperboy," and it's gonna be dynamite! Humprey Bogart stars as Lenny Bogart, a slight variation on his actual persona. He's a crusty husband and father in a Los Angeles suburb, going through struggles with his unfaithful wife and dyslexic son, when one day a new paperboy takes over Bogart's route. Naturally, Lenny despises the nine year old brat. They engage in a series of subtle psychological terrors: The Paperboy hangs the paper from Boge
  17. Okay, Fellow TCM'ers... I thought we should take this year-end opportunity to forget auld acquaintances and wipe the slate clean. In spite of the fact that we're all classic movie fans I feel its safe to say that we each have one or two classics that we've never gotten around to seeing. These movies represent Your Secret Shame, movies that have you leaving the room when their titles come up in conversation, movies that give you nightmares and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night screeming- Okay, myabe I'm getting too dramatic. Just share some classic/popular films you HAVEN'T s
  18. Watching "Life With Father" and this is a crime of a movie... the big bright Technicolor dictates a bigger, bolder directorial style from old-school B&W artist Michael Curtiz. The dialogue jokes and sharpness of the film drown in the big colorful splendor. How many other movies were ruined by Technicolor that should have been shot in B&W?
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