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  1. Jesus H! Arguing is fun, until it becomes absurd. Valentine, your responses are bordering on nonsense. Gibberish. Monkey-jabber. Katharine Hepburn is the most Over-Rated Star in Hollywood History because she is given MORE credit, accolades, compliments, than she possibly deserves. Was that simple enough for you? I phrased it so nice you can read it twice... This has nothing to do with a poll, or awards, or whether she was "one of us, them, they, those or their's..." She is a crusty, one-note nuisance and inexplicably lauded by one and all- incorrectly- as one of the best actresses/sta
  2. Oh. My. God. Tell me I wasn't the only person to see this movie last night. What sort of subconscious sexual daydream-nightmare was that? How is it not more famous?
  3. I just recently saw Burt Lancaster in "Sweet Smell Of Success." In my opinion that was the role he was born to play... and he looked great in it, even with the glasses.
  4. 1. Ann-Margret. The girl d r i p p e d sex. They used to have to have a guy follow her around with a wet/dry vac. Those thighs... oh dear God. 2. Maureen O'Hara- gorgeous beauty 3. Simone Simon- she was a redhead, wasn't she? She's gorgeous either way.
  5. PS- I would never have even considered watching this movie if not for this thread. So I hold Ascot personally responsible for the quality of the film. If "Rupert" isn't the Greatest Motion Picture in the History of Cinema I will find you and play "Feliz Navidad" outside your window for two consecutive weeks. You have been warned.
  6. "But this was the year that Ascot learned the true meaning of Christmas, and he ran through the streets on Christmas morning, the snow falling overhead... He ran past Santa and Frosty, past Rudolph and Tiny Tim... he ran all the way to Rupert, the Magical Christmas Squirrel, and put his arm around him. Holding back a tear, Ascot was heard to remark, "God bless us- every one!" Then he snapped Rupert's neck and roasted him for dinner."
  7. LOL, Hibi... I didn't say that I enjoyed the violent diarrhea!
  8. No Jill Clayburgh? The woman was amazing.
  9. Yeah, Van Heflin's drunken undercover act is pretty absurd. The only thing he would do is chase a murderess away at light speed. The only possible excuse I can think of is that he's playing the drunk with a wink toward the audience... "East Side West Side" is a strange little movie. So dark... so bitter... and yet no one would consider it a noir because it's all "society types." But why dissect it? I could watch it endlessly because I never get tired of watching James Mason get his comeuppance.
  10. Doris Day is not an actress- she is a performer. She is also terrible. She gives me violent diarrhea.
  11. You make a good point, Ascot... I think the British are just more civilized than we Americans. Who needs police tape and chalk outlines when most English murderers are more than happy to confess? ("Killed a hooker last night, I did")
  12. Okay this thread is for the ladies... who are the classic film actors that you find the most sexy, good-looking and charming? And who are the ones who make your skin crawl?
  13. I respect all those who like Katherine Hepburn... I appreciate you sharing your opinions because now I can see what qualities her fans like and admire. I just personally can't bring myself to enjoy her...
  14. Not every dying actor deserves a day of tribute.
  15. I agree with your original post, Ascot... personally I prefer the purity of the black and white movie. Also, modern editing techniques insert hundreds- if not thousands- of useless cuts within a single movie, and a viewer doesn't get time to appreciate a frame before they're shown a different angle. Actors back in the 30's and 40's most certainly had a different physicality than actors today- this is something that is a passion of mine. There was a gravity to the actors back then that is (mostly) missing today. I attribute this to two main reasons: 1) the training of actors in the studio s
  16. I agree, Ascot... her level of self-absorbtion is legendary. She could have rented herself out as a paper towel. BUT, what bothers me most is her film performances and the (critical) reception to them. NO feminity, NO charm, NO sympathetic/empathetic personality, NO sex appeal, NO warmth, NO subtlety, NO variety... and the industry and press hails her as if she's the queen of Queens. I'm a sucker for women in movies- I can always find something attractive, interesting, engaging about them. I'm watching Mary Astor right now in "The Little Giant" and although I've only seen her in thre
  17. Besides critics and press did she have any REAL fans? Edited by: Bolesroor on Dec 12, 2011 10:39 AM
  18. At this time tomorrow: God will be in his Heaven and everything on this Earth will be as it should be... the great Robert Osborne will be back on TCM hosting classic movies... Welcome back, Bob!!! (don't ever leave again)
  19. Helenbaby: you're completely wrong. You surrender certain rights when you become famous. That's life in the big leagues. This isn't kindergarten where there's always enough juice to go around and every child is praised for being special in their own way. If Robert Osborne didn't want people asking about his personal life he should have stayed behind the camera. The fact that YOU- or others- feel he is entitled to his privacy doesn't negate MY desire to know- or anybody else's. That's like suggesting there should be no liquor stores because YOU don't drink. I don't care what you do... s
  20. I despise the pseudo-intellectual retro-active re-writing of cinema history by kids who play "Spot The Homosexual" like it's a Where's Waldo book. This post is naive and insulting. Allow me to add to the misinformation by adding a few "Gay Essentials" you might have missed: Casablanca Rocky II Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Brokeback Mountain Discuss...
  21. I notice more and more people today are affected with a sort of Celebrity Stockholme Syndrome in which they negate their own needs or desires in order to appease the invisible celebrity, who doesn't even benefit from this bizarre, unsolicited "protection." Let me speak for myself: I'm a Robert Osborne fan. I have every right to ask where the hell the man has been for the last half-year when there was no specific health reason given for his unprecedented absence from the network. (If Robert was on a television show this absence would have cost him an ENTIRE SEASON- extraordinarily unusual t
  22. Thanks, guys.... it seems kind of a cop-out ending to me, rather anti-climactic, but then in all fairness the rest of the movie wasn't exactly spectacular. I watched for Lana Turner who looked rather disappointing compared to her roles in "The Postman Always Rings Twice" and "Zeigfield Girl." She looked heavy and tired and I thought it was a stretch to believe that the Tom Ewell- the head of the modelling agency- would go so gaga over her. This was a rather trite "dangers of the industry" film which never quite managed to show the dangers of the industry. The older model who killed herself
  23. I missed the last ten minutes of this and its driving me crazy! Lana was meeting with the wife in the wheelchair and I think they were getting to the heart of the matter when I got a phone call and missed the end! Does Lana end up with Ray Milland? Does he leave his wife? Would some kind soul tell me how this turns out? Spoil it for me!
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