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  1. Wow -is this guy over-rated or what-1941 is one of the worst movies I've ever seen-and whats with using the Lord's name in vain-I counted at least 3 or 4 times JC was used- and duel -what kind of idiot would play chicken with a gas truck-Spielberg likes to create tension-well I'm tense enough to cancel my cable!
  2. I miss Captain Kangaroo-rerunning wood be a good idea- good values etc- Question is in the movies-did Bob make a movie?
  3. Captain Kirk is cool- Captain Morgan is not- Kirk cared about his crew and showed compassion and love for everyone, unless you ticked him off- kinda like my dad-and that got him respect- Captain Morgan is the tyrant type, total a-hole-, no respect- Captain Kirk had a Star Ship and was best friends with a Vulcan superman- how cool can u get- Captain Blood-well hand to hand combat aborad ships is probably the most inense and hard to stage etc, and none did it better than Sidbad/Mr Fairbanks Sr is my pick but, unfortunetly I couldn't hear a word he was saying... Message was edited by:
  4. Its sounds awful - can u name any stars in it-ie clue
  5. stop stop-u may destroying precious memorabilia! That old style is priceless!
  6. wow, maybe you can find someone to paint the fence for you too, "Huck"
  7. Joan Crawford before she started drinking coke? Jody foster's grandmother? Barbara Stanwyk?mmm...
  8. its the lady who plays Charlton Hestons mother is in Ben Hur-
  9. thank you - googled - now shes on my desktop-love high tech!
  10. Invasion of the Message Board People - I believe.lol/ I am not a machine, ?mmm.. The Brain machine, 1977
  11. Gee, after reading the code of conduct, all I dare say is: Penny Serenade, Ma and Pa Kettle , or Deadend kids movies are very funny and entertaining. The Three Stooges too -
  12. I think you have to watch this stuff with your kids not avoid it- they'll see it anyway-better to talk about it-help them understand-otherwise they get notions- like being a ninja is okay-or war games are fun--lol I suppose you look under their mattresses too- mine had a satanic bible under it! Im surprised you never thought twice about this stuff as a child- i remember washing my fruit more regularly after seeing Snow White, and every ugly old person with a veil became a witch! thanks a lot mr disney-I think shooting bambi's mom was bad, and the way Pinocchio is treated was very upsetti
  13. they are a fav 2 sat morning cartoons r such a drag now-just toy sales- even postman pat-lol Heckle and J were like Chip n/ Dale, they created choas- and destroyed everything, ate everything and drove someone crazy- so funny and exciting to watch-but politically incorrect?(see bugs Bunny thread) Hear I come to save the Day! probably Andy Kaufmans funniest bit-we sure could use MM now!!lol I suggested they show a few cartoons before the features on TCM instead of promo promo promo-they're preaching to the choir-come on mr projector man lets roll the first cartoon! lol
  14. ah,whatsup doc? but I think, ahhh SHUT UUUPPA!!! is my fav BB/MEL BLANC/line, but one politically incorrect now! I saw a newer BB just awhil ago-cartoon network maybe-lazyily animated and a sanatisied plot- boring but ya gotta love bugs-wonder why they dont have a BugsBunny world, what a riot/DaffyDuck/mmmm....id rather meet bugs than mickey any day
  15. i like george sanders, the king in forever amber, and as the saint, cool i always sing bear necessities, and walk like me-to my 18 and 21 yr old and they laugh.. gotta get a tissue-this reminising gets emotional sometimes eh..lol. JungleBook is great but... too many monkeys for me...lol
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