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  1. Okay, I hope some people are still looking at this topic. I have had a migraine for a couple of days which can influence my movie viewing but I had two problems with Star of Midnight. First: what was Alice doing when she left her hotel every morning? And where did she live? Second: as a mother it irritated me to no end that the parents weren't at the wedding. I guess they just thought that phone call was so cute. GAH! The more I think about it the more irritated I get.
  2. > {quote:title=shirleytemple wrote:}{quote} > I love James Cagney. The time is seen a James Cagney movie was when I was 13 years old back in 1990. It was Yankee Doodle Dandy. Well for the last few years I been saying that I was going to expand my JC horizians and explore his other movies. Lets say I am greatful for Tivo. Now I have seen Angels With Dirty Faces, The Roaring 20s, Public Enemy, and etc. Still my favorite is Yankee Doodle Dandy. My close favorite is Angels with Dirty Faces. His versitility is amazing isn't it. Like you, I had only ever seen him in Yankee Doodle Dandy w
  3. Thanks for all of these character photos. It's been great fun looking at them all.
  4. For any Gregory Peck fans, be sure to keep watch on Fox Movie Classics if you get it. They have had *Gentleman's Agreement* and *The Chairman* on recently. *The Chairman* is from 1969 and I started it but got bored. I will try it at least once more before I erase it.
  5. > {quote:title=MarianStarrett wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=Kim1607 wrote:}{quote} > > I liked Ben's introduction. When my husband asked what I watching I said Lust in the Dust. > > > > I didn't like GP in this. His innate likeability kept me from taking him seriously as a bad guy. I'm glad this wasn't the first thing I ever saw him in. I didn't like Jennifer Jones in this. > > I didn't watch Ben's intro. Do you remember much of what he said? That the screenwriter/original novelist was married to Teresa Wright at the time and wrote Pearl for
  6. Or to do two Gregory Peck Westerns: Uber good guy Jim McKay in *The Big Country* Horrible no good Lewt McClandiss in *Duel in the Sun* I've never seen Moby Dick and even though I'm obsessed with Peck I don't know if I can do it. Great topic!
  7. Thanks for that link. I can't wait to see all of the fan programmers.
  8. Peter, what is the Fan Retrospective you talk about in your post and do you know when that will air?
  9. > {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote} > Hi Kim, I think so! I love that one too!!! I love the supporting cast probably a tad better in that one, James Gleason, natch!!! But they're both great and fun films! I think the mystery in this one is a bit better, but you can't go wrong with either of them! Oh good, I have Star of Midnight on the DVR. I had been reading this forum and was upset I hadn't set it but I had. So I need to watch it. I really love seeing the supporting cast in a lot of movies and trying to catalogue where I've seen them before. IMDb is great for that.
  10. If I understood the question, I would have to go with Gregory Peck. He is always so calm and dignified and seems just like a great guy. I haven't seen all of his movies but I am working on it.
  11. > {quote:title=skimpole wrote:}{quote} > Here's an interesting question, since it's now Easter Sunday and we will be having "King of Kings" (Known as "I was a Teenage Jesus"). Has Jesus ever been played by a Jewish actor? Interesting question. There is a 2000 version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar where Jesus is played my this blond guy named Glenn Carter. My daughter and I love this version but call him the pissy Jesus because he just looks angry through the whole thing. Our pastor wanted my daughter to bring this in for the kids to watch during confirmation
  12. Wow what a contrast. Last Saturday I watched The Big Country and came away thinking "I finally understand why people love this genre". This Saturday, Duel in the Sun and I came away thinking "this movie makes me remember why I never liked Westerns all that much". From the relationship between Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones (no chemistry) to the father who was a cliche, it just didn't work for me. I'm glad I watched it but I won't be buying it. It was interesting to see Lillian Gish as the mother.
  13. > {quote:title=ElusivePimpernel wrote:}{quote} > This great King Vidor western is going to be on TCM later today (2:30 pm ET to be precise) and hope there'll be some folks wanting to discuss the movie after it has been shown. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I think this is the movie with which David O. Selznick wanted to out-do his own *Gone with the Wind*. > > > > He didn't quite succeed at that, but it's still an interesting movie. I liked Ben's introduction. When my husband asked what I watching I said Lust in the Dust. I didn't like GP in this.
  14. > {quote:title=MarianStarrett wrote:}{quote} > I just watched "The Big Country" again - what a magnificent motion picture. What's most amazing to me is how easily Gregory Peck dominates the movie most of the way, and even Chuck Heston seems like a second-banana next to him. That is just amazing, because I really like Heston in "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben-Hur". But Peck is definitely the bigger man in this movie, and it's also not hard to see almost from the beginning that he's going to have better chemistry with Jean Simmons' character than with the Carroll Baker character. I me
  15. > {quote:title=TheSlumsOfSoftFocus wrote:}{quote} > I recorded all the movies except for Star of Midnight and In Person (I already have both recorded), and I can't wait to watch them at work on Saturday. > > I LOVE Star of Midnight. It's probably my favorite Thin Man knockoff. It's a really funny movie, it has a mystery that's actually very intriguing and engrossing, and Powell and Rogers have all kinds of chemistry. It's just a wonderful movie. I love The Ex Mrs Bradford. Is that considered a Thin Man knockoff?
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