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  1. I'm sorry to be so long in replying, but there was a death in the family, a forty-eight hour bug and work to catch up on. Thanks, I did receive your PM. I also appreciated the tip regarding "Twelve Miles Out" being packaged as a Joan Crawford silent. I could have easily missed that as I would be more focused on John Gilbert releases. It's sad that the companies in control of these films seem uninterested in their re-releases. Too bad some film appreciation society couldn't get the rights and release on a limited basis, recognizing that this is as I said earlier, a niche market.
  2. It's hard to believe but I have never seen "The Lady Vanishes", but will certainly watch for it in the listings now.
  3. gagman, I did have the chance to see "The Show" and was fascinated by Gilbert's willingness even then to play a less than lovable character. Renee Adoree had an almost childlike vulnerability and could break your heart when her character was treated so badly by Gilbert. "Twelve Miles Out" is almost equal to "The Cossacks" on my wishlist.
  4. You can count on my vote and my viewing in regards to "The Cossacks". As a devoted Gilbert / Adoree fan, this is one on my wish list.
  5. With the discussion of Paul Lukas going on, I had to visit IMDB to refresh my memory of his work. It's pretty amazing how many movies he made and how few I've actually seen. Each one I did recognize contained a memorable performance and several unfamiliar titles look interesting. Seems like I say it a lot in my posts, but another actor who was somewhat unappreciated because of his consistently good work.
  6. Robert Young is another in that elite group of actors who were so consistently good that it led to them being somehow overlooked. "Father Knows Best" and "Marcus Welby" further damaged him in the minds of the audience. It's a movie like "The Enchanted Cottage" that reminds you just how good an actor he was. The director, King Vidor had the utmost respect for Young and considering the list of actors he had worked with, that's saying a lot.
  7. Regarding the comments that have been made about John Garfield: All that really matters is, we lost a very good actor far too soon.
  8. Funny that you should mention Paul Lukas and specifically, "Captured". I had the chance to see it recently on TCM and although not very impressed by the movie, I enjoyed Lukas tremendously. In what was a small part in terms of screen time, he gave the most interesting performance in the movie. And when the stars are Leslie Howard and Douglas Fairbanks Jr, that's saying a lot.
  9. I've always thought that acting the part of a charismatic person such as a film star had to be the hardest role in movies. How do you capture that intangible quality that makes someone a star ? I think you hit upon the major difference between the actresses. Not the matter of physical beauty, but warmth. I don't know what Kim Stanley, the person was like; but Kim Stanley in the role of "The Goddess" is too cold to have ever achieved stardom.
  10. Saw TCM showing of "One Way Passage" Tuesday evening and was once again taken in by it. Even as I watch the movie, I know how hokey it would seem to many others, but I count it among my all time favorites. William Powell, Kay Francis, Aline MacMahon, Frank McHugh and a sadly forgotten actor, Warren Hymer make up the crack cast.
  11. There are many actors and actresses so consistently good that their performances were overlooked, but none so much as Robert Ryan. His performances in "On Dangerous Ground", "The Set-Up" and "Act of Violence" were Oscar worthy, but a Best Supporting Actor nomination for "Crossfire", was the only time he was recognized by the Academy. I have always wondered if his ability and willingness to play the "bad guy" had something to do with his failure to become a leading man.
  12. I said "Fallen Angel", but now that you mention "Nightmare Alley" it might have been interesting to see Linda Darnell in the Helen Walker role of Dr. Ritter.
  13. As a silent movie fan I feel exactly the same way. The fact that we are watching and discussing these movies nearly a century later is proof of their appeal. In regard to the Academy, closer inspection of past winners is not always impressive. Some of the nominations are downright stunning and the omissions perplexing. Some were such consistently good performers that they were taken for granted and never recognized with even a nomination, but Gloria Swanson's "Norma Desmond" was a public relations dream. A comeback role for a movie legend. How did she not capture the Oscar ?
  14. No reason that I can think of. Both were still at Fox. I guess any role that Dana Andrews or Cornel Wilde played in a Linda Darnell movie could have been done by Tyrone Power, "Fallen Angel" for instance.
  15. It's too bad that she and Tyrone Power (the most beautiful screen team I have ever seen) who had teamed very early in her career never worked together again. I think they would have made an even more interesting couple in the post-war years.
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