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  1. There is great article by Sidney Tumet with regards to The Best Years of our Lives and Billy Wilder, who I have learned so much of thanks to TCM and Robert Osborne. Looking into Best Years more online I found it was based on a book "Glory for Me" by MacKinlay Kantor. No way I could read it though, if it packs the same punch as the movie.
  2. So many...isn't there. Not many new movies have and had the power the classics do. Best Years is a movie from the heart for sure. Of course tears are there from so many parts of the movie as everyone is noting their own. I will agree that the bedroom or "bedtime routine" when he was showing his girlfriend what he has to do with his arms and how helpless he could be without them...it got me thinking of two other movies - Imitation of Life (1959) when Annie dies and then Sarah Jane runs to the funeral percession...not just tears there. also - Yankee Doodle Dandy when his father dies and Cagney repeats ""My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you." Still Penny Serande gets me everytime. Geez - maybe TCM will have a Tearjeaker Event....
  3. No matter how many times I see them, know the lines, prepare for an upcoming scene - these are my top three tear jearkers: 1 - Now, Voyager (the whole movie) 2 - Penny Serenade (especially when Grant is begging for his daughter back) 3 - Mrs. Miniver (it really touched me when news of Mr. Ballards death after winning the cup for the Miniver Rose - even thinking of it gets me) as many of our family, my father was just a lad during WWII in London and often wondered if it was the same for him What are your top three hankie movies? (as my dad would say)
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