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  1. War is not my favorite movie subject and I think that three days of wartime movies can be rather depressing. I expect to watch one or two on Memorial Day, but I don't think I can watch 72 hours of war. Please understand that just because I don't like to watch war, does not mean that I don't support our troops, and I don't need to watch a war movie to remember that they are sacrificing their lives for our freedoms. Oh, and let's not forget the women who have given their lives for this country. Too bad movies such as Three Came Home or So Proudly We Hail! are not in the TCM line-up t
  2. Okay, for a b/w film noir then: how about Rita in Welles' The Lady from Shanghai? Or maybe Lizabeth Scott in Too Late for Tears?
  3. Oh, my gosh! How could there be no Hitch on our lists? I forgot... Rebecca The Lady Vanishes Dial M for Murder Foreign Correspondent The Man Who Knew Too Much (both versions) The 39 Steps Rope Shadow of a Doubt (my fave of faves) just to mention a very few...plus (thank you) the ones on MoonGoddess' list I don't love all of Hitch's films, but I do love most of them.
  4. All those great actresses in the roles mentioned are perfect examples of femme fatales...let's not forget Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven. When she sits in that boat and watches the teenaged Darryl Hickman drown, I get chills just thinking about it. And to commit suicide just to set up her husband to take the blame for her death...yikes, that's pure evil!
  5. That's quite a list. I'm glad to see 1776 on your list. During the John Adams event on HBO (is it ok to mention a competitive site?) I dug out my 1776 CD and forced my friends (not musical fans) to watch it. They all found it very entertaining, including the music performances, and hopefully it will become a ritual viewing whenever we have the chance to gather for a 4th of July celebration.
  6. johnm_001, It's a standard question, to be sure, but I wonder..have your choices varied radically over your lists of years past, or is your list consistent? If your desert island retreat was extensive, say 20 years, could you watch these same 10 films, and only these films, nothing else but these films, for the next 20 years? If not, which ones would you wish to replace?
  7. The last scene of *My Dog Skip*...I tear up just remembering it. Oh, and *Steel Magnolias"...nuff said.
  8. Out of the dozens, here are 10, in no particular order, that I'd watch over and over and over... Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse Enchanted April - the remake Chocolat Inn of the Sixth Happiness Mindwalk The Fifth Element 1776 Little Buddha Black Narcissus Key Largo
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