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  1. It's more like Bizarro-noir. Emphasis on the Bizarro.
  2. It is jaw-droppingly ridiculous and inappropriate to compare those who say "ok, let the unvaccinated make their choice, they are free to catch the virus and die " to Adolph Hitler. Also profoundly disrespectful to Jewish people. It shouldn't have to be explained that there's a huge difference between just shrugging one's shoulders and saying, "If someone chooses to remain unvaccinated, they also choose to suffer the consequences, and that could include getting the covid virus and dying" and the vile "final solution" plan Hitler and the National Socialists made to deliber
  3. Lorna, I meant to respond to your story here sooner. It was such a disturbing one, I had to think about it. That is horrible that you were accused of stealing like that, and that they were all set to call the police etc. And what would have happened if the manager hadn't been there that day? Kafaesque is right. So, yeah, clearly even actually being innocent isn't always enough if people think you're guilty. By the way....are you planning to keep your receipts from now on, at least til you get home? (that was not meant to be snarky, I'm serious.)
  4. Nice write-up, Tom, and nice praise for Zachary Scott. He's an actor I used to be a bit dismissive of, used to not like him that much. Over the years, and with further viewings of his work, I've come to change my mind about him, and now respect him a lot more than I used to. (Although I'll still never understand why he was presented as a "hot" male actor; I may have changed my mind about his talent, but not about his lack of charisma- at least, for me.) Not to nitpick, and it kind of doesn't matter a whole lot, but just to clarify: you say Scott's character in Guilty Bystan
  5. Case for The Yearling as noir: Actor Gregory Peck. He was in a great, end-of-classic-era noir, Cape Fear. Family in peril: mother , father, and young son are isolated in the backwoods of the Florida wilderness. Crops could fail at anytime, floods could occur...all kinds of scary stuff. Murder of innocent victim is planned: poor little Flag is shot dead, and by someone he trusted. Actually, I love The Yearling, but would advocate for it being classified as a noir as much as I would Meet Me in St. Louis (well, maybe that Hallowe'en scene...throwing flour in someone'
  6. Just a really quick note about Cause for Alarm: It's well-known, and was even in 1950, that the more guilty you act, the more guilty people are going to think you are. If you're innocent, relax. Running around acting guilty will only make you seem guilty. Loretta should have said to the execrable Barry S., : "Yeah, so the letter was mailed. Nothing you say is true, and I say, I'm not worried. And if you die- and it won't be by my hand- they can do an autopsy which will show there's no overdose of your medicine in your system. So nyah !" Also, the worst thing she could have
  7. THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH Original version, 1934 First I want to say that I really like the more famous version of this story, the 1956 remake starring James Stewart and Doris Day. Who wouldn't? But this write-up is about the original Man Who Knew Too Much, made 22 years earlier. Of course both versions are made by the same director, Alfred Hitchcock, and it's interesting to ponder why he decided to make the film again. I'm not sure he ever did this with any other movie he made. The 1934 version is undeservedly much less famous than its 1956 successor. But it deserves to
  8. I don't really know why I'm bothering to respond to you again, but anyway... First, I do not think people should be "forced" to have the vaccine. The word "forced" evokes a mental image of some diabolical white-coated thugs holding down a helpless protesting victim while their sleeve is rolled up and their arm is jabbed. Straight out of some of the old horror movies often discussed on these boards. If, however, by "forced", you mean, people who work with large numbers of the population, such as teachers and medical workers, will not be allowed to continue working unless they
  9. I imagine the poster you're addressing is upset for the same reason I am, which is this: You say you are "not trying to convince anyone to do anything". You are being disingenuous. By constantly posting about how you think people in favour of the covid vaccine are "pushing" others to get it, you're perpetuating the idea that there's something wrong with that, that there must be some reason t to NOT get it. You are passively suggesting that it's perfectly safe to remain unvaccinated. Not only is that not so, it is selfish. The more people who choose to get fully vaccinated against covi
  10. What absolute nonsense. So one person, one unvaccinated person, got covid and survived. Is that supposed to mean it's ok to get covid19? Millions of people have contracted the illness and not been so lucky as your acquaintance. Millions contracted covid19 and died. When the vaccines became available, it was wonderful news, here was something that would prevent people from dying ! How can you possibly be against that? And the poster below makes a very valid point, ie, many people who have caught covid, become ill from it, and survived, experience serious health consequences l
  11. Canada is not hypocritical, we fully acknowledge and "own" our problematic , shameful history with Indigenous peoples. We've also acknowledged the problem with other kinds of racism here ( not just anti-Indigenous ), we're not denying it, we're trying to do something about it. As for pollution, look in your own backyard. EDIT: Tom, I had not seen your post when I wrote the above. You said it better than I did. Thank you.
  12. What does that mean ? How does the protagonist's "paranoia of dreams and voices" justify the murder? It's the victim's fault that his murderer had bad dreams?
  13. What exactly is that supposed to mean, and what exactly is it that you have against Canada, anyway? You are constantly posting comments and starting threads that criticize Canada. You'd think it was the most horrible country in the world ! Yes, Canada has its faults and a lot of shameful history to atone for, but this country is no worse than yours'. The United States has mishandled a lot of things themselves. All countries make mistakes, no government is perfect. But Canada is a democracy, it is a fully functional state, politically, economically, and culturally. We value and respec
  14. It's not so much that I " hold it against any noirs showing innocent people getting bumped off"; off course people in real life get killed all the time, and it follows that characters in movies will also get killed, deserving of such a fate or otherwise. I think it's more that most of the time in movies, and especially in film noir, we see events through the main character's eyes, we experience the story from that person's point-of-view, and in that respect, we're in a way expected to "side" with the protagonist, or at least, have some kind of sympathetic view of them. We're ki
  15. Right, Dargo, it wasn't you who reminded me that noir was "supposed to be dark". I think I did clear that up a little later in my post. But I'm a little disappointed that the most interesting thing to you about my post was my "confusion" as to whether it was you or Sepiatone who made that comment to me (regarding what I'd said about "The Postman Always Rings Twice".) After all that trouble I went to to make a point about a certain type of storyline in film noir, I'd like to hear more from you as to what I said, not who I quoted .
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