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  1. Aargh, I hate that ! I just go berserk whenever we Canadians don't get to see a film aired on TCM that Americans get to watch. Especially if it's a rare or little-known film, one I've never seen, such as Over-Exposed. Oh, it makes me maaad. ( what movie /tv show is that from, I know it's from something. Probably something that I'm not allowed to see in Canada.) You seem to be much more philosophical and resigned about the situation than I am, Tom. What bothers me the most is, I have a feeling that these "rights" issues will never be resolved, that it's a bottomless rabbit-hole,
  2. Yes, there is a resemblance. Good one, Dargs.
  3. Yes, I really liked it that Crawford's fiance was age appropriate. An attractive woman, but no 25 year old.
  4. Whaat ? You don't like the fillings? But that's sometimes the best part ! This is perhaps an unpatriotic thing to say, being that I'm Canadian and Tim Horton's is a national institution...but I remember being quite happy when Krispy Kreme made a tentative incursion into Canada, back in the early 2000's. Oh, that creme filling ! Tim Horton's had nothing like it. I do believe that during that brief but delightful time when Krispy Kreme doughnuts were available in Ontario, I must have stacked on about 10 pounds. Nothing to be proud of , I know, but those Krispy Kreme filled treats w
  5. Ok, I'm not going to open this can of worms. A discussion about that scene would derail the thread, and I don't even like GWTW enough to get into it. (although speaking of derailing, I don't know why it came up in the first place, since as I said, GWTW is in no way a rom com, which is what the thread is about.)
  6. ?? What ? I don't remember any rape scene in Gone with the Wind. Let alone the film "advocating" it. I'm not a fan of GWTW anyway, so don't feel compelled to defend it, against any of the criticisms around it. But still, I'd appreciate your enlightening me as to what rape scene in the film you're talking about. In any case, nobody would ever call GWTW a "rom com" of any kind, so not sure how it connects to the topic.
  7. The Mob was a double treat for me, because a) I'd never seen it before, or even heard of it, and a fresh noir from the classic era is something I appreciate, and b) not only was it "fresh" to my eyes, but I actually liked it and thought it was kind of good. I loved all the seedy waterfront scenes, the docks and the sleazy hotel and the dark streets ( with lots of rain and streetlamp light ). Small criticism, but it doesn't really matter: true, I'm not familiar with New York City, the way it looks now and certainly not the way it looked then. But even I could tell this was not NYC
  8. You said it, Tom ! I appreciate the way you notice the technical, cinematic aspects of a scene - the lighting, the camera movement, etc. Although I like to think I notice those things too, I think you are especially good at being aware of such touches, and bringing them to our attention.
  9. Something I really like about Nightmare Alley is the general seediness of most of the settings ( most, but not all.) I especially enjoy that scene, it's right after Stan has realized he's lost everything and may have to stay on the run for the rest of his life, or at least, for some time. He's in some crummy hotel room, probably near the railway tracks. The bellboy comes to take away his untouched food, asking him why he doesn't want to eat. Stan replies that he's not hungry, but can the kid get him something to drink? The bellboy whips out a bottle of gin. What ?! He just happen
  10. Thanks for your comments, cinemaspeak. I would like to clarify a slight misunderstanding on your part, regarding my post about the plot holes in Repeat Performance. I don't consider the "supernatural element" to be a plot hole at all, and I did not say I thought it should have an explanation. In fact, I said I liked that aspect to the story and thought it was somewhat Twilight Zoneish. What I said about that part of the story was this: "....But for heaven's sake, don't start thinking too much about the plot, or you'll find a lot of holes. I'm not talking about the Twilight Zone -
  11. Thompson, I think I've mentioned this to you before ( maybe on your "Badlands" thread, when it sort of segued into a music thread) : I can't tell you how impressed I am that you're familiar with the music of Richard Thompson. Most people, at least most North Americans, haven't even heard of him. Yet he is one of the most talented and original musical artists of this or any other time. He's exceptionally thoughtful and creative in his song-writing, both lyrics and music, and he's also one of the best guitarists alive today. Yet he's unaccountably unknown. Or at least, un-famous. E
  12. Well, yeah, that's how I began this thread in the first place. Talking about Beethoven's 7th.
  13. I always think of that too, whenever I'm watching Mildred Pierce, and Veda, so nastily and snobbishly talks about her mother's "people", in such a haughty and condescending way, I want to shout at her, "Hey, Veda, * if they're your mother's "people", they're your "people" too ." Funny how she doesn't seem to realize the connection. She wasn't adopted, and she didn't spring out of a cabbage patch, ergo, her family and Mildred's are one and the same. By the way, and it's of not the slightest consequence, but I just realized my niece's name is spelled differently from the horri
  14. Yeah, I know. I'm thinking of changing the thread title.
  15. She's my niece. She isn't a bit like the mean and money-hungry ( not to mention snobbish) Vida from Mildred Pierce. Although, come to think of it, her dad makes pies ( but not to sell.)
  16. I know, joe. I guess that came off as a little passive-aggressive, or at least, sulky. Sorry, that was silly of me. I guess it 's because I do think my posts here can be too long, nobody wants "TLDR" ( "Too Long Didn't Read") posts on this thread. I should try and be less verbose, I think. "That said", I will watch it this week. Maybe or maybe not comment on it...hah ! now you'll be on pins and needles !
  17. Alternatively, I might just watch it and keep me mouth shut. No need for me to always blather my views on every little noir I see. Edmund O'Brien's always good. I think he was under-rated.
  18. Nightmare Alley is always worth watching. It's probably one of my favourite noirs, I'd have to put it up there in my top ten list. My favourite scenes are the carnival ones, during the first third or so of the movie. Once Stan makes it big in the fancy nightclub milieu, it's still interesting but somehow not quite as much fun. Oh, that Lilith character ! She's a bad one. And anyone else think about her name, "Lilith" being the original mate for Adam ( in the apocryphal Bible) ? But she was too strong-willed, so she was ditched and replaced by Eve. "Lilith" is supposed to
  19. Every time I think of that ditty - "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" ( usually whenever I see a lighthouse), it segues in my mind into "Her Majesty", you know, the bit at the end of Abbey Road.
  20. I recorded it and am thinking of watching it tonight. If I do I'll let y'all know if I liked it .
  21. Hey, you're talking to someone who had a crush on Bugs Bunny.
  22. "And I know one called Betty. Just as hot."
  23. I know a young woman named Vida.
  24. Today I came across one of the many CDs I inherited from my parents' music collection. It was Beethoven's 7th symphony. I put it on the player ( yes, of course I still have a CD player) and listened to it for the first time in years. I had to wonder why I'd waited so long to play it. From the first note, it held me enthralled. Listening to it, I remembered how well I knew it, even after so many years of not having heard it. I was very fortunate in that my father ( and mother, but especially my dad) loved classical music and had an extensive record collection. I heard so much gre
  25. So, I re-watched Repeat Performance the other night. ( My husband hadn't seen it, so watched it with him.) I have to say, it might have been better if I hadn't. I still enjoyed the performances and the sophisticated NYC settings. And I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, just because I think it's pretty entertaining. Plus Richard Basehart's in it. But for heaven's sake, don't start thinking too much about the plot, or you'll find a lot of holes. I'm not talking about the Twilight Zone -ish wish fulfillment of Sheila's getting to live 1946 all over again, I can go wi
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