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  1. Sorry, I always hate it when people take something I say ironically, or "tongue-in-cheek", or whatever you want to call it (in this case, maybe sardonic understatement) and go all poe-faced and reprimand me. Guess I haven't had enough coffee yet today. Also, full disclosure, and this is "just me"...I know The Bad Seed is a good film, and I've seen it a couple of times, but I just have a personal dislike of movies where innocent people get murdered by someone who's just having a hissy fit. Of course, Rhoda actually, eerily, is about a lot more than just throwing a hissy fit.
  2. ..."for being naughty" ? is that what deliberately killing people is called ? Ok, I'm guessing you were being tongue-in-cheek with that phrase, sorry if I'm being too literal. But honestly, this kid really was evil, hence the title of the film. "Naughty" is when a kid raids the cookie jar behind their mother's back. Slight difference.
  3. I don't think the songs on the album "Hard Day's Night" were written specifically for the film. I believe it was the other way around, that the songs for HDN already existed and had been recorded, and that they (whoever "they" were) just kind of made the various songs from the album fit in appropriate spots in the movie. "Hard Day's Night" isn't a musical in the typical sense, in that it's not like it has a story with songs that support what's going on in the plot. They're just those great Lennon-McCartney compositions, scattered throughout the movie at opportune moments.
  4. What? No comments on The Glass Key, a seminal noir? (according to Eddie.) Maybe everyone is still trying to figure it out...it's true, the plot was even more convoluted and difficult to follow than most noirs -- and most noirs have convoluted plots ! This was maybe my fourth viewing, and it was the first time I was able to understand it - sort of. Still, I enjoyed it; had fun watching all the actors, especially crazy William Bendix. I love that guy.
  5. Interesting. Kind of like Scarlet Street, in which the prime suspect, although innocent, is found guilty through circumstantial evidence and executed, and the real killer goes free, even after he tries to confess to the murder. He's not believed, and his punishment is he has to spend the rest of his life in misery and guilt.
  6. Well ! Hm, is The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry a noir or not? I would have to say "not", and I have a pretty broad definition of noir. It's more a family melodrama, it reminded of another family melodrama posing as a noir Eddie showed a while back, Sign of the Ram. Both are about manipulative, passive-aggressive women who are "invalids" (at least the one in Sign of the Ram is genuinely confined to a wheelchair, the horrible Geraldine Fitzgerald character is just faking her "heart trouble"), and who want to control the other members of their family, regardless of the consequences.
  7. Lorna, thanks for your post about The Dead. I love this movie; I think it's under-recognized as an outstanding film. I believe it's the last movie John Huston made, so it's worth watching just for that. But there's so much to it, there's so much going on underneath that seeming "nothing happens" scenario. In fact, there's a lot going on in this story. Of course you know it's based on the final work in James Joyce's book of short stories, "Dubliners". (more a novella than a short story, really.) I say "of course you know", because I know you're a reader. Even though James Joyce c
  8. qmuddy, if you like Laurel and Hardy, I'm wondering if youve seen the film that came out about them. I think it was in 2018, and it was called simply "Stan and Ollie" . It was really good, quite funny and also sweet (but not sickly sweet). I recommend it if you're a fan of L and H.
  9. 1) Nope. 2) It seems everyone is accused of being passive -aggressisve these days. I actually don't like being "aggressive"; but it seems that if someone tries to express an opinion or idea that disagrees with someone else, if they try to do it politely, they're labelled as "passive -aggressive". Here's one definition of "passive-aggressive": pas·sive-ag·gres·sive /ˈpasiv əˈɡresiv/ adjective of or denoting a type of
  10. Just clarifiying: I never called you "a fat dweeb", nor thought of you in any insulting way whatsoever. I was just saying, since you'd asked me, what more I would have liked to have read in your original post about Dreamland. It's been recognized and discussed so many times that there's too much room for misunderstanding on internet conversations, it's just a cliche for me to reiterate it. However, I have to say that your response above suggests you think I was in some way bullying you, or being unreasonable (you seem to think I was being unreasonable since I myself haven't seen t
  11. Ok, full disclosure: although I have (of course) seen Groundhog Day, twice, I believe, both times were many years ago, and I've obviously forgotten some key details. Still, I do recall that Groundhog Day is essentially a comedy, with a happy ending. Bill just has to keep trying until he gets it right. The "darker" aspects of Repeat Performance involve shades of murder.
  12. Another noir-ish oldie is Repeat Performance. I think Eddie Muller actually did air this for his Noir Alley New Year's Eve show. It has a slightly Groundhog Day story, but darker. And of course it was made years before Groundhog Day, in 1947. (Also, it's set on January 1st, not February 2nd.)
  13. Lori, as the ladies below have mentioned, there are actually several movies Judy doesn't sing in. I believe that, rightly proud of her voice though she was, she wanted to be known as a serious actress as much as a singer. And as a movie like The Clock demonstrates, she in fact was a good actress, independent of her singing talent. And if she'd sung in that scene you mention, the one in which she and Robert Walker are in the milk truck with the milk delivery guy and a song comes on the radio, it would have taken away from the feeling of the movie, the authenticity of it, for Judy to hav
  14. A couple of other suggestions: Three Strangers. Technically, it's not set on New Year's Eve. Well, not New Year's Eve in Western culture...I believe it's set on the eve of the Chinese New Year. So still a New Year's Eve setting, in a way. It's an unusual story, involving a beautiful, superstitious woman who recruits two strangers, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, to assist her in making a Chinese New Year's Eve wish. Greenstreet and Lorre are great fun, as usual. Lorre in particular plays a character against type. It's quite a different little film, some categorize it as a no
  15. Radio Days ! YES ! Perfect for New Year's Eve, it's funny and sweet and very entertaining. And it ends on New Year's Eve. My husband and I have often chosen to watch Radio Days (which we own on DVD) on New Year's Eve.
  16. Thanks, TikiSoo, for that interesting write-up of The Mists of Avalon. I've not read the book, nor seen the movie, but the way you describe it, I might try and check it out. It's funny, I love fantasy - at least traditional fantasy, like ancient myths and folk tales, etc, that have an element of magic in them, but I'm only superficially familiar with the tales around those Arthurian legends. Maybe The Mists of Avalon is a good place to start ?
  17. What do you mean you like movies "without interruptions"? If you watched it on TCM, they never "interrupt" the movies they air. Were you watching it on a different channel, and there were commercials?
  18. No, I have not seen Dreamland. But I don't see that as relevant. What makes participating on these TCM message boards, and maybe especially this "I Just Watched" thread, is people talking about movies they've seen, talking about them, as in discussing not only whether they liked a film or not, but why they did or did not enjoy it. I'm not asking for a full, professional critic style review; that would be intimidating, and way too much work. No, I'm just suggesting that when someone posts here about a movie and they just go, "I liked it", that doesn't tell me anything at all, it' s
  19. So, looks like it's Detour for Noir Alley this weekend. So nice and Christmassy, that one. And, like Tomorrow is Another Day, it's the second time it will be shown on Noir Alley. Now, theoretically, I don't have that big a problem with repeats- a good noir is always worth a second look. But this seems to be becoming "a thing" now. I don't recall repeats on Noir Alley happening before. I do have a couple of problems with it: Problem# 1: there are so many noirs, especially if, like Eddie, you're willing to stretch the definition of noir a bit (something I'm fine with .) Shi
  20. Really? That's your definition of a "regular" here ? I consider myself a TCM message board "regular", yet I sometimes go as long as a week without posting. But I've been participating on these boards since 2010, and I definitely feel I'm a "regular" here.
  21. KISS OF DEATH deserves its fame as a major noir. I love the NYC location shots, the film really captures that place and time. I'd kind of like to go to Luigi's Seafood Diner and have the midnight special - too bad Nick doesn't get to eat it. I don't know why Victor Mature isn't taken more seriously as an actor. I like him, I think he's perfectly fine. Liked him in I Wake Up Screaming too. As well, Brian Donlevy and Coleen Grey give good performances. As Eddie mentioned, Coleen Grey is in a few noirs, including Nightmare Alley, where she is as sweet and innocent looking as sh
  22. They're noirs. They just happen to be made in French instead of English.
  23. Cid, I wouldn't blame you if you thought I always disagreed with you and kind of harassed you about how I disagree. That might be the way it seems to you, and the reason you might feel that way is, fact is, I do often disagree with you about these noir movies. I'll spell it out: it seems to me that more often than not, you don't much like the film shown on Noir Alley. At best you seem benignly indifferent to whatever the Noir Alley selection is, and sometimes you say you really don't find anything interesting about it at all. I can't actually recall a post you've written here where you've
  24. Eddie has shown "The Set-Up" on Noir Alley, I think maybe even earlier this year. Within the last 12 months or so, anyway.
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