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  1. No, I'm pretty sure it was a problem with the copy TCM showed. The reason I say that is, I live in Canada, where obviously my television service provider is a totally different company. So if I also saw the "stuttering" (which I did ), and I 'm in an altogether different country, that suggests to me it had nothing to do with the service provider, but came from the source of the broadcast, the film itself.
  2. Well, that certainly wasn't me, and I have never told anyone here that they're stupid or that they suck at life, those comments would be just as lazy and pointless ( not to mention mean) as just citing a movie one doesn't like and not saying why. ( which isn't mean, just lazy. Which the poster who said they didn't like WSS was not, because they did say why they didn't like it. Oh, never mind....)
  3. Right, in fact, actually, almost all of Shakespeare's plays are retellings of earlier stories. I suppose you can't count the history plays since they're based on, uh, history--sort of. But yes, pretty much all his comedies, tragedies, and romances ( as in fantasies, like The Winter's Tale, I don't mean "romances" as in love stories ) are stories that Shakespeare got from earlier sources. But this hardly means Shakespeare "ripped off" other people's stories- or, if he did, good for him.
  4. Of course you are. Sometimes we just plain don't like something, and that's that. Ok, I'll back off on the point about the songs ( but you must have ears made of cement to not like the songs, -- ok, ok.....) But this is not opinion it's fact, that something that is a deliberate retelling of a story is NOT a "rip-off". West Side Story can't be a rip-off of Romeo and Juliet because it is an intentional allusion to the Shakespeare play, no sneakiness or plagiarism involved.
  5. My my.... well, most of the Star Trek movies are strictly for fans of the show, perhaps not that great in their own right. I'm not a huge fan of the original series ( apologies to the millions who are) but I love "Star Trek: the Next Generation", it's a great sci-fi television series, very smart, well-produced, and thought-provoking.
  6. Lists are boring, if they're nothing more than just a list of something you like or don't like or whatever. As I've said before on this thread, anyone can say they hate a certain film, or even make a list of -- oh, what is it, at least 20 films ? -- without bothering to state WHY they hate them. I don't care if someone hates a movie I like, "everyone has a right to express their opinion, blah blah", but I've always thought of these forums as a discussion site, and as such, it behooves us ( I just like an excuse to use a word like "behooves" now and then ) to 'splain the rea
  7. It's not a "rip-off", it's an overt "updating" of the Shakespeare play. "Rip-off" suggests stealing a story and hoping people won't notice; West Side Story is a completely open, honest, retelling of Romeo and Juliet, there's no attempt to pretend it's an original story, therefore it's not a rip-off. As for the songs, they're fantastic. If you don't like them, you clearly don't appreciate good song-writing. I know this sounds personal and insulting, that's not my intention. But the songs in West Side Story are just fantastic, it's ridiculous to say the songs are one of the things
  8. A few random thoughts on Hell Bound. I'll try not to write too voluminously. It held my interest, but probably wouldn't have if it had been much longer. None of the actors were very good, but that's ok, because the kind of acting they did sort of fit with the B movie style. Actually, I'd call it a C movie. But that's ok, sometimes I like C movies. I really liked the way the lead female character started out as a potential femme fatale but then sort of evolved into a nice sweet girl who loves little kids and just wants to marry the decent intern ( I didn't know interns, as
  9. I really, really want the Jays to win one of the Wild Card spots in these last few days of the season. But they're still only in 4th place, and the always great Yankees and Red Sox are also winning a lot, so still a ways to go. Plus a series with the Seattle Mariners coming up. Also, that was not good, that rookie pitcher on purpose throwing a ball at that Tampa Bay guy. If the Jays had a problem with something (which I believe had been resolved by that time, anyway ) they should deal with it through formal channels, not hitting a batter with a deliberately wild pitch.
  10. Joe, fact is I always watch Noir Alley on Sunday morning (Saturday night doesn't work for me ), and since I'm an Anglican minister I have to fit it in with my church obligations. Sometimes I try to tie in the sermon with the moral lessons depicted in film noir. Oh, not really. But I am busy on Sundays ( nothing to do with church, though) and often don't have time to post here until, yes, a few days later.
  11. I guess in terms of a carefully planned heist gone awry, Hell Bound does bear some similarities to The Killing. But there are many noirs about carefully planned heists that go awry, so I'm not sure it's any more similar to The Killing than to any of the others . And the "gang" in The Killing, even though they're a pretty disparate group, seem a little more cohesive than the people Jordan ( the John Russell character) tries to co-opt. For one thing, there's no harpie-like female character like Marie Windsor's to throw a very twisted wrench into the works. ( In fact, ironically, the
  12. Hmm. Well, first, I want to thank you, Tom, for explaining so specifically and so articulately just why you don't like White Christmas. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time and effort, when talking about a film, to say WHY they like or don't like it. It's easy to just go, " Oh, I love The Big Heat " (which I do, ) or " I really don't like Giant " (which I don't ) , without bothering to state the reasons why one feels the way one does about the film in question, whatever it may be ( obviously I just picked those two at random...) Second: As someone w
  13. Not to turn this thread into a discussion on Clockwork Orange, but just a couple of thoughts I've always had about it... I've always found it interesting that Alex loves classical music, particularly Beethoven. It's kind of a redeeming quality in his otherwise vile character. Yet this passion he has for music seems to be inextricably mixed up with his love for "ultra-violence". When he is captured and "re-programmed", the government behaviourists (or whatever you want to call them) make sure Alex's "rehabilitation" treatment includes the playing of some of his favourite classical
  14. Not arguing with you here, Beth, but the exchange between you and Dargo about how you first saw E.T. as a child, while he first saw it as an adult, raises an interesting point. You still love E.T., even now that you're an adult. But you first saw it as a kid. I think movies we saw for the first time and loved when we were children make a deep impression on us, we carry that impression, the enjoyment and emotional impact we experienced when we were young, on into adulthood. I liked E.T. well enough -- I saw it as a young adult. However, movies I first saw as a kid and lov
  15. I never liked Brazil either. It's depressing and, as you say, pretentious. Although I love Monty Python and by extension, most work by its alumni, I do think Terry Gilliam goes awry now and then. But as you said, it's not exactly a well-known and popular movie, anyway.
  16. ?? don't like "White Christmas" ? What's with you guys? It's an utterly charming, entertaining, enjoyable movie. And you don't even have to be someone who celebrates Christmas to like it. Let me count the ways it's good: It's fun and good-natured. It doesn't ask you to take it seriously, it's shamelessly unrealistic and silly, like most movie musical plots are. I don't ask for or even necessarily want seriousness in a musical . ( ok, lots of exceptions to that...West Side Story, Cabaret, even Oklahoma has its dark moments.....but most musicals are fluffy and fun, and
  17. I meant no offence in my post to you. In fact, I did say I was sorry, I was mistaken ( in thinking you were talking about "Th e Glass Wall" when in fact you were referring to another Gloria Grahme film.) Just hoping you weren't offended, since I 'm not sure what the "My My" bit was about.
  18. Doctor Friggin' Zhivago . Which TCM loves to show, it seems every other week. I cannot understand why this looong over-wrought film is so popular with so many. It's too long, I get sick of all the snow, and I get sick of Lara's long-suffering smile. Oh, the poor dears, having an affair in the middle of a revolution, it's so hard to meet. Every time I hear that "Somewhere My Love" theme, I want to whack a samovar over the besotted couple's heads.
  19. Hey, me too ! I can't stand "Auntie Mame". I only saw it once, and that was enough (although yes, I did stick it out til the very end.) And I usually like Rosalind Russell. Actually, it isn't her fault the film is rubbish. It just has no continuity, years go by in seconds, you never get a handle on what Mame is all about, it's not funny ( and I think it's supposed to be ) and it's not engaging. I've actually read the Patrick Dennis novel it's based on. The book is a lot better. (although not exactly the Great American Novel.)
  20. I know it's a bit late to chime in with comments about Human Desire, but there's been an election in Canada, so I was distracted for a few days. Apparently Human Desire is based on a novel by 19th century French writer Emile Zola; the novel is titled La Bete Humaine ( "The Human Beast", sounds a lot better in French, doesn't it? ) Vautrin, you read this? Anyway, I have not read the novel, but from the little I know of it, it's very different from the Fritz Lang film ( I haven't seen the earlier version, so can't comment on that.) They really cleaned up the Glenn Fo
  21. Nakano, not to be contradictory, but I'm pretty sure TCM has shown The Glass Wall before, although not on Noir Alley. Oh, wait, sorry, you're saying another film, Naked Alibi, has never played on TCM. Never seen it, you're probably right about that one.
  22. It could have been more exciting if he'd burst out, "...and that starts with "C", and that rhymes with "T", and that stands for "TROUBLE " ! "
  23. Katie, I am so glad you hang out on this thread. You're a riot !
  24. Happy Labour Day, David. I hope you had a nice one. 🙂
  25. The female lead in Drive a Crooked Road, Dianne Foster, was in another noir, I think maybe Eddie showed it earlier this year ( or sometime last year ?) : The Brothers Rico. But in that one, she just plays a supportive wife to Richard Conte. She must have had more fun playing the femme fatale in Drive a Crooked Road.
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