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  1. Yes, the novel is almost as replete with Catholic guilt and meditations on God and sin and good and evil and hell, etc. as Joyce's work. Sex, too, as I recall. Most of this is left out of the movie. It's sort of too bad, because all the Catholic philosophizing and angsting is part of what makes the book interesting. But the film is still very good, and a relatively faithful rendition of the novel -- which, given Greene's participation, is to be expected.
  2. Another 20th century British writer who converted to Catholicism was Evelyn Waugh....although off-hand I can't think of any novels he wrote that could be described as "noir".
  3. Just chiming in here to add my Thanksgiving wishes to RM's. I was actually already planning to do this today, but RMeingast beat me to it ! So, anyway, yes, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, all my fellow Canadians here ! Enjoy your turkey, ham, squash, corn, and whatever other festive Thanksgiving comestibles you may be indulging in. Not forgetting pumpkin pie, of course.
  4. Whaaat ?? !! Gentle Mr. Dressup smoking and swearing ?? !! I am utterly disillusioned ! If Mr. Dressup swore and smoked, what hope is there for decency in the world ? Next you'll be telling me The Friendly Giant, (aka Bob Homme) was caught gambling and drinking gin in the gutter ! (edit: I posted this before, but my internet connection went off-line at the exact moment I hit "save" and the above weird ghost post was the result. Sorry about that, chief.)
  5. Damn, Tom, that's too bad that you didn't get a chance to talk to Mr. Flaherty, a truly funny and talented man. ( Guess your cranky friend didn't notice him, or maybe wouldn't have recognized him regardless? ) You've been quite lucky in that you've met several of my Canadian tv show heros, including the ones you mention above, plus the amiable Elwy Yost. I'd have loved to have met him. do you remember, even before "Saturday Night at the Movies", Elwy had a program that showed a segment of a movie every day for a week, I believe it was aimed at kids and it was called "Pas
  6. I've seen them do both. Sometimes the substitute film has no connection whatsoever to the one TCM's airing in the States, but it's running time is the same ( or similar.) Other times they do seem to make an effort to maintain a theme ( like if the American TCM selection is featuring a certain star, they'll try and show another movie, one that can be broadcast in Canada, but with the same star .
  7. Is it just my imagination, or does star of "King of Kensington" Al Waxman bear an unnerving resemblance to James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini? "Hey, I never whacked nobody."
  8. RM, thank you so much for mentioning "Coming Up Rosie", I watched it devoutedly as a teenager, and loved it. It was so funny and different. And yes, all those actors in the show went on to become famous in other realms. One of the main characters was played by Fiona Reid, who although she did not a pursue television or film career per sec, she developed a wonderful reputation as a fine stage actress, and appeared at the Shaw Festival and other respected theatres, many in Toronto. also, don't forget to mention Catherine O' Hara, who was also a cast member of "Coming Up Rosie
  9. YAY, SECOND CITY TV !!! One of the funniest shows ever ! God, this show used to make me laugh out loud. I have very happy memories of watching it as a teenager. My whole family loved it. All those cast members, so talented and clever. You were very fortunate to meet some of the cast, especially in such a casual way. ( hey, what records were they buying? just kidding )
  10. Oh yes, lovable Elwy Yost and "Saturday Night at the Movies" ; Elwy was showing classic , often rare old movies long before TCM was even a twinkle in Ted Turner's eye. What a great show that was, I so looked forward to it. Saw many great old movies for the first time on "Saturday Night at the Movies". Wasn't available to all Canadians, just Ontario residents, since it was a TVO production.
  11. Themes to Chez Helene and Mr. Dressup. Loved The Friendly Giant, such a sweet gentle little show, remember Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe ? And "here's a rocking chair, for those who like to rock". Embedded deep in my childhood memories, for sure. and yeah, "dah dah dah dah dah DAH DAh ! " etc. for Hockey Night in Canada, heard it every Saturday night in the winter. Cool tune, I miss hearing it.
  12. Hi fellow Canadian. I don't know how new you are to watching TCM, but if you are ( new to it), then I'm sorry to tell you, you'd better steel yourself for this kind of disappointment on a fairly regular basis. Oh, maybe not "regular" as in every week, but quite often - too often for me - I will see a film scheduled on TCM that I've never seen , or a film I love that I saw a long time ago, or something I'm otherwise really interested in, and I get all excited about it, only to discover upon further research ( as in, click the TCM schedule from "U.S." to "Canada" ) that th
  13. Yes, agree 100% with both of you. I love Odd Man Out, I think it's a great film. And yeah, Robert Newton is entertainingly over-the-top ( in a good way) as the crazy artist. I also really enjoy James Mason's performance, although in a way he becomes the McGuffin of the film, everyone wants a piece of him for one reason or another, and poor old Johnny is so ill and desperate, and half-unconscious half the time, he hardly realizes everyone's fighting over him, or looking for him, or wanting to sell him out, or paint him, or save his soul, or whatever... I love that about the
  14. What, no David Fincher fans to leap to his defence ? And here I thought he was such a revered director.
  15. Sheesh, what a bunch of pretentious twaddle. Not from you, Ed, I hasten to say ! I'm referring to the theory you read about Ferris Bueller. Look, I'm done defending this movie, I only saw it twice, it's just not important enough to analyze like that. I'm amazed it's engendered such discussion here. However ! You also bring up Fight Club in your comments. Now there's a popular movie I can really get behind hating ! And I do, I hate, loathe, and despise Fight Club ! For one thing, it drives me crazy that everyone thinks it's so profound and meaningful. It's not, it
  16. I don't see it as rude. Look, to be honest, there have been times, certainly on this thread, when some matter for discussion has come along and almost taken over the thread for a few pages. Last time it happened, I did get kind of exasperated. But I also recognized that the posters chatting about whatever the off-topic topic was were enjoying the conversation. I also knew that it would soon get back to Noir and Noir Alley, which it did. All I had to do was skip reading the posts that didn't interest me. No big deal. I guess I see discussion boards on a site like this as diffe
  17. Wow, laffite, who knew you were such a baseball fan , and one who knows so much about so many teams, their stats, etc. ! I'm impressed. Now, having said that, I will say I think you over-reacted just a little, to my observation about the Jays being in the same division as the Yankees and the Red Sox. It really seemed to set you off, such indignation ! And to be fair to me, I must confess, I've only become a really dedicated baseball fan over the last few years, before that I was amongst the unwashed masses who erroneously think baseball is boring. So you must forgiv
  18. Yes, I quite liked Tanya -- despite the fact that I did wonder in what universe you put some stranger in bed with your two little kids...but WE THE AUDIENCE know that Peter is an ok guy, so it's all right. 😏 So in the post- Glass Wall illegal immigrant world in which everyone is friends and hangs out together, Tanya's there too, along with her mother, who's always making goulash for them all, and the two little girls, who take up Hungarian folk dancing ( for which Tom provides the music.) Freddie reforms and becomes a law clerk at Peter's new law practice.
  19. Nice insights on The Glass Wall, speedy. I had to laugh at your observation concerning Tom's faked clarinet playing. Speaking of which, I would have liked a little wrap-up scene where a couple of things are resolved....such as, did Tom get that job with the jazz band? They make it look as though he's giving up his chance by rushing off to find Peter, but shirley Mr. Teagarden had heard enough to decide to hire him- that's implied, but I'd like to know for sure. I also have this silly fantasy in which Peter and Maggie get married, as do Tom and Nancy, and they all four become gr
  20. See, now here's a perfect example of harmless "off-topic" content. So, not to perpetuate this side-conversation about baseball, but I'll just say, if the Jays had been in a different division, instead of the same one as the Yankees and the Red Sox, they definitely would have made the Wild Card spot. Yes, the Blue Jays have a lot of spirit, and a lot of talent. They're well-beloved by their Toronto fans. It's just too bad that come spring, they'll have to build it up all over again. ( I hope Marcus Semien stays. )
  21. Sometimes it's just fun to go off an a tangent. I'd have to go back and scroll through the last few pages, can't think what it was, offhand, but clearly something on this thread reminded Holden of "Hot Sundae", and he got a kick out of posting those vids. No harm done. I think all threads are susceptible to going off-topic sometimes. But they pretty much always return to the original topic. That's certainly the case with this thread, where I've seen all kinds of spin-off topics, sometimes going on for a page or two ( cars, tv shows, buildings that don't exist anymore, song
  22. Oh, lighten up, you're reading way too much into what is simply a light-hearted little teen film.
  23. Ferris Bueller appears to be a favourite Unfavourite ( couldn't resist trying to be oxymoronic there ) movie here on this thread. I just want to say, I absolutely understand that: Ferris, in the person of Matthew Broderick, could definitely strike people as annoying, full of himself, and smug. Yes, I can see that. However, I'm going to defend this movie , just a bit, if only because ain't nobody else speaking up for it, seems it's universally despised here. I actually think Ferris Bueller's Day Off is fun. It's kind of a teen fantasy, to just give yourself an ill
  24. Oh, Bronxie, your posts are so much fun, I never care whether I agree with you or not, I just enjoy reading your opinions and the way you express them. I'll just "discuss" some of your selections a little bit. Couldn't agree with you more about Doctor Zhivago, in fact it was the very first movie I posted about here, I think back on page 1. And I also don't like Bonnie and Clyde, I just don't understand what all the fuss is about. If we're going to see a tale unfold about young law-breaking lovers on the run, I'd much rather go with Gun Crazy. I think part of my problem with
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