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  1. Ferris Bueller appears to be a favourite Unfavourite ( couldn't resist trying to be oxymoronic there ) movie here on this thread. I just want to say, I absolutely understand that: Ferris, in the person of Matthew Broderick, could definitely strike people as annoying, full of himself, and smug. Yes, I can see that. However, I'm going to defend this movie , just a bit, if only because ain't nobody else speaking up for it, seems it's universally despised here. I actually think Ferris Bueller's Day Off is fun. It's kind of a teen fantasy, to just give yourself an ill
  2. Oh, Bronxie, your posts are so much fun, I never care whether I agree with you or not, I just enjoy reading your opinions and the way you express them. I'll just "discuss" some of your selections a little bit. Couldn't agree with you more about Doctor Zhivago, in fact it was the very first movie I posted about here, I think back on page 1. And I also don't like Bonnie and Clyde, I just don't understand what all the fuss is about. If we're going to see a tale unfold about young law-breaking lovers on the run, I'd much rather go with Gun Crazy. I think part of my problem with
  3. Yes, Jacob's Ladder was confusing, to say the least. And also a "downer". But, back to Blow Up for a second...you didn't make any comment on the Yardbirds' scene. Not a fan of swinging '60s pop bands ?
  4. Tom, I'm not surprised that you don't like Blow Up. I'm guessing that the majority of people who've seen it hate it. The first time I saw it, I thought it was so confusing and also pretentious, it made me angry. However, I saw it a couple of times after that, and came to, if not love it, at least appreciate it. This is probably mainly because it was on a film course I took, and the prof was helpful in illuminating some of the more arcane aspects of the movie. Anyway, shirley you at least enjoy -- or don't mind ? -- the scene with the Yardbirds playing "Train Kept A'Rolli
  5. Thanks, joe. I guess, yeah, due to the Code, movie strippers in the '50s bore little reality to actual strippers at that time. I should note, not to be impolite, but I'm really not all that interested in strippers or the history of strip clubs, etc. The only reason I posted about it at all was because that strip club, "Bada Bing ! ", plays such a major role in "The Sopranos", which I am currently watching (well, not "currently" as in this exact second, but as in "at this time". )
  6. I guess this is a bit off-topic, but since the matter of strip clubs and stripper dancers ( aka "exotic" dancers) has come up, I will note that the conversation has reminded me of "The Sopranos". There's a strip club that plays a huge role in the series, in that a lot of the meetings and decisions and incidents of various kinds occur there, and Tony Soprano and his "captains" are always hanging around there. It's called "Badda Bing ! " It seems to have at least one scene in almost every episode. And there are lots of scenes with the strippers in the background, fully t
  7. David, I think there's a Hallowe'en / scary movies one. I forget what it's called.
  8. Why bother being sarcastic about something as nice as a National Silent Movie Day ? I know you said you don't really enjoy them, lots of people don't, that's fine. But no need to make fun of the fact that such a day exists. Hey, it's important to think of ways to remember these ancient movies, otherwise they may be forgotten, which would be a huge loss. edit: ok, I know you were just joking. I guess SweetSue lives up to her name, since she's being much more good-natured about your joke than I was.
  9. Thanks for drawing attention to National Silent Movie Day, Sweet Sue ! I love silent movies. Some of my favourites are Sunrise, Metropolis, City Lights, ...sorry, that list is a bit predictable. I know I can think of lots more, but often I can't remember the titles.
  10. SweetSue, I'm sorry, I should have searched for a thread about this before starting one . I'll delete mine and post on yours ' ! By the way, everyone, here's a link to Sue's thread about National Silent Movie Day:
  11. ...although, look out if you're the actual cab driver, especially one who delivers illegally obtained keys, you might get run over in a walled laneway.
  12. Tom, I really enjoyed your "life lessons from "Hell Bound" " list. I'm afraid, however, that I'm not above pointing out that I already observed lesson number 1 on an earlier post, see below. If I were a better person, not someone petty enough to want to take credit for life lessons derived from C movies, I would resist the desire to repost my own thoughts on the matter. But I'm only on Step 2 of the 12-Step "How to be a Better Person" guide (available on amazon for 50 cents.)
  13. duplicate thread topic. please go to this link: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/268292-happy-national-silent-movie-day/
  14. Well, LoyFan, here's an olive branch: I take it you do like Myrna Loy movies. I do enjoy most of the Thin Man series, especially the first couple. But my favourite Myrna Loy film is The Best Years of Our Lives. Great movie, and although Myrna isn't in every scene, she is an important character in the film and she does contribute her own special Myrna Loy magic to it. My least favourite Myrna Loy movie is Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. I guess that's a "popular movie I hate", although I don't "hate" it ( and certainly not with the heat of a thousand suns), I just find it
  15. I think you and I have different ideas of what "passive -aggressive" is. "Backing off" regarding my difficulty believing that the poster "hates" the songs in West Side Story : I was deliberately communicating my mixed feelings about that. Like, " Ok, you don't like the songs. ---But wait ! How can you not like those fantastic songs? ! ? " As a musician, james, I would think that , despite your criticism of my being "so funny" ( and obviously you mean that not in a good way, more like "You pretend you're not a bee-atch but you are " ) and yes, we all know that
  16. Crow, I 'm always happy with Eddie's selections on Noir Alley. That doesn't mean I like every single film he shows. But I've seen a lot of noirs, and at least on Noir Alley sometimes I get to view one I've never seen before. I like that he presents a wide variety of noirs, some foreign films, some British, some recently discovered languishing in a basement somewhere, some really classic, and some kind of rubbish. Also, some that it's a bit of a stretch to call them "noir". You can't have first rate grade A noirs every time. Come on. It's not "only going to get worse". It
  17. Katie, just want you to know that I had no problem with your Noir Quotes idea. I'm just disappointed with myself that I could only get one out of the five.
  18. That's right, fx. Just a list of something, with no actual comments about whatever's on the list, isn't very interesting to me . Ah well, just as you don't have time to elaborate on your list choices, I don't have time to just read a list that tells me nothing about the list-maker's thinking. Chaque on a son gout.
  19. No, I'm pretty sure it was a problem with the copy TCM showed. The reason I say that is, I live in Canada, where obviously my television service provider is a totally different company. So if I also saw the "stuttering" (which I did ), and I 'm in an altogether different country, that suggests to me it had nothing to do with the service provider, but came from the source of the broadcast, the film itself.
  20. Well, that certainly wasn't me, and I have never told anyone here that they're stupid or that they suck at life, those comments would be just as lazy and pointless ( not to mention mean) as just citing a movie one doesn't like and not saying why. ( which isn't mean, just lazy. Which the poster who said they didn't like WSS was not, because they did say why they didn't like it. Oh, never mind....)
  21. Right, in fact, actually, almost all of Shakespeare's plays are retellings of earlier stories. I suppose you can't count the history plays since they're based on, uh, history--sort of. But yes, pretty much all his comedies, tragedies, and romances ( as in fantasies, like The Winter's Tale, I don't mean "romances" as in love stories ) are stories that Shakespeare got from earlier sources. But this hardly means Shakespeare "ripped off" other people's stories- or, if he did, good for him.
  22. Of course you are. Sometimes we just plain don't like something, and that's that. Ok, I'll back off on the point about the songs ( but you must have ears made of cement to not like the songs, -- ok, ok.....) But this is not opinion it's fact, that something that is a deliberate retelling of a story is NOT a "rip-off". West Side Story can't be a rip-off of Romeo and Juliet because it is an intentional allusion to the Shakespeare play, no sneakiness or plagiarism involved.
  23. My my.... well, most of the Star Trek movies are strictly for fans of the show, perhaps not that great in their own right. I'm not a huge fan of the original series ( apologies to the millions who are) but I love "Star Trek: the Next Generation", it's a great sci-fi television series, very smart, well-produced, and thought-provoking.
  24. Lists are boring, if they're nothing more than just a list of something you like or don't like or whatever. As I've said before on this thread, anyone can say they hate a certain film, or even make a list of -- oh, what is it, at least 20 films ? -- without bothering to state WHY they hate them. I don't care if someone hates a movie I like, "everyone has a right to express their opinion, blah blah", but I've always thought of these forums as a discussion site, and as such, it behooves us ( I just like an excuse to use a word like "behooves" now and then ) to 'splain the rea
  25. It's not a "rip-off", it's an overt "updating" of the Shakespeare play. "Rip-off" suggests stealing a story and hoping people won't notice; West Side Story is a completely open, honest, retelling of Romeo and Juliet, there's no attempt to pretend it's an original story, therefore it's not a rip-off. As for the songs, they're fantastic. If you don't like them, you clearly don't appreciate good song-writing. I know this sounds personal and insulting, that's not my intention. But the songs in West Side Story are just fantastic, it's ridiculous to say the songs are one of the things
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