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  1. I don't mind if Eddie repeats a film once in a while on Noir Alley (although I do have to wonder why, given the wealth of noirs there are to be shown), but I do think he should acknowledge when this happens -- that is, when a noir is aired a second time on N.A. If he doesn't mention it, it looks like he's hoping people won't remember it was shown before, for whatever reason. He could come right out and say that it's a second airing, and then maybe say why. I don't know, it seems more honest, or at least, "transparent" to do so. That said, I like Eddie Muller and the way he does No
  2. How so? Can you 'splain why you think it's so good?
  3. Yes, joe, guess you missed that post I wrote above (easy to do, I miss others' posts all the time.) But I agree, Ruth was good in her role as part of the murdering duo in "The Window".
  4. I just realized, the chocolate cherries I'm thinking of were made by Lowney's, a Canadian company. They made different kinds of chocolate, but their specialty really was chocolate covered cherries. The pic I posted is a confection they made called "Cherry Blossom". It had a real milk chocolate covering, with nuts, then a cherry cream layer, then a cherry liquor (fake liquor, no doubt) layer, then the cherry. I thought it was sublimely delicious when I was a kid. I'm not sure if they're still around, or even if Lowney's Chocolate is still around. Anyway, I could be wrong, I haven't
  5. Well, sure, I'm not arguing that point. I was just explaining that I hadn't seen her in much else besides "Strangers On a Train", in which, as I said, she's like the polar -opposite of her character in "Tomorrow is Another Day". But someone here mentioned (sorry, I forget who) that she was also in another noir , "The Window". And yes, I have seen that a couple of times, and it's good, and Ruth is very effective in it.
  6. Do you mean "I Cover the Waterfront" ?
  7. Do you agree Steve Cochran is quite, shall we say, fine, in this film?
  8. Ruth was pretty good in Tomorrow is Another Day . The reason I said her casting seemed "an odd choice" was because I have recently viewed (for about the 10th time ) Strangers on a Train, in which she plays a very different kind of person from that of Cathy /Nicky in Tomorrow is Another Day. In the Hitchcock film, as I'm sure you're aware, Ruth plays a very classy young woman, the daughter of a senator (or something like that.) She is very elegant and poised. Whereas in TIAD, her character is tough and world weary. Of course she changes as the movie's narrative progresses, but still,
  9. Lorna, you might be interested in this: The Noir Alley feature this weekend is "Tomorrow is Another Day". It stars Steve Cochran, who I think you once described as hot. I know I think he is. He's paired with Ruth Roman, who initially seems an odd choice. But Ruth's actually pretty good in this, the whole thing works. I believe Eddie has already previously shown this film on Noir Alley. But I'm ok with seeing it again. I just think, if that's the case (already aired on Noir Alley), Eddie should acknowledge that fact. Maybe he will.
  10. Actually, I have to confess: I really like those chocolate covered cherries, complete with the cherry cream filling. I liked them as a kid, and I still have a weakness for them. Maybe it depends on the quality of the chocolate maker...there are many different brands that make this confection. I guess this is what one would call a guilty pleasure. I loved this one:
  11. Ok, I thought it was a pretty good song, and appropriately "down", in keeping with the theme of this thread. Vautrin, I kind of thought at least upi might have commented, I know you're a big music guy.
  12. Ok, I know this isn't a music thread. And I don't want to derail it. But I just had to post this song, for two reasons. The first is, if ever there were a "blasphemous" Christmas song, the opposite of sentimental or too heart-warming, this has to be it. It's a sad story. Not Christmassy at all. The second reason is, I absolutely love this song and want to share it here. It's just a great song, despondent lyrics and all. I love the music, that sort of country/ roots sound. And whoever did the little animated short to go with the song made it pretty entertaining. So Much Wine.
  13. Man, I'm telling you midwestan, people who work in retail over Christmas time deserve some kind of special medal (or actually, a generous cash bonus would do the trick.) I worked in retail for years (book stores, and once a liquor store), and believe me, you see all kinds of nasty behaviour. It takes patience, stamina, and most of all a sense of humour to work in retail at the best of times, and double those qualities over the holidays. On the other hand, I also sometimes saw people being really kind and pleasant . All kinds of people Christmas shop, I guess.. (enough words of
  14. Bonita Granville was also in The Mortal Storm, one of the first American movies warning about the rise of Nazi-ism. It's a smallish part, but an important one.
  15. SPOILERS AHEAD, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T YET SEEN THIS FILM. I liked Suspense well enough, mainly because it was a Noir Alley offering I'd never seen before. It's always fun to see a new (new to me) noir. Although, in this case, it didn't really get very noirish til the third act; up to Dekker's (the husband of Belita's character) apparent death in the avalanche, it was more a melodrama, or a romance triangle, or whatever you want to call it. Although I did enjoy the ice skating scenes, they did make the movie quite a bit longer - it seemed like the kind of film that should hav
  16. If you like dog shows, and you like movies, you might enjoy Best in Show. It's a truly funny fake documentary about a dog show. It does kind of mock them, but not in a mean way, in fact, I'd say it was an affectionate good-natured tribute to dog shows. But the filmmakers have a lot of fun with the characters who enter their beloved dogs in the show, and there are all sorts of side-stories. It's really entertaining and funny.
  17. Well, good, that's a start. But ...aside from the plot synopsis -- what did you think of it?
  18. Ok, you saw The Wolf of Wall Street. But what did you think of it? This is a film that generated a certain degree of controversy when it came out. I will come right out and say, I loved it. But not everyone did. It's not especially interesting to just post the title of a film you saw, and that's it. This is meant to be a discussion board. Feel free to say what you thought of the film.
  19. That was me. That was exactly my response the first time I saw the film. Still kind of is.
  20. Dargo, I put a "thanks" emoticon with your post because I always appreciate people detailing why they do or don't like a film. I appreciate that you didn't just say "oh, it's not my favourite noir" and leave it at that, you took the trouble to write very specific criticisms of the film, which , if I felt the way you do about some of those points, would indeed be good reasons to consider it not worth 4 stars (personally, I'd give it at least 4, maybe even 5) as a rating of its worthiness. So, there's no arguing with the points you raise. I do understand, for instance, why some might fin
  21. To all you supposed noir fans who were left indifferent to Kiss Me Deadly - I say, what is the matter with you people? What does it take to impress you? An incredibly unusual, riveting movie and all you folks can say is "meh" ?? Look, I could understood someone not liking the film; after all, it's got a lot of nastiness, the main character is not everyone's idea of a sympathethic protagonist, the plot is almost as convoluted as The Big Sleep, and that ending, unforgettable though it is , is also , let's face it, a downer. I get all that, I get someone not finding watching Kiss Me De
  22. Lorna, although I like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I can understand why many don't. But maybe you can enlighten me as to the homophobic aspects of the film. I usually notice stuff like that, and offhand, I don't remember anything like that. I can't even recall any gay characters, not even closeted ones. But I probably just missed it. As for Jennifer Jason Leigh, we must "agree to disagree". I love this actress, I think she's really talented, and I really like most of the films I've seen her in. But ,a chacon son gout.
  23. That's really nice to hear- it's so rare, with Hollywood couples, for the marriage to last like that. Coincidentally I did see another coming-of-age film featuring Phoebe Cates a few weeks ago. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It, too, was directed by a woman, and it too, largely presented events through the girl's point-of-view. I think it also is pretty darn good, although it got panned at time of release.
  24. Well, in the summer of 1989 I had a one-year-old baby, plus I was house-hunting. Lots of stuff going on in my life at that time, and I remember, from about 1989 through to the mid-90s, much as I love movies, I did not have much time for them, especially not to go to first-run films in a cinema (I did watch a lot on video , though.) It felt like I was up to my ears in little kids for a while. (Saw lots of Disney films, etc.)
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