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  1. OK, so I did actually get to watch Shag last night. And I was not disappointed, it was a fun, entertaining movie, just what I wanted --young women I could root for and relate to, lots of young people with early '60s clothes and 'dos, dancing, drinking, and generally getting into trouble- But relatively harmless trouble. The most worrying scene is when Bridget Fonda's character has to fight off a near-rape with some goon she's driven off with (not to victim-blame, but her character is no dummy, and one has to wonder why she put herself in that position, so to speak) followed by the shellack
  2. Well, I just couldn't resist the pun or Gershwin allusion or whatever it was. Speaking of terrible singing, yours' couldn't be any worse than the poor deluded young woman in Nashville who thought she could sing and wanted to be the next big country music star, but she was jaw-droppingly abysmal, her singing was so bad it was kind of impressive, in its own way. There's a very sad scene in the film where she thinks she's going to get her big break, she goes on the stage singing, she's phenomenally bad, and the audience (almost all men), just get her to strip instead. Anyway, Lo
  3. Ok, I know this isn't a music thread. And I don't want to derail this fun thread. But I can't resist. Since Jackie Wilson has come up in this thread, I cant' resist posting this great tribute song to him by Van Morrison. Van the Man:
  4. Actually, the sad emoji I put on your post was unwarranted. I checked the Canadian schedule, and "Shag" is being aired in Canada too. I really hope I can watch it (nothing to do with "rights", more about other people in my home wanting to watch something else...) edit: sorry, I didn't realize CinemaInternationale had already mentioned about the Canadian schedule.
  5. Jackie Wilson ! Yes ! Listen to Reet Petite and get up and shake it ! (Plus, he's so good-looking !)
  6. Ohmygawd, Lorna, that looks like so much fun ! I definitely want to watch this movie.
  7. Looks like this is turning into a Hitchcock thread. Which is just fine - who doesn't like Hitch? Many things to say about "Vertigo", but right now I'll settle for the music. This soundtrack by Hitchcock stalwart Bernard Herrmann has to be one of the most evocative, memorable themes in all filmdom. It has such a mysterious, yearning quality. It really captures the whole feeling of the film - which is, of course, mysterious and yearning.
  8. Welcome, Emily ! Always nice to know when there's another classic movie fan out there. ☺️
  9. I like The Racket. For sure, it's not my favourite noir by a long shot, and it's got some flaws, but I enjoy it none the less. I love both the Roberts in this, Mitchum and Ryan. Interesting, they're both exceptionally tall men, and those scenes where they're together, confronting each other, you can really see that. Also, that Ryan is just a tad taller than Mitch (not that this matters at all one way or the other, it's just unusual to see anyone taller than Mitch.) Both these actors have true screen presence, both tend to dominate whatever scene they're in, so it's a treat to see them
  10. I find it odd that neither Eddie Muller nor any of you here, all of whom seem to really enjoy noticing character actors etc., has mentioned something I noticed right away: the actress who plays Johnson's (William Talman) wife is Virginia Huston, who played the "nice" girl, Ann, in Out of the Past (the girl Mitch's character wants to return to, as opposed to Jane Greer's Cathy). Since Eddie always likes talking about the cast and actors who appeared together in more than one noir, I'm surprised he didn't say anything about Miss Huston. The one scene in The Racket she has with Mitchum
  11. So, Where the Sidewalk Ends: Well, I'm glad to say, after my negativity about the previous two Noir Alley offerings, that I really like this film. In fact, after seeing it today (I think my third viewing), I've decided I love Where the Sidewalk Ends. I agree with Eddie, who said, if I remember correctly, that it's almost a perfect noir, and certainly a high point in Otto Preminger's illustrious career. And, for some reason, it's a bit under-rated, not nearly as well-known as other less deserving noirs are (don't worry, I'm not going to spark an argument by naming any...) It's go
  12. If that's supposed to be funny, it's not.
  13. Thanks, Hibi, I had a feeling I might have gotten a plot detail mixed up in that final third of the film. As I said, I always seem to fall asleep by that part of They Won't Believe Me, only to wake up when they find the wounded horse and Greta's body in the river, which means obviously I've missed a fair bit of the story. And yes, it makes a lot more sense for the police to think Verna was blackmailing Larry than the other way around. Apropos of nothing other than the fact that we're talking about Robert Young here, I will say again, as I've said a few times on these boards, that I a
  14. The Red Shoes Just watched this, in real time, last night on The Essentials. It's one of those films that I thought I'd seen before, but watching it last night, I realized I'd never seen it in full, at best, I'd seen the last half hour or so, once or twice, some time ago. I wasn't bored, so that's good. But upon thinking about it afterwards, I just can't get with the basic premise, that an artist has to choose between their art or a personal life. And I noticed this premise only applies to the woman in the story. Ambitious, talented young dancer Vicky Page falls in love with am
  15. Yes, but The Big Sleep is something that I'm afraid They Won't Believe Me is not: it's entertaining. In fact, I 've considered making the argument that The Big Sleep is kind of a comedy, a noir comedy. I don't care that the plot is impossible to figure out, it doesn't matter, because the rewards of the film more than compensate for its indecipherable story. All the characters, even the minor side characters, are interesting or funny or otherwise entertaining. So I forgive the incomprehensibility of the plot because I enjoy the movie anyway. But such is not the case with They Won't
  16. Well, I'm really glad Eddie's showing Where the Sidewalk Ends next week, a noir that I like, because I 've not much liked the last two, and I don't want to come across all negative and hard to please about Noir Alley. But (sigh), I don't much like They Won't Believe Me. SPOILERS coming up, so don't read if you haven't seen this movie (but why would anyone read these posts if they haven't already seen whatever film is being discussed? ) As is often the case with me, I'd seen TWBM a couple of times before, and was hoping I'd get more out of it this time around. Not sure I did. P
  17. Wait----what?? Rita didn't do her own singing in Gilda ? ! ! ? What not? Boy, am I shocked and surprised about that. Shirley the girl could sing, so why did they have someone else do the the singing? They could always have had Rita sing the songs first, then dub them in (but with Rita's voice) to the dance numbers. I'm really disillusioned about this. So, did Rita not do her own singing in, say, You Were Never Lovelier? Were her singing scenes in movies always dubbed by someone else? Say it ain't so.
  18. NOT "like a gal at a party who has had a few that isn't a professional" at all. Rita Hayworth was originally a professional dancer, and there are indications in some of the dialogue in Gilda that her character - Gilda - was also a professional dancer /entertainer/singer. The way she puts that song over, it's not just some half drunk half dressed chick swinging around; drunk or not (and there's nothing to really suggest that she is ) , Gilda /Rita is far better, in her singing, her dancing (or, as Lorna puts it, her "sexy lumbering around" ) and the overall way she puts that song ov
  19. And it's a Canadian show. 🙂 ( was looking for a "proud" emoji, but not sure there is one.)
  20. I love it ! I don't like Gilda either ! And yes, I too get bored with it. Check out my write-up about it on the Noir Alley thread and you'll see what I mean.
  21. I love both those ladies (Isabella Rossellini and Julie Hagerty. Hey, Lorna, you have no comments for the Noir thread about "Gilda" ??
  22. Wow, I can't believe there aren't any posts here yet about Gilda. Isn't it one of the most famous noirs ever? Maybe even one of the most famous classic Hollywood '40s films ever ? Crickets? Ok, I'll just dive in and say, I 've always thought Gilda was over-rated. And I've seen it enough times for that to be a fair assessmet - it's not like I just watched it once and didn't get it. Last night must have been at least my 3rd or 4th viewing, and I still don't get it. Good things about Gilda: the way it looks. The way Rita Hayworth looks, for that matter. I do enjoy that first
  23. Maybe you conflate gay with effete. Zachary often came across as that.
  24. I'm assuming most of you here know that Richard Erdman was in another noir with the word "danger" in the title, a much better one, called Cry Danger. The latter was made six years later, and it shows...Erdman no longer looks like a Mickey Rooney stand-in, he's developed his own style. I always kind of liked him, he was always a good character actor. Other notable noir (ish) movies Erdman was in: The Blue Gardenia and Stalag 17.
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