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  1. Lizabeth Scott played a sweet and vulnerable girl gone (only slightly) wrong in "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers". I think it's her most likeable and memorable role. The fact that it's a fantastic movie doesn't hurt, either.
  2. Gloria Graham is my favourite, and the ultimate noir heroine, although NOT a femme fatale. She's got a great face, and that unique voice! I don't know why, but I never liked Ava Gardner. What's all the fuss about?
  3. too easy..."X-Men" (take your pick which one)
  4. Hey, nothing alien about Canadians. "Forbidden Planet" is extemely entertaining and enjoyable on many levels, and can be regarded as simultaneously a science fiction treatment of "The Tempest", and a fun campy space movie with Anne Francis in a playsuit. I like when Leslie Nielson takes the "brain boost".
  5. Did you know (you probably do, being a jazz fan) that Miles Davis was a great admirer of Sinatra, and that he actually modelled some of his trumpet playing after Sinatra's vocal phrasings.
  6. Does everyone agree, speaking of Frank, that it was a very weird casting choice to give Marlon Brando the Sky Masterson role in "Guys and Dolls", when the obvious choice was Sinatra? Why would they want Brando to sing "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" when they had one of the best singers ever in the same cast? I know Brando was all the rage at the time (hey, I like him too), but this seems to be just a deliberately perverse decision.
  7. We know, like anything with Garbo in it. Filmlover, you have enlightened me. I was one of those people who never understood why TCM would show the same movie several times in a month. I actually did not know that they got some films on a contractual basis and were required to air them a certain number of times. Quite naively, I'd never considered the business aspect of Turner Classic Movies before. Maybe those other people who complain about them repeating the same film are the same: they were unaware that TCM had to. "Ya learn sumpin' new every day." As for "Doctor Zhivago", at th
  8. Nina Foch was in "An American in Paris " with Leslie Caron
  9. I love Robert Downey Jr., and "Ironman" was pretty darn good. So I'm anticipating that "Ironman 2" will follow suit. redriver, maybe what we need now is a Dean Martin superhero, complete with mellow smile and cocktail glass in hand.
  10. Holly, thanks for the heads-up about the forthcoming noir films. I'm especially interested in "Appointment with Danger", a film I've never seen. Anything with the under-rated Jan Sterling is of interest to me. (Have you seen her in "Mystery Street"? she's not in it much, but somehow you remember her...)
  11. Well, hey, I guess we all know what your formative listening years were. Those are all great songs, especially the Police and Elvis Costello tracks. BTW, did you know Elvis Costello has a television interview show called "Spectacle"? He has a different musical guest every week. No personal stuff, all they talk about is music. Kind of refreshing.
  12. Priscilla Lane was in "Dust be my Destiny" with John Garfield
  13. I have a few videotapes of Max Fleischer cartoons, taped sometime in the '90s off of some long-forgotten show about vintage cartoons -I think it was hosted by Leonard Maltin. The inventiveness and imagination of the Fleischer brothers' animation is a joy to see -there's nothing that touches them today. Plus, it's so funny to see all the sexual content they snuck in , especially with the Betty Boop cartoons. Maybe, because they were cartoons, the Hays people weren't watching. Spidey is my favourite superhero, maybe because he's just a kid with a serious spider bite. There's something vu
  14. It also sounds a little like "Kiss Me, Stupid". with Kim Novak. But maybe I'm wrong, because as I remember, it was a trailer home, not a convertable. but it was raining.
  15. "Amarcord: Animal House with subtitles and an oscar that should have gone to Jacques Rivette or Werner Herzog " Actually, the only thing "Amarcord" and "Animal House" have in common is that the titles both begin with the letter "A". (not meant to be a one-line zinger, just an observation.) Edited by: misswonderly on May 4, 2010 7:20 PM
  16. That's impressive, audreyforever. You must be a true movie lover.
  17. mr roberts (and finance) to be honest, just like you, I'd have to look it up. I can't decide if I'm embarrassed or flattered about this Canadian business. I'm quite sure there are lots of Canadian members of this TCM fan community, who are probably rolling their eyes at my "Canadian" perspective right now. It's kind of fun, and I'm a bit flattered, because it makes me feel as though Canadians are kind of exotic, when in fact we're so much like Americans, you wouldn't even know the difference (maybe an accent). In the part of Canada where I live, we only just starting receiving the Turn
  18. Richard Widmark was in "Pickup on South Street" with Thelma Ritter
  19. So, jamesjazzguitar, what are some of your favourite gangster films? And if you stray even one centimetre from the genre, you will be severely punished. "But seriously", do you like "GoodFellas"? Or is it too recent to qualify for this discussion. (ps -did you see my response to your comment on music and noir films? It was on some other thread, buried deep in the annals of long -forgotten threads by now. something about Eric Dolphy and noir music.)
  20. movieman, I know this suggestion is a bit silly, but anyway... when you mentioned Rachmaninoff , I couldn't help thinking of "The Seven year Itch", in which some piano theme by the esteemed composer keeps reappearing. Maybe it would be fun for you two to watch it together, if you haven't already. It's funny to see the attitude they had to classical music back then: either too revered, or used for comic effect. here's an a cappela song for metryroad, and maybe others will like it tool It's a very old folk song, performed by Pentangle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIoc8WcloXo I kn
  21. Thanks, Arturo. I like Otto Preminger. I'll watch for "The Thirteenth Letter."
  22. Burgess Meredith was in "Tom Dick and Harry" with Ginger Rogers
  23. Burgess Meredith was in "Tom Dick and Harry" with Ginger Rogers
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