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  1. faceinthecrowd, I don't want to get off topic here, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your answering my question about the actual film Face in the Crowd . Thanks, that makes sense. It's a good movie, and it's a good messageboard name.
  2. I'm guessing Joseph Cotton really relished that horrible speech he made, if only because he was usually cast as either inherently decent or , at worst , weak ( The Third Man for instance?) But rarely evil. So he probably was happy to have a speech he could sink his teeth into, so to speak. (ha! another reference to vampires!) Edited by: misswonderly on May 28, 2010 10:51 PM
  3. Faceinthecrowd: I didn't single out The Maltese Falcon when I commented on the line-up for this festival, I just said I'd seen all the movies on the list except for the two I mentioned. I should check out their availability for ordering, as I haven't noticed them being aired on TCM. (of course practically everyone who participates on these messageboards has seen Maltese Falcon.) I'm hoping you're still following this thread, because I did want to ask you if there was a reason you didn't respond to my question about another thread,. I think it was in Favourites about favourite movies. I ju
  4. lovefilmnoir: I both agree and disagree with you about Laura. I agree that it is a wonderful movie, and one of my favourites in any genre. I even wrote an essay on it once. Where I disagree with you is your statement, "One of the best noirs, ever". I've always had a little difficulty totally accepting Laura as a full-fledged film noir. The reasons are as follows: * Jay Dratler's screenply, which has the characters speaking and behaving in a very upscale style, not the usual noir language of the streets *And they speak in the upscale style because they are sophisticated denizens of an uppe
  5. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? It's like a Twilight Zone episode. Time and space are stuck. So are we. Will we ever get out? Will the TCM Web Admin people ever tell us what's going on? It's also kind of like that Kafka novel. The Trial. The main character has no idea what the problem is, and the officials will never tell him. We're the characters and the TCM web admin folks are the Kafka-like officials.
  6. It's not really "off topic" . It's all about film noir, right? I've seen Kansas City Confidential . Lots of twists and turns. Nice little romance between John Payne and Colleen Grey. I like the bit about making everyone involved in the heist wearing a mask.
  7. I agree. I love foreign films, including the French "New Wave". (and Italian, etc.)
  8. The technical issues with this website get more bizarre every day. Yesterday I posted an answer to your comment and Uncle Charlie and his newspaper schtick. I thought it went through, because I saw it. Or thought I did . Now it's gone. Anyway, yeah, you're right. If Uncle Charlie hadn't made such a fuss about that newspaper, Young Charlie wouldn't have started wondering about him. Well, yes she would have, but maybe not so early on. Shadow of a Doubt is one of my very favourite Hitchcock films. Every member of the cast is perfect for their part.And Joseph Cotton playing a sinister char
  9. Thanks for that, now I know about the "Silence" project. Maybe I'll check out the book. But...I must be really out of the Scorsese loop -now I have another question for you. The George Harrison project? I know Scorsese is a big rock music fan -is he planning a biopic or documentary about George Harrison?
  10. I really want to see that now - A Foreign Affair, right? I know Turner shows it sometimes. I'll look for it.
  11. Also Clifton Webb was excellent as the sophisticated bad guy (similar to his Laura role ) in Dark Corner .It's his combination of worldly cultured urbane intellectual and the cold-blooded egotism that lurks beneath that makes him such an interesting character. And in both Laura and Dark Corner his love for the women in his life seems aenemic, asexual. More like he loves them the way he'd love a work of art. Edited by: misswonderly on May 27, 2010 9:20 PM
  12. Yeah, but he made such a cool newspaper hat.
  13. *Itami,* Juzo - a Japanese director from the "80's (bet you couldn't tell from the name!) ...but I consider that I cheated, because I had to look it up. The whole point of these games is we have all that stuff in our heads, right? This is actually the first time I've looked anything up for a game.
  14. *Itami,* Juzo - a Japanese director from the "80's (bet you couldn't tell from the name!) ...but I consider that I cheated, because I had to look it up. The whole point of these games is we have all that stuff in our heads, right? This is actually the first time I've looked anything up for a game.
  15. That's true, Hollywood has always done remakes. And sometimes the remake is better than the original. Examples: The Glass Key, 1942, is better than the 1935 version, in my opinion.And I 'm not sure I agree with you about the Maltese Falcon, I think the remake with Bogart is far superior. So you know what? I'm not consistent. I guess I just don't like current remakes of old movies. If even the remake is old (like the two examples above) it's a whole different story. Edited by: misswonderly on May 27, 2010 12:55 PM
  16. I'll have to consult my resident hockey expert and get back to you on that. Hey, maybe I can tie this in with the Eastwood theme. Did he ever make a sports movie (not necessarily hockey). It seems like the kind of thing he'd do. Oh...I guess Invictus would count -rugby.
  17. Thanks for the "heads up". I don't always pay attention to what films are scheduled to play in the middle of the night, and might not have noticed. I've always wanted to see this film -I guess I'll be recording it. Gee, I get the feeling you really like it -I wonder how I knew.
  18. What's "Silence"? Some project Scorsese has mentioned he wants to do? I've no idea.Since I'm a big fan of his, if there's something in the works here (or even if not) can you enlighten me about it?
  19. And they even showed Baby Face, even though the Duke's part in it is all of 5 minutes long. Interesting to see what he looked like in 1933. But I watched it for the delicious pre-Code naughty stuff, everything implied. And likeable Barbara Stanwyck, gaining our sympathy in an unsympathetic role.
  20. Thanks, Fred. I guess they're making some changes on the website that slow it down, I don't know. I'm hoping it's temporary. It seemed to be better yesterday. Does this happen every now and then? I've only been participating on this site since April, so maybe the techinical problems just occur every now and then. We wait them out? ps Treasure of Sierra Madre is one of my very favourite movies. How 'bout that Fred C. Dobbs: "I need dough, and plenty of it." a great line.
  21. Web Admin people, why did you remove my thread in Hot Topics about the problems people have been experiencing on this website? I wanted to get others' reactions about it, also to ascertain how many were affected by the difficulties. (I don't think everyone was.) I posted it in Hot Topics because 1) "Hot Topics" name suggests to me an issue that is about timing, that isn't going to last (unlike a discussion of a filmmaker or b and w cinematography for instance.) 2) A lot of people look at the headings in those forums,. but I don't think as many scroll down to this part of the page. I kn
  22. Great stuff! And so velly velly British, don't you know. What a wonderfully expressive face Sim had. And great comic timing. I don't believe I've ever seen this gem. Has Turner ever shown this, do you know, or are they likely to?
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