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  1. Back to Dorian Gray: It's interesting that the question of sexual orientation has appeared on this thread, because, as probably everyone knows, Oscar Wilde himself was gay,* and his career and life were ruined as a result of Victorian society's discomfort (understatement) with it. Did someone earlier on say Hurd Hatfield was? (gay) Maybe, I don't know. I do know that he held no appeal for me (on any level), and that , since so much is made of Dorian Gray's exceptional physical beauty, Hatfield was an odd choice, to me. * "not that there's anything wrong with it!"
  2. Ricardo Montalban was in *Mystery Street* with Jan Sterling
  3. ...only to be disappointed to discover that she was not nude in it. celluloid kid, I have no opinion about Michelle Williams, but Naomi Watts would not be a suitable candidate to play Marilyn. I'm a fan of Watts, I think she is lovely and talented. (My favourite role of hers' is in the bizarre and unforgettable Mulholland Drive. ) But there's something a little too cerebral about her . Not that M.M. wasn't smart, but she never had that air of intellect that Naomi Watts carries. This of course is totally subjective, and I can't really explain what I mean any further. She just doesn't say "M
  4. Guys, I'm kidding -I love my home and native land. As I'm sure all our TCM messageboard fans know, there are a myriad (great, I finally worked that word into a sentence) of legendary Canadian actors and actresses, directors, producers, and comedians. I get a vicarious sense of pride from them all. finance, baby, I don't remember saying there was anything "improper" about Canadian film standards or anything. It's more just a boring issue of legality,a matter of which companies own the rights to show certain vintage films in Canada. Holly explained it to me quite well, but all I remember is
  5. I think Fedya was just referring to the art/craft of acting, not to Olivier's or Hoffman's sexual orientation. There's a story about the filming of Marathon Man (both actors played major parts in it) and apparently Dustin Hoffman was struggling with some aspect of his role, couldn't find the "motivation" or something, and Olivier told him, "Just act" or some such advice. Old school meets method. However, I have heard a rumour that Olivier was pretty friendly with Danny Kaye. Don't know if there's any truth to it. (this would have been after his marriage to the peerlessly beautiful Vivie
  6. Psycho is quite funny in parts, a lot more humourous than you'd think. Actually, on second thought, it's not such a surprise that it's funny...it's Hitch! Anthony Perkins , answering police questions with a straight face, is hilarious, as he is (while at the same time incredibly creepy) in the final jail cell scene. A really good actor who was never in enough movies after that. ( Pretty Poison is good.)
  7. arturo, I'd love to see them. Fallen Angel is a movie I've been after all my life (or so it feels.) Same with Where the Sidewalk Ends. I wonder if it's one of those rights issues, or if I just haven't been vigilant enough checking the TCM schedule? Thank you for the correction, always happy to learn more about Otto.
  8. I knew there had to be other Canadians out there! TVO -yeah, remember (if anyone's old enough) Elwy Yost and his Saturday Night at the Movies ? I first saw some of the great classics as well as more obscure films that are shown on TCM on TVO with Elwy. Edited by: misswonderly on May 14, 2010 8:35 PM
  9. I'd never heard of Footsteps in the Fog. Stewart Granger, eh? I figure every time a movie comes up that I haven't seen,(or sometimes, heard of) I'll just plead my backwoods national origin. "Dang it all, you can't see that one in Canada."
  10. Elizabeth Taylor was in Little Women with Margaret O'Brien
  11. Many thanks! I'm already planning my next year's holiday for it.
  12. Yeah, it's an interesting change of pace for Jean. Very different from Ophelia in Hamlet, or Miss Salvation Army girl in Guys and Dolls. Am I right in thinking it's the only noir role she ever played, or are there others?
  13. *I* live in Canada! I love the CBC! I've got the CBC news on right now -they're talking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Peter Mansbridge. yeah. I'll check out their late night movies. Maybe I can record them; I don't often watch movies that late. Thanks for the tip.
  14. uh...no showers after Psycho, no hair gel after There's Something ABout Mary ,,,and then there were no undershirts after It Happened One Night Who knew movies were so influential on our personal grooming habits? (I like There's Something About Mary, especially the Matt Dillon character)
  15. *Camille* (that should make the Garbo fans happy)
  16. Angel Face -Otto Preminger's noirs always seem to be set in an upper-class milieau (if you consider Laura a noir movie). This suits Jean Simmons, who fits a high class lady type better than a gal of the streets. But the reason I love Angel Face is because of Robert Mitchum, whom I consider to be the ultimate noir protagonist (notice I don't say "hero").
  17. Thanks, Holly. I shall "google" *Noir City* today. Edited by: misswonderly on May 13, 2010 12:12 PM
  18. Zsa-Zsa (Gabor) ...first names are cheating? or well, if so, take (Fred) Zinnemann
  19. Michael Caine was in *Hannah and Her Sisters* directed by Woody Allen
  20. It's all on account of the Habs' sardine diet. Energy, fast thinking, fish oil. Ironically, however, there are more actual Canadians on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Over half the players on the Montreal Canadiens' are American.
  21. I'm almost more disappointed about not being able to attend the 15 Noirs Festival than I was about missing the TCM Classic Film Festival. I'd give away my considerable noir DVD collection to attend. (Well, actually not. I love my noir DVDs, especially the cleaned up ones where I can really see the beauty to those black and white babies.) As to Canadian rights issues, I have been frustrated and disappointed many times when it comes to anticipated TCM programming, and a change has been made. Now I do the obvious -I check the TCM website for the Canadian schedule. Still, since most of these
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