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  1. Laurence Harvey was in Room at the Topwith Simone Signoret. Edited by: misswonderly on May 10, 2010 8:54 PM
  2. Laurence Harvey was in Room at the Topwith Simone Signoret
  3. Laurence Harvey was in Room at the Topwith Simone Signoret
  4. Viridiana (do foreign films count?)
  5. Poor old Raymond Massey. Or at least his character in The Fountainhead. He offed himself for two reasons: 1) Patricia Neal, the love of his life, rejected him for noble Ayn Rand-philosophy-spouting stalwart Gary Cooper. 2) His newspaper, the other love of his life, collapsed under political pressure from an earnest but ill-informed public which did not appreciate Gary Cooper's noble actions. So Ray had nothing to live for. Actually, I find him the most likeable character in this whole Rand propaganda vehicle. Rand's "Oddball Philosophy" ? No point getting into that, I'm sure we're not
  6. " I'm thankful there is a body of work to stay with us, even though she could have done much more. SO, if someone films the life of Lena Horne, who should star? " Iris2, what about Hallie Berry? She certainly looks the part. But can she sing?
  7. Butterfly McQueen was in Cabin in the Sky with Lena Horne (respects)
  8. The Fountainhead was rubbish! I never heard such self-conscious, artificial dialogue! But then I found out that Ayn Rand had a lot to do with the screenplay, so what can one expect? Everyone in this self-important movie goes around spouting Rand's polemic with a straight face, as though people actually talk like that. I could overlook the oddball Rand philosophy if the film were well-done, but it's all so overwrought, it's hilarious! There's not one iota of wit in this clunker.
  9. I've seen "Quicksand", and clore describes it perfectly. From a relatively innocent misdemeanour, Mickey Rooney goes spiralling down into a noir quicksand of crime cause-and-effect. And Mickey Rooney is quite good in it! I just wish I had a better copy; I saw it on one of those quickie cheapo DVD's where they don't bother remastering anything (I guess that's why they're so cheap.)
  10. At the risk of going slightly off topic, I have heard that another great African-American singer, Nina Simone, was also bitter about the racism she experienced throughout her life. Although these feelings -justified as they undoubtedly were- may have come across in their live performances, they do not in their recordings. So what is left is their talent.
  11. BTW, I've noticed that your knowledge of film noir is pretty erudite. You must be a pretty big fan. Noir is one of my favourite genres too. I appreciate the information about these films that you share with the rest of us.
  12. Holly, I know there are probably other ways for me to find this out, but you seem to be quite knowledgeable about this sort of thing: Can you tell me why the TCM schedule differs, depending on what part of the continent one lives in? I have been disappointed on numerous occasions by a change in TCM programming. There are some rare films I've always wanted to see, hear that they are playing on TCM, only to find out that they are not going to be shown in Canada. Aren't most of these films too old to still have rights restrictions? What's up with this? If you can tell me why this happens,
  13. I know someone who'll watch anything with Kim Novak in it, he thinks she's one of the most beautiful babes of all time. She certainly was a good judge of movies to star in (or maybe her agent was.) Lizbeth Scott had an unusual, husky voice, which makes her stand out from other femme fatales.
  14. Lena Horne was not only a beautiful lady, a fine actress, and a lovely singer, she also had a sense of humour which often came across in her films.
  15. Velma - Claire Trevor in "Murder My Sweet
  16. Interesting how that can be done with instruments too, not just the voice (although the voice is an instrument too, I guess.) Of course a really good musician can draw as much emotion out of his instrument as a singer can from their voice. Not just phrasing, but many subtleties that a non-musician like myself can't always specifically identify, but i know they are there.
  17. I've never seen many of the original Star Trek shows, but I can easily believe they were influenced by "Forbidden Planet". I'm a huge fan of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". BTW, does anyone recall the songs in "Rockey Horror Picture Show"? The theme song makes a direct reference to "Forbidden Planet" Another line I like is "...and Claude Rains was the Invisible Man."
  18. Joan Fontaine Dark Corner or Dark Passage?
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