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  1. I realize some of my posts here are coming a bit late, as in, many days after the posts I'm responding to. But I'm just catching up and trying to read all the posts from the last 3 weeks. Anyway: I love baseball. I never used to, I used to think it was boring. But that was before I knew better, You have to understand a little bit about the game before you can appreciate it, but once you do, you realize it's very elegant, almost mathematically beautiful, and quite exciting. Plus, I love the way the pitchers stare at the catcher to get the signs before they pitch. By
  2. Whaaat ? You guys don't like Judy Garland ? Come on, everyone, get happy.
  3. Yes, I did acknowledge that there have been TCM changes before. Although I don't remember a radical change to the look on the actual station -- they have been comparatively minor over the years. And I don't recall anyone here on these boards making much of a fuss about those smaller changes. However, there have been many changes made to the format of the TCM boards here, and yes, every time people have objected, myself included. I don't actually get why there's a need to overhaul the boards every other year or so, but I've sort of become resigned to it. But the new "refreshe
  4. Ok, slayton, up tp a point you're right, in that people often dislike change and resist it, even when it's just a cosmetic change that doesn't really make a lot of difference. This goes for websites, newpaper and magazine formats, and even renovated restaurants. It's true, it's very common for people to go, "Well, I liked it better before", just because getting used to a change requires a bit of effort ( although not much, really.) However, in this case, I will say that I've been watching TCM since at least 2005, and while there have been a few changes to their graphics etc. ov
  5. What is "politically centric" ? I've never heard that expression before. Maybe it's an American thing. Or maybe a jamesjazzguitar thing. ? Has it a similar meaning to " eccentric" ??
  6. Aargh ! The new Noir Alley theme/graphics is rubbish ! I can't believe they chose to get rid of that atmospheric , very noirish theme music and evocative black and white graphics based on actual noir movies for the flat 3 notes and forgettable -- and coloured ! --graphic to herald the beginning of Noir Alley. That former music and those graphics were part of the fun of the program. True, it's not a big loss in the overall scheme of things, and Eddie's intro and outros were just as good. But you just have to wonder why they were motivated to do this. And that applies to the wh
  7. Who are they planning to merge with?
  8. Sorry, Moe, I posted the above before I saw that earlier reply about the same thing. From filmnoirguy. And of course the main resemblance between the two young women is the glasses thing, and their looking similar is what triggers Bruno's odd behaviour at the party.
  9. Moe, I'm not sure if you're aware, and it's hard to tell just from a still that's posted without any comment, but the actress in that still is not Patricia Hitchcock, it's Kasey Rogers, who plays the Farley Granger character's wife ( the wife he wants to divorce.) POSSIBLE SPOILER: There was a bit of a physical resemblance between Rogers and Patricia Hitchcock, especially with the glasses they wore -- that is a key part of the film, and explains the disturbing scene at a party where Pat's ( as Barbara Morton ) similar look to the wife causes some, uh, strange behaviour on t
  10. ? ? I thought the film was based on a play by Noel Coward. I have heard that all three of them (Noel Coward, Vivien Leigh, and Lawrence Olivier ) were friends, but I did not know Blithe Spirit was written with Leigh and Olivier in mind. Actually, since Leigh did not meet Peter Finch until 1948, and the play was written in 1941, I do wonder if there is a connection between the play - even the filmed version of the play -- and the incident you allude to. I sort of doubt it, but what do I know?
  11. I have no idea what you're talking about. I think we do agree that a) Kevin Spacey was/ is a good actor and b) Allegations that he sexually accosted people on the set are not going to stop us from watching his films. As for c) After the allegations emerged and Spacey came out as gay, I think we agree about that too: that it doesn't matter whatsoever, and that it's sad that he felt he couldn't do so until he was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards male actors he worked with.
  12. Kind praise indeed, but I'm afraid, undeserved. Probably the only thing I'm great at is procrastinating. 🤪
  13. I never said it was. I just said rape is a serious accusation, regardless of the gender of the accuser. I did not intend to get into a big discussion about Kevin Spacey and the allegations against him. I've actually always liked him as an actor, and all I was saying was, regardless of his tarnished reputation ( because it can happen that someone's reputation is permanently tarnished after such allegations, whether ever proven or not ), I would still watch any film he's in that I felt like watching. Same goes for other actors too. Unless it's something really, really horrific
  14. I do not know the details of the accusations against him. If it was indeed rape, then that is serious. I'd just heard that he sexually hit on young men whether his advances were wanted or not.
  15. As I suspect ( no pun intended ) you know, the problems around Kevin Spacey's reputation were not about whether he was gay or not. ( He did come out as gay shortly after the first allegations against him, but that isn't the issue. Who cares? ) The problematic nature of the allegations was basically the same as the whole "MeToo" movement's concerns, it's just a moot point that in this case the alleged would-be molester was a gay man. As far as I understand it, the issues around Spacey involved accusations of his propositioning young male actors he was working with, some of them
  16. Why would you not be able to watch The Usual Suspects "because of Kevin Spacey" ? The things Spacey is alleged to have done ( and probably did) in his personal life have nothing to do with the films he was in, nor his performances in them. I just don't get this thing some people have where they can't watch a movie because one of the actors in it did something in their private life that was bad. The work they did is a separate thing from their private actions. Example from a long time ago: Apparently Beethoven had a thing for one of his teenage female music students, and would
  17. But why are these two posts here, they're not even from this thread. They're not even about noir. Is it some kind of glitch in the system? edit: I think there is. A glitch in the system. Entire posts from some other thread have found their way into the Noir Alley thread. Weird.
  18. I'm about halfway through Season 3. It is an excellent series, exceptionally good production values, acting, camera-work, character development, stories. But I am finding the extreme, intense violence -- including sometimes sexual violence --hard to take. I've never seen such graphic stuff, and I've seen a lot of gangster movies and films that are generally regarded as "violent".
  19. Well, I have no trouble separating the art from the artist. Of course I've heard the rumours that Sinatra had Mafia connections, that he was, if not a gangster himself, at the very least on friendly terms with them. Baby, I don't care. His mob associations have nothing to do with his music. I won't attempt to argue posthumously with you r grandfather about Frank's unsavoury friendships with gangsters, but tell your grandpa beyond the grave that the man could sing. Possibly the best singer of the 20th century. I've already written a post about this a page or two back on this thr
  20. Well, let's hope "the best is always yet to come". Just do your thing, and (maybe) you'll be king.
  21. Well, as I posted in some detail a page or so back, Sinatra was unquestionably the better singer. So if you want to give Deano a higher actor rating, sure, if that's what you think ( Sinatra was in better movies, though. Put that in your Martini glass and smoke it.)
  22. Since, for some reason the topic of music and musicians has come up on this thread, I'd like to combine the two topics, just on this one post: memorable lines, and musicians. Apparently John Lennon did not want to be bothered to tune his own guitars, and when asked about it once, he said "That's what other people are for." I don't know if this is true or apocryphal , but it made me laugh when I heard it.
  23. "I need dough, and plenty of it." Now this line is not only one of my absolute favourites, it's one that applies to my life. Hey, most people could use this one in real life. from "Treasure of Sierra Madre".
  24. Always loved this line from "Manhattan": Yale: "We're just people, we're just human beings, you know.....you think you're God." Isaac: "Well, I gotta model myself after someone."
  25. " I am big. It's the pictures that got small." ( can't really use this in real life, but such a great and famous line.) Now this one you can definitely use, constantly: "Baby, I don't care".
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