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  1. Thanks, Allhallowsday, for acknowledging my take on the use of emoticons here -- and also, I guess, for what you said about the image of tossing something over the bridge....I suppose that could be imagined as funny, in an extremely dark way. I don't know, as I said in my thread about emoticons, there was a time when they weren't an option on this site, and I never really thought these boards were improved by adding them. As with everything about internet communication, there's so much room for misunderstanding. Although I don't really want to advocate for more of them, I
  2. Some random but hopefully pleasant ( or "chill" ) thoughts about November: I love November, it's one of my favourite months. I like that it doesn't have any events in it, except for Remembrance Day, for one thing. Oh, ok, I know, it does have a huge event if you're American: American Thanksgiving. But I'm Canadian, so for me, November is a nice, quiet, event/celebration-free month. There aren't very many months like that. I like the quietness of November, the grey skies, the bare trees, the look of those bare trees against that grey sky. I like the shorn fields and
  3. What is an old theory ? The theory I posted above? I wouldn't be at all surprised if it is ( an old theory), but so what? It strikes me as the most obvious explanation, and it was the one I thought of when I first heard the song. As for Bobbie Gentry saying it's not important, what the thing was that the girl-narrator and Billie Joe threw off the bridge, I read that in an article about the song. Here's part of that article: "Gentry insists that what he throws over the bridge isn't important, and to fixate on that is to miss the point of the song - that we often respond to tragi
  4. Yes, as I posted above, that's what I always thought ( but not a full-term baby, since the girl character narrating the song seems pretty close to her family, and it's most unlikely she'd have been able to carry a baby to term without them noticing.)
  5. I know it's inappropriate to quote oneself, but since people here are still talking about "Ode to Billie Joe" and the reason for Billie Joe's suicide, I couldn't resist re-posting my idea about it. To me, it does matter what they threw off the bridge, or the narrator -singer wouldn't have mentioned it. And its being the 1960s, when teenage pregnancy- never mind teenage abortion - was verboten, I think it'scompletely understandable that the couple threw "the baby" ( er, the result of the abortion the girl had ) over the bridge, and then Billie Joe couldn't deal with the guilt and the
  6. laffite, that's so interesting that you posted this piece of music ! Here's why I think so: There's this book called The Music Shop. It's by Rachel Joyce, I think it was published in 2017, but I just read it last March ( of this year.) It's fiction, about -you guessed it, a music shop - and it's full of lists of great pieces of music, music for every occasion. Anyway, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings is mentioned. As I recall, one of the characters, a DefLeopard fan (!) is introduced to it, and after listening, says , "The human adventure is worth it, after all."
  7. Well, once again this thread has sunk, not only to the bottom of the page, but to the bottom of page three ! But I guess that's ok, I suppose I've made my point and had my vent and we're more or less done with the topic. Only so much one can say about it - apparently unlike just about all the other topics in this forum, which, with one or two exceptions, are invariably political -- and "political" as in about national and international events and opinions and politicians--- as opposed to the other kind of "politicial", jamesjg refers to, "about the politics related to how members
  8. Brian, I love Bill Forsyth ! Talk about quirky ! And his films are often very funny, but in that understated way the British are so good at. I've seen Comfort and Joy, but had forgotten about the bunny on top of the truck. It's also, sort of, a Christmas movie, so it would be good if TCM showed it during the comfort and joy season. But they probably won't. I just had a mental image of seeing Eddie Muller trying to squeeze Comfort and Joy into a Noir Alley slot, maybe making himself a whiskey-flavoured ice cream cone and discussing how anything that involves that level of competiti
  9. Well, I can't guarantee the bunny's safety, but there are no gruesome scenes of bunny boiling. I think Local Hero is available on Netflix. If you're a DVD-friendly person, you might find the DVD for sale on-line. However, it's not my intention to pressure you to see the film. It's not very noir, the only connection to noir is it features noir stalwart Burt Lancaster ( but his fabulously good-looking days are behind him in this one, although he still makes kind of a handsome old man.)
  10. Not much I can add to what people here have already said about 5 Steps to Danger. I agree with Lilypond, I was glad when it turned out that neither Sterling Hayden's character nor Ruth Roman's were villains, that both were basically innocent and decent people. Caught in a web of circumstances beyond their control ( very noir, that part.) I did enjoy the film, although, getting towards the last 10 minutes or so, I was thinking they should wrap it up soon - which they did. A couple of thoughts: How come the CIA guy put Ruth and Sterling ( but especially Ruth, it looked like) at such
  11. It's great song, once you've heard it, you never forget it. I don't think it's too long, it has to be a certain length to unfold the story...or lack of story. I think Bobbie Gentry is being a little coy when she says it doesn't matter what the thing is, that the narrator and Billie Joe throw off the bridge. If it didn't matter, it wouldn't be mentioned in the song. It's like she's claiming the object thrown off the bridge is just a McGuffin, but I think it matters. Yup, sounds pretty disgusting to me. Phew ! Ok, here's my theory, and I know I'm not the first person to posit t
  12. So what were they throwing off the Tallahatchie Bridge ? I have a theory, but I don't like to say. Let someone else make the suggestion.
  13. Ann looks a little Rita Hayworth-ish in that pic.
  14. Lilypond, have you seen Local Hero ? There's a bunny incident in it-but it's actually quite funny. (rhyme not intended.) Local Hero is one of my absolute favourite movies, although there's nothing even remotely noir about it. But there are a couple of bunny scenes....
  15. Wow, I just went on this forum and saw how this relatively new thread has sunk to the bottom of the page. Every other thread here is political. I don't know why the Powers That Be saw fit to move this thread from General Discussions to "Off Topic". It's not off-topic to have a conversation about how emoticons on these boards are used, and General Discussions is the most active forum on this site, so it would have made sense to have left it there. But I do believe certain people here may have extra influence with whoever moderates this site, and I am powerless to control that.
  16. "It's all good", Thompson, as they say ( whoever "they" are...). I hope you took my observation that you have a lateral way of thinking as the compliment it was intended to be. 😎
  17. Cineman, it struck me after I posted my reply to you that it may have sounded unsympathetic or disrespectful-- it was nice of you not to take offence! Anyway, what do I know? Maybe TCM does have some kind of deal with another television station, and they share copies / broadcasting rights to classic movies. I just know if that's the case, it doesn't apply to Ontario- probably not anywhere in Canada.
  18. I think maybe I have seen The Big Country, but it was so long ago I can barely remember it. Judging by your post, Brian, and others here about the film, I'm hoping to get hold of it and see it again. I like all those actors--Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Burl Ives, Chuck Connors -- so that's a motivation to catch it, right there. Plus, William Wyler was such a talented director. Thanks for bringing this movie to our attention ! ( and by "our", I don't mean the "royal we", I mean everybody here!)
  19. In my neck of the woods ( ha ! always wanted to use that expression!), there's a frozen pizza company, they're made right here in my town. It's called "Dr. Oetker's Pizza", and they're delicious. My husband, son and I often get some ( okay, three, one each ...but they're "personal size") to watch when we have a movie night. They're really good. also, they offer many flavours, including several vegetarian options. My son's a vegetarian, so that's nice for him. Pizza, whether cooked from frozen or delivery from a pizzeria, is ideal for a movie night. Maybe I'll try and find
  20. Well, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I can assure you that my cable company does not offer any such station. You're fortunate to have access to that other television channel that airs so many noirs. I've never heard that TCM is somehow working with or co-operating with or adjusting their programming with another television station. Maybe it has something to do with where you live. If I were you, I'd just enjoy the accessibility you have to another tv station that shows classic film noirs.
  21. Tom,  is your private message mailbox full?  I tried to send you a pm, but it said you were unavailable to receive pms.

  22. ElCid, I was not advocating for people to "not be permitted to respond to it ( someone's post) without having to write a new post". I regret that my comments came across that way to you. However, the whole reason why I started this thread was because some people DO use the emojis to mock someone's post. You say: "Those of us who use sad, laugh or confused are not "mocking" a poster, but indicating our response to what they posted." And yes, that's the original intention of making those emojis available here, and that is the way most people use them. And of course I unde
  23. Vautrin, you're one of the few people here who, as far as I can tell, never uses the emoticons, for any reason. I've always really liked that about you.
  24. I dislike the "Off-Topic" forum, with a few exceptions, it always seems to be full of anger and contention and bad feeling. I rarely go on it. I'm sorry the moderator (s) deemed it necessary to move my thread here, I think it has at least as much relevance on the "General Discussions" forum. Because I don't want to be involved in "Off-Topic" discussions ( unless it's about cats or strawberry ice cream), I'm not going to participate on my own thread here. Well, hopefully, anyway.
  25. Speaking of Dargo, I haven't seen the Dargster around for a while. Maybe he's just busy playing tennis or riding his motorcycle.
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