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  1. Of course The Philadelphia Story is the better film. What a cast, how can you go wrong with Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart ? And even Katharine Hepburn, whom I sometimes find annoying, is perfect as Tracy Lord. I do agree that the music in High Society is pretty darn good, it's the main thing that version of the story has going for it. And in fact, that song, "True Love". is very beautiful and even moving. But so far as everything else goes, The Philadelphia Story wins, hands down. ps: It's of interest to note that George Harrison, no slouch when it came to judging timeless
  2. Exactly. That is precisely my point, that the "haha" emoticon is often used to ridicule. And I don't believe that was the intention , when it was included in the "emoji" array. The intent of this thread is to say that I don't think it's polite or helpful to use the emojis in that way. I know a lot of people will say, "Hey, we have the right to use those emoticons any way we want" and I'm not suggesting anything as extreme as removing the emoticons , or even punishing those who use them in that disrespectful way. I'm not big on "punishing" anyway-- people can hardly be suspen
  3. I can remember a time when this website did not have emoticons at all. Of course, that was ages ago. This Website has to keep up with the times, and years ago they did a board update that included the option to post an emoji on a poster's comments. We have a lot fewer here than many social websites do, but perhaps we have more than enough. Let's see, I think there are 5: "Thanks", "HaHa" "Confused" "Sad" and of course, "Like". For a while I resisted using them, but it's just too hard to do that. Still, I try to use them for positive reasons. It seems to me that in the a
  4. I think you were specifically referring to me, since no one else on this thread seemed to notice or mind the abrupt change of subject. There I go, what?
  5. Cigarjoe, I know you mentioned The Big Sleep in your original post here, but I'd just like to draw attention to Elisha Cook's performance in it. He only has one scene (I think? two at the most), but you really remember him in it. It's the bit where Marlowe speaks with Cook's character- "Harry Jones"- about arranging for Agnes to meet with Marlowe, she's got some information she wants to sell to him. Jonesy says he and Agnes are engaged. It's kind of funny, Agnes being such an obnoxious character, but also quite a memorable one. Anyway, the part where Cook really shines is when
  6. I was not complaining. Speaking of reading the whole thread, I'm not sure you actually read my posts about the sudden veering off-topic. This is what I said: "I'm really confused. It's like I missed something. How did Patti Smith and Bob Dylan get mixed into this thread? I'm a huge fan of both, but I'm not sure what the connection is to this thread, even when people go off-topic on a thread there's usually some tangential subject that somehow relates to the original topic. I don't mind, I just don't know where it came from." Clearly not so much "complaining" as trying to fi
  7. O-kaay, but that might be too much of a stretch for my dull November day brain to make. And it probably doesn't help that I'm not familiar with that song, or even Jim Stafford. Actually, knowing Thompson's style, I suspect he just kind of went with a stream -of-consciousness thing, he was thinking about music he liked and one thing led to another. Fair enough, and after all, this is his thread, so he can do what he likes. ( which, yes, he could do even if it weren't his thread.)
  8. I'm fine with detours, Thompson, as I'm sure you can tell from the Noir Alley thread. It's just, your post below.... ...seemed to come out of nowhere to me. Maybe if you'd connected the dots between "Hard Rain" and Patti Smith / and Badlands, I would have gotten what was going on. Even roads with detours usually have signs pointing the way. 😎
  9. You posted a "sad" emoticon on my comment about Elisha Cook Jr. being in Shane. Since there seemed no other reason to be "sad" about my post, I figured you , like me, were remembering that Cook's character of Frank Torrey was a sad figure. I was simply noting that Shane was another film in which Elisha Cook Jr. makes an appearance. It was not on the list Cigarjoe posted in his O.P. I'm not sure how my observation of the film was "out of the norm" - in any case, I'm not talking so much about the film itself, just Cook's role in it. Whenever people start a thread about an acto
  10. Mr. TB, are you sad because Cook's character in Shane gets killed ? I agree, it's a sad scene in the film. Torrey has no idea what he's in for when he sets out for the town that day.
  11. I'm really confused. It's like I missed something. How did Patti Smith and Bob Dylan get mixed into this thread? I'm a huge fan of both, but I'm not sure what the connection is to this thread, even when people go off-topic on a thread there's usually some tangential subject that somehow relates to the original topic. I don't mind, I just don't know where it came from.
  12. Mr. Cook also makes an appearance in the famous Western "Shane". He plays an ex-Confederate soldier who like all the other farmer/settlers in the area, just wants to make a simple living from the land. I remember the other farmers tease him about being from the South. He's a sad character who meets an undeserved end in this classic Western.
  13. Although you didn't say anything, I feel I should explain why, if I'm such an advocate for Joel McCrea as Star of the Month, I was unaware that he did indeed receive Star of the Month programming in May 2012. I'll just say a close family member was admitted to hospital at that time, and died a few weeks later. So as I recall, my attention and my energy were directed elsewhere in the spring and summer of 2012. Nobody was demanding that information from me, and I apologize to anyone who thinks it was unnecessary or too personal. But I do remember I was preoccupied at that time, a
  14. One more thing I've always thought about Conflict: it definitely has a spooky vibe to it. It feels a little like a ghost story. Yes, we the audience know that all the eerie effects suggesting that Bogart's wife is haunting him are contrived, mainly by Sydney Greenstreet. But still, those scenes have a ghostly feel to me. I always thought Bogart's character would be freaked out not so much by the idea of his wife still being alive as by the idea that she was indeed dead and was haunting him. Of course we know it's not so, nor does the film ever pretend that's what it's about. But stil
  15. So, looks like this weekend's Noir Alley offering is 5 Steps to Danger. I don't think I've ever seen this one, so any work featured on Noir Alley I haven't already seen is always a bonus. ( although recently there've been quite a few of them, including the foreign films. ) I'm not sure about the "Commie threat" theme, I often find that American films from the 1950s on that topic can be a bit proselytizing -ish and over-the-top. A major exception is Pickup on South Street, but in that film the Commie spy thing is more a McGuffin than anything else, it's really about Skip McCoy and
  16. Well, again, I don't want to derail the thread topic, and Kent Smith does deserve some attention ( god knows he hardly ever gets it) but I just can't resist the desire to post some of the silly rhymes I wrote all those years ago ( like, 2011 or thereabouts) in my JOEL McCREA thread. Ahem. JOEL McCREA, JOEL McCREA, Star of the Month, without delay ! JOEL McCREA, JOEL McCREA, Star of the Month, we'll all go "YAY!" and my finest moment, JOEL McCREA, JOEL McCREA, I wouldn't have minded a roll in the hay.
  17. Glad you appreciate JOEL McCREA, lilypond. However, I would never have thought of him as "bland", and certainly not in any way similar to Kent Smith, who truly was bland ( although I kind of like him anyway.) The reason I wrote Joel McCrea's name in caps is because years ago, I started a thread here advocating for JOEL McCREA to be Star of the Month. I kept it up for a while, often writing silly doggerel rhymes to make my point, ( Because "McCREA" rhymes with so many words, it was fun.) I know this thread is about Kent Smith, and I don't want to derail it, but I'll just sa
  18. By the way, it doesn't appear that the original poster herself has a problem with the topic veering into Crawford territory, so if she doesn't mind, I guess I shouldn't. But, I did want to share a few thoughts about Conflict. Looks like jamesjazzguitar beat me to it, he too thought of The Two Mrs. Carrolls. I think Conflict and The Two Mrs. Carrolls would make a great double feature on TCM ( or anywhere for that matter.) Both films star Humphrey Bogart, and in an atypical role, ie, a murderer. And not just any murderer, one who wants to off his wife. True, there are a lot o
  19. Is this a "Conflict" thread or a Joan Crawford thread? Don't get me wrong, I like Joan Crawford and I think talking about her is fun. And I also don't mind , usually, when threads go off-topic a bit. I've done more than my share of thread-topic wandering, going off on a tangent, etc. But when the original topic of the thread gets up-staged by a new topic, and there are way more posts about the tangential topic than the original one, that's when I can't get with the program. If a thread is long-standing and more or less established, it doesn't matter so much. But when it's a br
  20. ...Also, since we're talking about Badlands and the Charles Starkweather killings and music, etc., I can't resist mentioning one of the greatest songs Bruce Springsteen ever wrote ( and that's really saying something , given what an exceptional songwriter Springsteen is). The title song from his album Nebraska.
  21. Badlands is one of my favourite movies. I don't usually like films about people who kill almost because they just get into the habit of it, and it's the easiest way ( seemingly, at the time) to deal with someone who's causing you a problem. ( for instance , I can't stand Natural Born Killers.) But there's something about Badlands that rises above that kind of narrative. It's hard for me to put my finger on it...it's partly the performances of Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek, both of whom seem born to play these parts. Also, full disclosure: I think Martin Sheen in 1973 was one of t
  22. Sepia, I scrolled around a bit and found that thread, I think on page 3 or 4. Here's the link to it: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/268216-popular-movies-that-you-hate/
  23. Well, guys, I know what you mean. And in fact there are movies that I'm content to waive making sense of the story, as you both say, sometimes style and mood trump plot and rational explanations. In fact, while I can't think of any off-hand, I know there are films where I prefer not to have an explanation, that the unresolved quality or mystery is part of what makes me like it. But then there are others, and I guess for me, I Walked with a Zombie is one of them, that I find quite frustrating if I don't know the why of a particular situation or character or whatever. And
  24. But I can never figure out what exactly it's all about. I own I Walked with a Zombie on a Val Lewton set, so I've seen it about 3 times. And still I don't understand what the frig's going on. Is Paul Holland's wife genuinely ill, either physically or mentally, with some disease that renders her totally catatonic, or is she indeed under a voodoo curse that's turned her into a zombie? I still don't know. Some might like that ambiguity, but in this particular film, I just find it frustrating. It's true, the film is very beautiful, in an eerie way. And as Tom has pointed ou
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