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  1. Interesting, Tom. Given all those excellent examples you cite of Lewton 's ( and often Tourneur's) talent and special way of making eerie films rather than blatantly violent horror films ( we seem to agree on that, that the "unshown" is more effective for chills than the obvious), I'm wondering in what way you find them unsatisfactory. Could be the plot flaws one can think of in many of them, especially noticeable after several viewings? Or maybe the emphasis on atmosphere rather than character development? Of the Lewton films I've seen, I do find I Walked with a Zombie the leas
  2. I love Cat People , it's probably my favourite Val Lewton/ Jacques Tourneur work. On this viewing, I found it to be as sad as it is scary. Actually, it's more eerie than scary, since "eerie" is what these two specialized in, unseen dangers, the creepy threat, whether supernatural or something else, implied rather than shown. I love that, that to me is the best kind of scary movie. But it's also very sad. The Irena character is not evil or menacing so much as frightened and confused and sad. She so desperately wants to be a "normal" wife, but she's so terrified of what will h
  3. Whaaat ? Never seen Psycho ? !! The posters on this site never cease to amaze me.
  4. You took a shower on Hallowe'en night? Brave man !
  5. Ha, that would be really funny, watching a William Castle movie dubbed into Russian....sounds like something he might even do on purpose! (not suggesting he did, though.) edit: Oops, my mistake...obviously I hadn't yet actually clicked on your youtube link when I wrote the above. NOT dubbed into Russian (although I still think that would be fun), just the Russian subtitles. Well, I'll have to set aside 86 minutes and watch it sometime soon.
  6. Ah, Scooby -Doo, possibly the closet thing to a cartoon equivalent of William Castle movies. Except you don't get the smiling Mr. Castle at the beginning ( or end) , gleefully explaining how to get the most out of his scary efforts, whether it's "Emerge-O" or " Illusion-O" or getting to decide whether Mr. Sardonicus lives or dies. Fond memories of Scooby-Doo, though, for sure.
  7. Guess it depends on how one defines "campy". When speaking of William Castle, I think it's a very apt word, and also, a good thing . As you say, Castle is having "a little fun". "Campy" is not, in my book, a negative , at least not when it comes to William Castle movies. Never seen The Night Walkers, it's not on my DVD set. But I'd like to.
  8. I have not seen that attitude anywhere in this thread, and I most definitely did not say anything like that myself.
  9. Well, as has been noted many times on many websites, there is a lot of room for misunderstanding, and it happens often. Seems to be an inevitable part of internet communication. I actually went back and re-read the two posts I wrote here, just to see if either of them were unkind. I don't think they were, and they certainly weren't intended to be. In fact, I even agree with you about one of the actresses you said you didn't much like ( Katharine Hepburn.) I know how frustrating it is to be misunderstood on this or any other website; I guess you were just saying you don't li
  10. Yes, I thought I made that clear in my post, but maybe I didn't....I just said don't try to figure out the plot, because it doesn't make much sense, but it doesn't matter, because the film is not about plot, it's about campy horror fun. Exactly.
  11. Anyone who wants to start a thread about Richard Long is free to do so.
  12. Right, I looked it up and he was the producer. But I must admit, I never think of Rosemary's Baby when I think of William Castle. Castle's movies - the ones he directed - were always sort of good-natured and didn't take themselves too seriously. But the Polanski film is , as far as I can recall, deadly serious and, like a lot of Polanski's work, kind of unpleasant ( that's not to say it isn't good, in its way.) I'd much rather watch something like Mr. Sardonicus .
  13. Right, I agree. And I would not want her films to not be "in heavy rotation" on TCM, whether I personally like her or not is irrelevant. There are many who do, and they look to TCM to show her movies, which it does. And that's as it should be.
  14. I've never heard of Richard Long, but thanks for the info about him. Is Cult of the Cobra as campy as House on Haunted Hill ? Just to mention another William Castle classic, I think one of his most famous and celebrated is 13 Ghosts. The first time I saw this was as an adult, so although I found it entertaining and , again, kind of fun, I never thought it was scary. But my husband first saw it as a kid, and he says he was terrified at the time. Now we both enjoy it for what it is, a funny, campy, appropriately "spooky" ghost story in the style that only William Castle could
  15. I have always disliked one of the actresses you mention, and been a big fan of the other. I've always found Katharine Hepburn irritating; she almost always strikes me as smug, a bit like the Tracy Lord character she portrays so convincingly in The Philadelphia Story. Tracy is "perfect", or thinks she is. I actually like this film, and Hepburn's performance in it, but I do think no one could have played Tracy better in part because she seems so suited to Katharine Hepburn's persona. Anyway, I don't dislike Hepburn as much as I used to -- I used to loathe her. Now I can watch
  16. In honour of the Hallowe'en season, my husband and I decided to have a William Castle fest. We own a set of Castle films on dvd, and we decided it was time to re-watch some of them. I won't "review" them all on this post, I'll just talk about one of his campiest ( and that's really saying something, since this guy was the King of "scary" camp): The House on Haunted Hill . This has to be one of the silliest, ( but in a good way ), campiest "horror" films of all time. I mean, you know you're in for both of those things (silly and campy) when you see that it
  17. We've probably discussed this film enough, but I just want to bring up a point I made earlier and see if anyone has any insight into it ( my earlier post). "Linda", the beautiful actress whom Felix befriends (in hopes of finding out more about the hit-and-run killer, but then he does actually fall in love with her ), anyway, Linda is constantly claiming that she loathes Rattinger, that she hates him for many reasons: his brutal treatment of her sister, his cruelty to the kid, his overall obnoxious arrogance, and not least, his constant attempts to convince her to let him bec
  18. Hmm. Interesting. There was something in the film that made me think it was the kid who did it, but now I'm not so sure. I'd have to see the movie again, and given that it was a difficult film to view--eg, all the sub-titles to read and the convoluted structure -- I probably wouldn't feel like re-watching it anytime soon. As Eddie M. and also poster Bronxgirl mentioned, there is another version of the story. Maybe it's easier to figure out. It's a French film, directed by Claude Chabrol, 1969, titled "Que la Bete Meure". I wonder if Eddie could get hold of it?
  19. Um, thanks for that explanation about emoticons, lafitte. While I admire your knowledge about them and how to use them, I tend to use them sparingly myself, and don't really plan to make use of the information you posted about them. I know that sounds ungracious, sorry, and your 'splaining about them like that was interesting, but I think I'll just stick to a "cool" face now and then, that type of thing. But I'm impressed that you know so much about them.
  20. Ok, but as I tried to say ( albeit not very coherently ) Felix planned to drown Rattinger when they went out in the boat. He did write of this plan in his diary, agreed. However, who was it he hoped would find the diary, open and accessible as it was? It may be that he wanted someone to find and read it, but it doesn't make sense that he'd want that someone to be Rattinger himself, his intended victim. I think he really was planning to drown Rattinger when they went out in the boat; therefore, why would he leave his diary available for anyone, including Rattinger, to read?
  21. Oh, is that what those tiny little symbols were supposed to look like? I'm afraid I'm not very learned on internet emojis and all the symbols etc. Thanks for the explanation. ( note the suitably friendly emoji I posted--even I can figure out those ones, the faces.)
  22. Two things I noticed about La Bestia Debe Morir that seemed like plot flaws: If "Linda" ( the beautiful actress who Felix befriends) had such a hatred for the horrible Rattinger ( is that the name?), if she consistently repelled his advances and had no interest in him whatsoever, what was she doing in the car with him in the first place? The night they were at Cape Gold, where Felix's young son was hit, why were they there ? Linda says she was always struggling with Rattinger to keep his hands off her. Ok, but then, why was she with him on a car trip some distance from Rattinger's
  23. Ah. I figured it might be something like that. I did check the Noir/ Gangster thread in the "Genres" forum, but when I didn't find the post there, I was confused. Didn't occur to me to check that other forum. Explanation accepted, laffite, you are back in my good graces. ( god, that sounds imperious and arrogant...obviously I'm kidding.)
  24. I know what you mean, Bronxie. A large part of the problem was reading all those subtitles, since the film is very dialogue -heavy. And I'm used to sub-titles, I like foreign films , but I found it a lot of work to read all those sub-titles and still keep up with everything that was going on. The first 20 minutes or so of the film was quite dense, dense with action, dialogue, characters, just a lot of stuff going on and to keep track of. I found it did get more comprehensible once the flashback, which is most of the film, started. SPOILER : as Eddie noted, it's ver
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