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  1. At least here, that rerelease became available to the public today! That's along the lines of what I'm asking, thank you.
  2. Certainly, but have you any specific and noticeably warped examples of a restoration like that?
  3. I simply have a question concerning any debates there may be or have been about the preservation of films. It was brought to my attention a few days ago that when TCM came to be, there was some controversy about the restoration of Gone with the Wind. I would like to hear from anyone who might know specifics regarding this.
  4. GG29

    King Vidor

    Thank you very much. I apologize for responding so slowly, but I have time to visit now that marching season is over. MovieProfessor, I particularly appreciate your input. You've helped along my thesis nicely! I already have The Crowd on DVD, but I'll look for Stella Dallas. I don't recall ever seeing another director take advantage of space and light so artistically as Vidor does in The Crowd; I'd like to know if he was the first to use such a style.
  5. GG29

    King Vidor

    Thanks very much to both of you! It hadn't occurred to me to contact the Director's Guild, although A Tree is a Tree, The Men Who Made the Movies, and A Cast of Killers were already on my list.
  6. I'm a high school student, and I have a term paper to write. I've chosen to research the film innovations of King Vidor because his movies are among my absolute favorites. Before I can get to the college libraries, I'm searching the internet, but my "reliable sources" aren't as plentiful as I'd like them to be; I'm getting general facts, mostly, rather than specifics regarding his contributions and his place in history. If any of you could direct me toward the right sources, I would certainly appreciate it!
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