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  1. Favorites? Wow, tough one! Well, to keep it short, anything with Ghidora, old or new. So where do we go from here I-man? How do we keep a thread like this rolling? Oh! BTW. Heard a rumor that Toho might have something new for us by 2012! Go ahead. Ask me where I heard this. Good story.
  2. Get this. I grew up in the SF Bay Area. My Godzilla memories began with Friday nights Creature Features hosted by the man himself Bob Wilkins ! KTVU channel 2. That was a golden age for local programing. They're a Fox affiliate now. KBHK 44 also ran a Sat. morning monster mash or something like that. Anybody remember UHF ? They're a CW affiliate now. sigh Oh well. I now have a sizable and almost complete collection of Godzilla on DVD ( widescreen, 5.1 sur. etc. ) at my my fingertips which is a fantasy I could scarcely have imagined in my childhood. And yet I still get excited when one of thes
  3. I have a passion (probably due to early imprinting) for his earlier work. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers and especially 20 Million Miles to Earth where the Emir struts with that shoulders back stance that went on to become a signature posture of so many of his creatures (especially the much loved and oft mentioned Medusa). I also think The Valley of Gwangi is unsung and under mentioned in many RH conversations. What a genius! What a master! What an artiste! Thanks also for the Seventh Voyage website tip.
  4. to inframan72 Am new to the web after a long absence and I am hooked on the message boards. This is my first participation and I have chosen this one because its a subject near and dear to my heart. I am with you. Lets open this thread up. Have much to share but will wait to see if you get more bites. IFC has Samurai Saturdays. TCM should run a Godzilla movie once a week. Fri. nights or Sat. mornings would be fun and fitting. We know Turner has access because they used to let Joe Bob Briggs run with it on TNT some time back. Back when TNT was fun. So here's another voice for the Big-G. Now w
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