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  1. If I didn't know that that was George Chakiris, I would have never recognized him.
  2. Cool! Thanks for the idea! I was trying to see if I could see Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe which looks like it might be by Malibu?? But I'm not sure if it's out of my way or not. Most of our activities are going to be centered around Hollywood/Studio City/La Brea ish. I found out that the original location of Desilu studios is nearby some of the things that we're planning on doing, so I hope to maybe see that if I can.
  3. The Men (1950) SOURCE: Criterion Channel I saw that this film on the Criterion Channel and wanted to make a point to watch it before it left Criterion. I knew that this was Marlon Brando's film debut. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of Brando's, I don't really consider him to be the end all, be all of acting; however, I do like him in the beginning of his career. He starts to lose me once he hits middle age. And let's face it, Marlon Brando in the 1950s was HOT HOT. Later... not so much. Anyway. In "The Men," Brando plays Lieutenant Ken "Bud" Wilocek. During the last days of
  4. I watched the interviews and I loved seeing the cast members together again. I also agreed with Rita's comments about the casting and the use of brown-face, I can see how she'd find that disappointing. I did think it was a little awkward with George Chakiris being right there; however, I have read Rita's comments on her disappointment with some of the aspects of West Side Story previously, so perhaps this is old hat to George. I don't think Rita blamed George. After all, he was cast just like Natalie Wood was. I actually prefer Natalie in her other films over this one. There is just som
  5. I haven't found any that were set in San Diego. Apparently The Breaking Point features San Diego at some point, but I can't recall any specific parts of the film. Another article I read kept talking about Tension, but I thought that film took place in LA. I couldn't remember any San Diego specific scenes in that film. From my research, it seems that San Diego was a favorite location for military films.
  6. Apparently Kane's mansion, Xanadu, features a building from Balboa Park standing in for his mansion. It might be a very tenuous connection to San Diego at best.
  7. I'm thinking of people whose work I'd like to see more of, so despite how much I love Errol Flynn and Lucille Ball (e.g.), I've seen a huge majority of their films. 1 Charles Boyer 2 Yvette Mimieux 3 Joan Blondell 4 Tyrone Power 5 Anne Baxter 6 Ann Blyth 7 Carmen Miranda 8 Danny Kaye 9 Alice Faye 10 Fay Wray 11 Don Ameche 12 Irene Dunne 13 Loretta Young 14 Alan Ladd 15 Beulah Bondi 16 Arthur Kennedy 17 Joan Bennett 18 Dan Duryea 19 Rhonda Fleming 20 Joel McCrea 21 Fred MacMurray 22 Ces
  8. The only films I can think of aside from the aforementioned Some Like it Hot are Citizen Kane and Dive Bomber... But none of those are film noir. I am researching this as I also want to know the answer. Does anyone know if the naval base in Dive Bomber is the same one that is next door to the Hotel Del Coronado? EDIT: Upon further research, it seems that The Breaking Point (1950) features San Diego.
  9. Oops! It's Hold Back the Dawn. I'll edit my post. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone tell me if (and how) the Forum allows the users to black out spoilers, but the reader can click on the blacked out portion to read the spoiler if they so desire? Lorna, I think I've seen you black out spoilers... Can you help me please?
  11. More Boyer! Gaslight (1944) I know this film is old hat to many here, but it was the first time that I really watched it. Oftentimes, it was on in the background and while I watched it, I didn't really WATCH it. This film's title is the namesake for a form of psychological abuse where the victim is manipulated by another into thinking that they're losing their mind. In "Gaslight," Ingrid Bergman plays a young woman, Paula, who as a child interrupted her Aunt (and guardian)'s murderer looking for some priceless jewels. Paula's Aunt, Alice Alquist, was a world famous opera sing
  12. I've been on a Charles Boyer kick lately... Hold Back the Dawn (1941) I've had this film on my DVR for about three years. It's been so long that when Ben Mankiewicz mentioned that Charles Boyer was TCM's Star of the Month, I had to find out when that was! Apparently Boyer was TCM's Star of the Month in January 2018--so that is when I recorded this film. But better late than never, right? Or as Blanche Devereaux would say, better late than...pregnant! Which is also true. May contain spoilers... Anyway, I digress. In this film, Boyer plays Romanian immigrant, Geo
  13. The Long Long Trailer. I've probably seen this film at least a hundred times (not exaggerating) since I discovered it in the mid-90s when I was in middle school. Other films that I've seen a lot, but don't have an official tally, but it's more than a dozen: The Wizard of Oz Beauty and the Beast (1991) Mildred Pierce The Adventures of Robin Hood Gentleman Jim Picnic Gidget Gidget Goes Hawaiian Viva Las Vegas Meet Me in St. Louis Casablanca Summer Rental Planes, Trains and Automobiles (My family's annual Thanksgiving film)
  14. He did make the bicycle powered bamboo washing machine. I'm impressed that it handled all of Ginger's bejeweled evening gowns. I'm also impressed that the Professor's shirt was always bright white and never had any stains. He must have invented some sort of bleach as well.
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