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    Errol Flynn's girlfriend in another life
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    Young Gen-Xer. Bird owner. Classic film and television lover. Raised on night-time soaps and Nick at Nite. Life long 90210 and Dylan McKay fanatic. Proud Pacific Northwest native. I also love antiques, trying new cocktails, wines, and beers, and traveling. I love Disneyland.

    Favorites: Actor- Errol Flynn | Actress: Lucille Ball | Movie: The Long, Long Trailer | TV Show: I Love Lucy

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  1. Welcome to the boards! I haven't seen a lot of your favorite films, though I have seen The Apartment and I love that one as well. I've been trying to watch some more "New Hollywood" films. Your list has given me some ideas and a couple of the titles I have on my DVR, I just haven't watched them yet. My favorite decades for film are the 40s-60s, since that seems to be where most of my favorite films tend to lie. I've been trying to watch more 1970s films, as there is just something about the aesthetic of that decade that appeals to me. My Top 10 Favorites are: 1) The Long L
  2. Errol Flynn's autobiography is one of the best celebrity memoirs I've ever read (the other fantastic one being Desi Arnaz' "A Book"). Like Tom said, even if Errol embellished half of it, it's still very entertaining. He also goes into how hurt he was by the trial he went through and the allegations lodged against him, and I am Team Flynn in regard to that case. His reputation today is tarnished by the allegations and modern day viewpoints regarding his relationship with Beverly Aadland, but I believe Flynn's side of the story, only because of some of the heinous things he did admit to doing
  3. In a different type of "strong" perhaps "stoic" is the right word, I would like to add Greer Garson as the title character in Mrs. Miniver. As the matriarch of the family, she showed strength when her husband was away doing his part for the British military. And she stays strong when held at gunpoint by a wounded German pilot, who demands a coat and food. She even keeps her cool and disarms him when he passes out.
  4. I love the Elvis movies. Are some better than others? Of course. But they're entertaining and they're fun. I like to watch and wonder "how are they going to get Elvis to sing next?" Some of the situations in which he sings seem more natural than others. I'm trying to see all of them and collect them as well. My favorites so far are Viva Las Vegas (my favorite Elvis movie), King Creole, Jailhouse Rock, Girl Happy, Blue Hawaii and Fun in Acapulco.
  5. Yes. I can see that too. Errol at least didn’t have a Colonel Tom/Svengali type influence in his life. Both men however, wanted to be taken seriously for their acting; but their outer beauty and box office popularity wouldn’t allow for that.
  6. The ability to caricature probably plays a role in it, I think the only really remarkable thing about Flynn's caricature was they gave him a prominent cleft chin. That's also probably why William Powell is featured, he has big eyes. And C. Aubrey Smith with his prominent nose. I'm surprised that Spencer Tracy was included but Katharine Hepburn was not. By 1941, she would have been a big star again.
  7. I didn't realize that Cesar Romero was one of the best big-screen dancers? I don't think I've ever seen a movie of his where he dances. I will be looking out for that. I believe that it's Rita as well and agree that if it was meant to be Ginger, that she would have been drawn as blonde.
  8. Even though it's not the greatest film, I enjoy It's a Great Feeling. The celebrity and director cameos are fun. And any movie pairing Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson is a-ok in my book. The only part of this film that I can't stand is the annoying sound effects that play when the director recognizes Doris Day from wherever and suddenly we see her eyes fluttering rapidly and that annoying sound effect plays. Aside from that, Doris' boyfriend, Jeffrey Bushdinkle in Goerke's Corners, WI, is referred to multiple times throughout the film. His name, combined with the name of her hometown makes t
  9. I like 'Elizabeth and Essex' but more for Errol and Olivia. I love Bette Davis, but I sometimes find her interpretation of Elizabeth I to be a bit too much. She's so fidgety. I get that Bette was trying to capture Elizabeth I's reported idiosyncrasies and her romance with the much younger Essex, but I think Bette could have scaled back just a smidge. In contrast, I've found that Flora Robson's Elizabeth I in The Sea Hawk was much more restrained and more subtle. In 'Elizabeth and Essex,' I think it's more believable that Essex would take advantage of Elizabeth I's infatuation with him to
  10. Flynn is definitely underrated as an actor. His extremely good looks may have held him back. He says as much in his autobiography. In a 1971 Dick Cavett interview, Bette Davis refers to him as gorgeous, but acknowledges that he was good, though she refers to him as a personality person. I think he was one of those naturally talented, charismatic, gorgeous people, and perhaps Bette was a bit jealous.
  11. I think with blade runner, I had checked out so much that I didn’t even pick up on the noir detective story. The evening that we watched the film, my husband had made stuffed bell peppers and I think I felt indebted to him to watch the film through to the very end.
  12. Lol. My hair person was closed until about April,when she reopened and we had to wear masks in her waiting area. My hair grows really fast and thick (it get it cut about every 8 weeks) and it looked like a big block when I finally got it cut.
  13. I love the cheesy 50s-60s sci-fi like Attack of the Puppet People and Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. I loved The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Incredible Shrinking Man is coming to Criterion in October, so that’s made my list of movies to see. I enjoy the original Star Wars trilogy. But I quickly tire of the alien movies with one CGI spectacle after another.
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