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    Portland, OR Metro Area (West Side)
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    Young Gen-Xer. Bird owner. Classic film and television lover. Raised on night-time soaps and Nick at Nite. Life long 90210 and Dylan McKay fanatic. Proud Pacific Northwest native. I also love antiques, trying new cocktails, wines, and beers, and traveling. I love Disneyland.

    Favorites: Actor- Errol Flynn | Actress: Lucille Ball | Movie: The Long, Long Trailer | TV Show: I Love Lucy

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  1. I figured that I could include Beverly Hills, 90210 as the last episode was 20 years ago. When I started watching Nick at Nite, the last episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show had aired 18 years prior. The last episode of The Brady Bunch had aired about 20 years earlier. I also had It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Great British Baking Show on my list, before I realized it was "Classic" shows.
  2. 1 I Love Lucy 2 The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3 The Brady Bunch 4 The Golden Girls 5 The Dick Van Dyke Show 6 Bewitched 7 I Dream of Jeannie 8 The Andy Griffith Show 9 Beverly Hills, 90210 10 Gidget 11 Unsolved Mysteries 12 The Odd Couple 13 Seinfeld 14 Mister Ed 15 Green Acres
  3. I just set up my HBO Max account this morning on my TV. On HBO Max app. there is an entire section dedicated to classic film. The section is titled something to the effect of "Classic Movies: Curated by TCM." It is a fantastic selection. It appears to be a mix of Warner Brothers and Criterion.
  4. I very vaguely remember this when it was new. I was only 4 at the time, so we probably rented it on VHS. But I still have an Oliver Christmas ornament that I got when it came out. The ornament used to play music from the movie, but that part has long since died.
  5. I love The Great Mouse Detective!! It also has Vincent Price in it.
  6. Don't the two main characters (Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly) get away with murder in Chicago? It's been awhile since I've seen any iteration of this musical.
  7. This is a great podcast. I'm all caught up through the latest episode. Peter Bogdanovich has had a very interesting career and life. It's interesting how much of his early success was seemingly random. I also loved the Orson Welles anecdotes, especially the story about him eating all the Haagen Dazs. Next Tuesday, the new season of You Must Remember This is premiering. It deals with Bogdanovich's ex-wife, Polly Platt. This season is entitled, "Polly Platt: The Invisible Woman."
  8. I loved the episode where Wally wanted to wear his hair in the jelly roll style and June was absolutely beside herself. The music that plays each time Wally and his haircut is on screen was hilarious. I remember one particular scene with Ward trying to talk to Wally about his hair and Ward’s face during this scene was very funny.
  9. I love The Brain That Wouldn't Die! It has great music. It's such an absurd film. ***SPOILERS (maybe?)*** I love when the lead character goes to the strip club to look for a new body for his girlfriend.
  10. I agree that Too Many Girls isn't great, but I enjoy watching it more than Lucy and Desi's final film together, Forever Darling. However, both Too Many Girls or Forever Darling pales in comparison to the masterpiece that is The Long, Long Trailer. My #1 favorite movie of all time. Re: Desi Arnaz as a football player, if Eddie Bracken can play football, so can Desi! Lol. Desi was so cute in this film, so who cares? Lol. Look for a young Van Johnson in the crowd scenes during the musical numbers. My favorite parts of Too Many Girls: - The fact that there is an actor in the film named "Tiny Person." -When Lucille Ball messes up the choreography in the big dance number at the end of the film. It's obvious because she's in the front of the group. -Ann Miller and Desi Arnaz' fantastic conga number -Ann Miller's tapping -Frances Langford's singing -Lucille Ball's very obvious dubbed voice -The scene where they pull the beanies out of the cannon -Hal LeRoy's dancing Least favorite parts -Richard Carlson is such a dope in this movie -The whole Beverley Waverly thing -The animated dancing microorganisms
  11. Like others, I like films of all genres. There are genres I like more than others. If a film falls into one of my "lesser" categories, there usually has to be something that attracts me to the film, or something that makes me want to watch it. That might be why it takes me awhile to get around to some of the tried and true classics, because I just haven't been on the right kick to make me prioritize watching it. Likes 50s/60s teen beach movies Ladies in Prison Pre-Code Film Noir Romance. Not specifically rom-com, but tried and true romance, like Summertime or Brief Encounter. Comedy Weepies Melodrama Musicals, primarily the dancing ones. If it's all singing, it better star a person that I like, or have some amazing songs Contemporary drama Really bad Z-list Science Fiction/Horror Camp Not as Big a Fan Science Fiction-- Especially ones that focus specifically on aliens or weird monsters. With that said, I really loved The Day After Tomorrow (1951). Horror-- Except I do enjoy Psycho (if that is considered horror) and the James Whale films. Westerns-- These movies all seem so repetitive. How many stories about the cow people vs sheep people can we have? However, I will watch westerns if there's a star I like (e.g. Errol Flynn), highly acclaimed, or some other reason why I should watch it. War-- Ugh. Probably my absolute least favorite genre. I do like war movies however if there's something else going on, e.g. a romance, that unfolds throughout the film. If it is just one battle after another, then blech. Musicals that only feature operatic music Anything where Mickey Rooney is the primary focus
  12. I really liked Backfire. It was interesting to see Gordon McRae in a non-musical role. I also really enjoyed seeing Dane Clark as a villain. ***SPOILER*** I loved the scene where a bandaged Edmond O'Brien, donning a body cast, falls onto Dane Clark just as he was going to attack.
  13. My personal favorite, She's All That. Can't go wrong with a 90s teen movie!
  14. Fred Willard was hilarious. I didn't realize he was so old. He was hysterical in Best of Show. I loved his performance as the host of the dog show who knows absolutely nothing about dogs. He was also really funny as Leon's (Martin Mull) boyfriend in Roseanne. I loved him in all of the Christopher Guest movies, especially the aforementioned Best of Show. He was also in an episode of The Golden Girls. He plays one of Dorothy's beaus. He was one of those guys who seemed to pop-up everywhere. RIP.
  15. I posted re: the Backlot making selections. It’s Claudette Colbert versus Carole Lombard; and S.Z. Sakall versus Sydney Greenstreet. I hope the schedule comes out soon as well. SUTS is one of my favorite parts of the year.
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