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  1. I love I Love Lucy too. And it was definitely before my time, the show debuted 33 years before I was even born. But I love it. I own the series, at least a dozen books, if not more. I also have at least a dozen of Lucille Ball’s films as well. I love this show so much, even though I know about all the backstage drama, I don’t want to see it dramatized. Lucie Arnaz apparently served as a consultant on the project, so I’m sure that she approved. I don’t think Desi Jr has offered his opinion one way or the other. Amy Poehler’s documentary is scheduled to debut in March. A documentary
  2. Not to mention, previously, weren't people on this very same board complaining that TCM was using Poitier as their go-to for programming on MLK Day? Now they try something different, and people are complaining that Poitier isn't being shown. TCM is damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  3. I just saw Paris Blues for the first time a few days ago--I loved it. I had actually recorded it during Paul Newman's SOTM which had to be at least 2-3 years ago--I know it was Newman's SOTM as that was mentioned during Ben Mankiewicz' intro. I actually watched this movie for Poitier, but I thought Paul Newman was fabulous too. I loved Duke Ellington's jazz score and I loved seeing Louis Armstrong playing another character--even if that character was just Louis Armstrong with a different name. The Paris scenery was gorgeous and I found that ending so heartbreaking, but realistic. Appa
  4. They've planned the tribute around Poitier's birthday. He's been featured on MLK day in the past.
  5. I watched a Sterling Hayden film on the Criterion Channel recently too! Except I cast the Criterion Channel to the TV from my phone so I don't have to watch it on my computer. I can also watch it through my husband's XBOX One, but casting is easier. Anyway, I watched Crime of Passion with Hayden and Barbara Stanwyck. Hayden was more or less there for the ride as it was Stanwyck's film; but his character did serve as the reason why Stanwyck did the things she did. It was interesting seeing him a little less grumpy and in more of a romantic part. I always enjoy seeing him though, he h
  6. Mr. Lucky is such a great movie. I really enjoy that one as well.
  7. I can see this. It was Faye’s birthday yesterday.
  8. I watched quite a few films recently. Chance at Heaven (1933) This was a Joel McCrea/Ginger Rogers pre-code that I recorded off TCM a while back. This film was just okay. In the film, McCrea played the proprietor of a service station who is doing well enough financially that he is planning on opening a second location. He and Ginger Rogers are long time friends, and she seems to be in love with him, but he's clearly friendzoned her. However, at some point in the beginning of the film, they are basically engaged to be engaged. Then a socialite comes barreling through McCrea's gas sta
  9. I am part of a group that is sometimes labeled as an "old Millennial" or an "Xennial." Personally, I have assigned myself as "young Gen-X" based on a Harvard study that realigned the generations to make equal twenty year increments, and I have absolutely nothing in common with the "millennial plight." Anyway, I digress. In my opinion, it seems like the inclination younger generations have to label anything "old" as "sexist," "ageist," "ableist," or any other negative -ist or -ism label they can think of, is a way to quickly write off something in lieu of using some actual critical t
  10. Lucy's films are shown fairly often since she was under contract to both RKO and MGM. RKO and MGM's libraries are part of the TCM library. Lucy's films with Columbia are shown less often, but when they are, it seems that Miss Grant Takes Richmond gets the most airplay. Look for Du Barry Was a Lady on 1/23, this was her first film at MGM and is the film where her hair was dyed her trademark shade of red. Lucy would have this hair color for the rest of her life. Too Many Girls, the film where Lucy and Desi met will air on 2/3 and 2/22. 2/22 actually looks like it features a b
  11. I love the pre-code films. It's fun to see the difference in storytelling and content in pre-code versus production code. I own the entirety of the Warner Archive Forbidden Hollywood collection and am still making my way through the various films. I also own a collection of William Powell pre-code and Columbia Pre-code. For Christmas, I got TCM's Forbidden Hollywood coffee table book which I am looking forward to reading. I was never a big fan of Norma Shearer in films like The Women, I found her character annoying and didn't blame Stephen for running off with Joan Crawford. But the
  12. Match Your Mood is amazing! It’s my second favorite short after The Wonderful World of Tupperware.
  13. I believe that Sidney Poitier was SOTM just a couple years ago, if I’m not mistaken.
  14. TCM will be honoring the late Sidney Poitier on his 95th birthday with a 24-hour tribute. Feb 19 8:00pm In the Heat of the Night (1967) 10:00pm The Defiant Ones (1958) 12:00am A Warm December (1972) 2:00am Cry, the Beloved Country (1952) 4:00am Something of Value (1957) Feb 20 6:15am Goodbye, My Lady (1956) 8:15am Edge of the City (1957) 10:00am No Way Out (1950) 12:00pm Blackboard Jungle (1955) 2:00pm To Sir, With Love (1967) 4:00pm Lillies of the Field (1963) 6:00pm A Patch of Blue (1965)
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