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    Portland, OR Metro Area (West Side)
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    Young Gen-Xer. Bird owner. Classic film and television lover. Raised on night-time soaps and Nick at Nite. Life long 90210 and Dylan McKay fanatic. Proud Pacific Northwest native. I also love antiques, trying new cocktails, wines, and beers, and traveling. I love Disneyland.

    Favorites: Actor- Errol Flynn | Actress: Lucille Ball | Movie: The Long, Long Trailer | TV Show: I Love Lucy

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  1. I’m Cancer. That picture looks about right for me!
  2. He'll always be my #1 of course. But I think Errol would understand if I wanted to go to a beach luau with Moondoggie to celebrate his birthday!
  3. I think those brussels sprouts look pretty good! I like them roasted in olive oil with salt and pepper. My husband will make brussels and add them to a balsamic reduction with red bell pepper and bacon. I like brussels and I like Citizen Kane. lol.
  4. I just pick the movies I like. I don't base my choices on any perceptions of quality; just what I enjoyed the most.
  5. 1. Robert Aldrich - Kiss Me Deadly 2. William Castle- House on Haunted Hill 3. Ida Lupino- The Hitch-Hiker 4. Walter Hill- I don't think I've seen any of his films 5. Lewis Milestone- Edge of Darkness 6. Mike Nichols- The Birdcage 7. Alexander Payne- Election 8. Vincent Sherman- Adventures of Don Juan 9. George Sidney- Viva Las Vegas 10. Don Siegel- The Big Steal
  6. SPEEDRACER5'S NOTES!! June 5, 2022 through June 11, 2022 SOTM: Robert Stack TCM Spotlight: European Vacations Silent Sunday Night: Harold Lloyd Double Feature | Girl Shy (1924) & Haunted Spooks (1920) TCM Imports: Brigitte Bardot Double Feature | Masculine Feminine (1966) & Contempt (1964) TCM Underground: Space Babes Quadruple Feature | Barbarella (1968), Cat-Women of the Moon (1953), Queen of Outer Space (1958) & Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956) The Essential: Saturday Night Fever (1977) Noir Alley: Detour (1945) Chall
  7. SPEEDRACER5's SCHEDULE Sunday, June 5 DAYTIME THEME: CHALLENGE #1: Lucille Ball, Queen of the B's at RKO 6:00am GO CHASE YOURSELF (1938) Lucille Ball, Joe Penner, Richard Lane. Dir. Edward F. Cline. RKO. 75 mins. (p/s). 7:15am THE AFFAIRS OF ANNABEL (1938) Lucille Ball, Jack Oakie, Ruth Donnelly. Dir. Ben Stoloff. RKO. 75 mins. (p/s). 8:30am NEXT TIME I MARRY (1938) Lucille Ball, James Ellison, Lee Bowman. Dir. Garson Kanin. RKO. 65 mins. (p/s). 9:45am BEAUTY FOR THE ASKING (1939) Lucille Ball, Patric Knowles, Donald Woods. Dir. Glenn Tryon. RKO. 68
  8. I'm still goin'! I've got my SOTM picked and all my required TCM programming scheduled. I have all my prime time themes planned. Though I just remembered, "duh, I have to schedule the challenge requirements too, not just my random stuff." Lol!
  9. Yes. It's fine if someone doesn't want to watch old movies, whatever, that's their loss. But to be so proud of the fact that you've placed all these arbitrary restrictions on yourself is mind-boggling. Unfortunately, this tweet has served as a catalyst for all these other hot takes on classic film, including one person (a filmmaker, supposedly) who stated that she doesn't watch any old movies, especially b&w, because they're problematic for their sexism and racism. Then proceeded to say that classic film fans are often elitist towards those who don't care for classic film by jumping on t
  10. I saw the original Tweet and TCM's reply. It was awesome. The original Tweet stated that he won't watch any old movie made before 1975 (not sure if that is the year he was born, or an arbitrary date) and then went on to say that watching Citizen Kane is like trying to read hieroglyphics. TCM referenced the hieroglyphics statement in their response. Basically a subtweet is talking to someone without talking to them directly. Original Tweet TCM's Reply
  11. YES! I watched this when it was new. I want to know about Mario Lopez' deal with the devil. That man is in his mid-to-late 40s and looks exactly the same as he did on Saved by the Bell!
  12. As an uncharming product of the 1980s, I would also like to see movies made before I was born which would be the 1970s and earlier, so I can see how things were like before I came on the scene.
  13. Normally I don't advocate for censorship, but at this moment, I'd like to take the opportunity to say that the censored for tv version of Showgirls is way better than the original version. Remember when Jessie shows up at Zack and Kelly's Las Vegas wedding in her bleached blonde, ratty curls? I like to think that Jessie couldn't get into Stansbury (or wherever it was that she wanted to go) because she only got a measly 1205 on her SATs. So in desperation, she moves to Vegas, changes her name to Nomi Malone (as to not sully the "Spano" family name), and gets a job as a stripper, but soon
  14. The extra 5 minute lead time is how I always got to see most of the second episode. My middle school got out at 2:40pm. My house was an 8-minute walk from the school. I would get home roughly 10 minutes into the second episode of 'Bell.' I usually saw most of the episode due to commercials.
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