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    Young Gen-Xer. Bird owner. Classic film and television lover. Raised on night-time soaps and Nick at Nite. Life long 90210 and Dylan McKay fanatic. Proud Pacific Northwest native. I also love antiques, trying new cocktails, wines, and beers, and traveling. I love Disneyland.

    Favorites: Actor- Errol Flynn | Actress: Lucille Ball | Movie: The Long, Long Trailer | TV Show: I Love Lucy

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  1. My pick for tomorrow is The Candidate (1972) with Robert Redford. This film is a very prescient, especially today. I absolutely despise politics and usually stay away from a politically-oriented film. I will watch a political film if it's presented in a historical context like All the President's Men or a fictionalized account of something within the political realm and there isn't some sort of agenda behind it. Anyway, in this film, Robert Redford plays a young lawyer who is asked to run on the Democratic ticket for a California senate seat within the US Senate. The incumbent, the wildly
  2. I never watched The Cosby Show, though I've seen it before. With Cosby convicted and currently sitting behind bars for sexual assault of women, I most definitely cannot take him seriously now as a "family man." The Mickey Mouse Club in any iteration is just not my type of entertainment. My experience with Annette Funicello is with her Beach Party films, which I love even though they're so dumb and ridiculous. I used to watch The Facts of Life on Nick at Nite. It definitely lost some of its luster when the girls were well beyond high school and sporting bad 80s mullets and shoul
  3. I am not usually a fan of child actors, but there are some exceptions: Peggy Ann Garner Margaret O’Brien Natalie Wood Shirley Temple (though I like her more as a teen) Dean Stockwell If we’re counting teenagers as children: Judy Garland Ann Blyth Hayley Mills Sandra Dee
  4. The girl who plays the youngest daughter... Mara Wilson (I think). Definitely not Sally. I love her.
  5. It's not good. Flynn and Francis have the chemistry of oil and water. Flynn's movie makeup is so overdone, he looks like a porcelain doll. Or his mustache is too groomed. I don't know what it is, but there's something "off" about his appearance throughout much of the film. With that said, the next time it airs on TCM, check it out. Don't let my opinion dissuade you. You might enjoy it. I don't like to tell people not to watch things.
  6. I see your Kim and raise you Another Dawn (1937) with Kay Francis.
  7. I find John Wayne's movies very repetitive. They all kind of run together for me. I do like when he deviates from his tried and true Western, like Lady Takes a Chance with Jean Arthur or Without Reservations with Claudette Colbert. I also like when he pops up in pre-code, like Baby Face. He's also fun in his appearance as himself in I Love Lucy. I've never seen the remake of Miracle on 34th Street. I found that actress irritating in Mrs. Doubtfire, I didn't want to see her in another movie! Lol. Home Alone is good, though I haven't watched it for years. I also have The Bishop's Wi
  8. Ah. I also saw some Boy Meets World as well, but I hated how they made Eric such an idiot--he was so irritating in that show. I can't stand characters that are just dumb all the time and never get smarter or even do anything remotely redeeming or funny. I also didn't like Cory and Topanga getting engaged and married between high school and college. That was absurd to me. I never watched the sequel. I don't care about their children's drama either. I never watched Mickey Mouse Club (I rarely watched the Disney Channel) but I know about the famous mouseketeers. The only Disney Chann
  9. I've seen Miracle on 34th Street exactly twice. I know it's one of the annual Christmas staples, but it isn't usually a film I get to during the holiday times. I have to watch White Christmas at least 5 times instead. Lol--same thing with It's a Wonderful Life. It's fine; but there are other films I'd rather watch. I actually haven't seen The Searchers (not a big John Wayne or Westerns fan), but I do have it on my DVR. I recorded it for its acclaim and Natalie Wood.
  10. I enjoy Mara Maru as well--even though, as I've said before the 1950s part of Flynn's career is bittersweet for me. The types of roles he takes are interesting, but Flynn is a shadow of his former self. It's hard to see him looking haggard and he seems more cynical than he did starting out in the mid-30s. Of course, he had aged 15+ years by then, but Flynn seems like he aged 30. The gleam in his eye is gone. In spite of all that, he does retain a bit of his charm and panache, which is evident in both this film and The Sun Also Rises. The one film of his in the 50s that I really dislike i
  11. I like John Saxon. I was first introduced to him via Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation where he plays a son-in-law of James Stewart and Maureen O'Hara. I've also seen him in The Reluctant Debutante with Sandra Dee. He's also in an episode of Mary Tyler Moore where he dates Phyllis platonically, but begins to be interested in Mary instead.
  12. It is an excellent film--a different type of film for both Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. I find McQueen's non-action films to be quite interesting and oftentimes, a lot of fun. I love Natalie Wood--I much prefer her teen/adult career over her child one. Love and the Proper Stranger was one of the films I had to add to my DVD/Blu Ray collection when I found out that it was available.
  13. I always hated the Western shows. They all seemed the same to me! Though I would consider maybe Big Valley, because it has Barbara Stanwyck. I used to watch Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched on Nick at Nite. I hated Welcome Back Kotter. Growing up, I never watched things suited to my demographic. While I've seen Full House, Sabrina, Family Matters, and Step by Step, I never watched TGIF. I like MeTV, but I find the commercials incredibly monotonous. I was watching The Time Tunnel on there, which I enjoy; but I have since purchased the series on Amazon P
  14. Bernard Hermann re-used pieces of his score from On Dangerous Ground (with Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino) for North By Northwest.
  15. Love With the Proper Stranger is a great film, I agree. It actually just aired a couple months ago, during Natalie Wood's Summer Under the Stars tribute; but I agree that it should be shown more often. It's definitely a treat when it airs.
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