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  1. I’m watching a Joan Blondell pre-code, Blondie Johnson. ATTORNEY to BLONDELL: Your case is indeed pathetic.
  2. If you look at the February schedule by the week and use the genre filters at the top of the schedule, you can at least see which short films are airing. You’ll have to view it week by week. I think only some of the shorts end up on Watch TCM—not all. There are 2 on there right now. If you search for the short film in the TCM database, you may luck out and see it in their video archive (can’t guarantee it). You may also find the short on you tube.
  3. No amount of CGI will capture the beauty of the original film. Bambi isn't my favorite Disney film (only because it's so sad), but what I do love about the film is the art work. It is a beautiful looking film. I also appreciate it because it's different than the usual Disney fare. I also like that humans are the enemy. I love Disney, but I just can't get behind them remaking literally every single animated film. I'm waiting for them to animate their live-action films!
  4. I liked The Swimmer because I thought it was interesting. Is it the best movie I've ever seen? No. But I liked the concept of it and find it an unusual film. I will watch it when it's on.
  5. Lol! With that face she's making, she reminds me of a young Edward G. Robinson.
  6. I believe the hair loss was a side effect to some medication he was taking to help him and Lauren Bacall have children.
  7. I loved her in Auntie Mame. Roz, Peggy Cass, and Joanna Barnes were my favorite part. Barnes' portrayal of Gloria "Top Drawer" Upson was hilarious. I love to imitate her pretentious faux upper crust speech. "Can you imagine? He stepped on the ping-pong ball!" My least favorite part of Auntie Mame is Patrick as a child. That kid seems so wimpy and lame. The Patrick character is much better as an adult. I love Picnic. The movie poster makes me laugh because it looks like the cover of a torrid romance novel (which isn't a bad thing). Next to 50s/60s teen beach movies and ladies in prison movies, over-wrought melodrama is one of my favorite sub-genres. Betty Field cracks me up when she's basically telling daughter Kim Novak to put out at the picnic. "There won't be many more opportunities after the picnic tonight!" and then, I always laugh at the absurdity of this conversation: FIELD: If she (Novak) loses her chance when she's young, she might as well throw all her prettiness away NOVAK: I'm only 19 FIELD: And next summer you'll be 20, then 21, then 40! NOVAK: You don't have to be morbid Ooh and I always feel second-hand (third-hand?) embarrassment for both Kim Novak and Cliff Robertson's characters when Robertson offers this gem: "I want to see if you look real in the moonlight." I also love Susan Strasberg in this movie. She reminds me of myself (save for the smoking). I also love the "Moonglow" dance at the picnic. Roz is one of the highlights of Picnic: "What'd people say if I walked down the street and showed 'em my pink panties? What do I care what people say?"
  8. This haircut is about as good as that moustache he donned in Virginia City. Was Treasure of the Sierra Madre made at the time when Bogart was losing his hair? I don't recall his forehead being so prominent before.
  9. Interesting. How many films out there actually feature the Oscars or an Oscar? The only one I can think of right now is Susan Slept Here with Dick Powell's character's Oscar narrating the film!
  10. It's really good, you should watch it. Some guy named Walter Huston has one of the best performances in the film 😉
  11. It's a shame that she didn't win an Oscar. She was excellent in Auntie Mame and Picnic as well. She was stood out in The Women, which I think is a feat in and of itself. She was even great in Trouble With Angels with Hayley Mills and My Sister Eileen with Janet Blair.
  12. I agree too! I love A Face in the Crowd and I thought that Andy Griffith was fantastic in this film. I do love The Andy Griffith Show, but I found Griffith's performance in 'Crowd' so fascinating. The film is also very prescient and timely. We basically have a Lonesome Rhodes in power right now, but without any of the charm. I keep saying that 'Crowd' would make a great double feature with Network. I own both films. One night, I should just do it and watch this double feature. Network is basically Lonesome Rhodes' future 20 years later.
  13. This is also Rita Hayworth's last film. The affects of her Alzheimer's was severely affecting her ability to remember her lines at this point and she struggled completing this film.
  14. Both hairstyles are awful, but she aged her 15 years in the second photo--but she does look like a more serious "working girl." I always love movie makeovers where the character suddenly has more hair than they had before, or completely different nose, or what not; but we're supposed to believe that a better hairstyle, clothes, and makeup is the only thing behind it. At least Working Girl didn't follow the common trope of "nerdy girl wears glasses, she takes the glasses off, and everyone realizes that she is actually really pretty." Instead, Working Girl followed another common trope, in "adding glasses to a character to make them appear smarter and more professional."
  15. That's what I figured as well. If that's the case, I agree that Roz deserved to be nominated if she wasn't.
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