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  1. ::SPOILERS:: I know this was two weeks ago, but I just watched The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry. I liked it up until the ending. Oof. That ending. If it'd just ended a few minutes earlier, I would have really enjoyed it. Normally, if a movie is pretty good but has a crappy ending, I can look past it. But with 'Harry,' I felt like the tacked-on ending completely undid everything that had happened in the second half of the film. My husband and I were watching it and were actually pretty involved in the story especially when Harry put the poison in the hot cocoa and Lettie sipped it,
  2. Ralph Meeker was pretty hunky in Jeopardy. I wouldn't have blamed Barbara if she'd left Barry Sullivan at the beach and ran off with Ralph! Hubba Hubba!
  3. Communism was just a red herring!
  4. Thank you TCM for showing Clue. I love this movie, I've seen it at least a dozen times. I never tire of it. I own it. But I'm watching it again. There will be no f-f-flames on the side of my face tonight!
  5. It might surprise you that I DO NOT look like Errol Flynn, as I'm female, but I think you could definitely do worse than be told that you bear a resemblance to Dame Angela Lansbury. I grew up watching Miss Lansbury on our favorite show, Murder She Wrote. It used to air every Sunday night after 60 Minutes. I also knew her as the fabulous Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. I had no idea until later that she'd had such a prolific Broadway career and that she had made movies when she was very young. And it might seem weird, but to me, Lansbury has always been a kindly (yet, potentially mu
  6. Haha. And thank god for that. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux (initials BED, phone number 555-EASY) is a national treasure.
  7. Lol! This show is the only thing that I've ever seen "Bubba" in. I loved Iola, she was hilarious. She was the teacher that was stealing school supplies in The Brady Bunch Movie.
  8. Haha. Yes. Bubba was way better than the two kids combined. I did like when Rue McClanahan and Betty White would show up though. He was Eunice's son, right?
  9. I haven't watched Blue Hawaii yet. I'll have to see if I find it moronic. As I said before, I have a pretty high nonsense threshold, but there's a fine line for me between charmingly silly and irritating. So we'll see. I really liked Frankie and Johnny, I hadn't seen Donna Douglas as anyone else but Ellie May.
  10. I love Mama's Family too! Especially after they got rid of Vint's annoying children. It used to air on TBS or something (some cable channel) and I used to watch it every day!
  11. Elvis’ “Confidence” song was definitely a rip-off of “High Hopes.” As soon as it started, I thought: “I’ve heard this song before...” “World’s Fair” just aired on TCM yesterday. It could be on TCM On Demand if you have access to that. I just requested “King Creole” from the library. Apparently it was Elvis’ favorite of his films. re: “Spinout” being one of the worst films. I’ve seen worse films than this one. It wasn’t bad. It was a typical Elvis story imo. I may have a higher nonsense tolerance than some, however. I really wish Col Tom hadn’t had such a stranglehold over Elvi
  12. I watched two more Elvis movies last night: Spinout (1966) SOURCE: TCM On Demand Of the Elvis movies that I've seen, they seem very formulaic. There's Elvis. He sings. He has multiple women fighting over him. There's some sort of race. The leading lady usually hates him initially, or they get in some sort of fight. All's well at the end. In "Spinout," Elvis plays the lead singer, Mike McCoy, of a traveling band. He's also a race car enthusiast. At the beginning of the film, we see Mike racing his small sports car around some winding roads. He then ends up in an impromptu ra
  13. Yes. I didn't like how Archie and Ralph were always yelling at their wives. It's not funny to me. I also didn't like how Ralph was always threatening to hit Alice. I know that The Flintstones is essentially an animated version of The Honeymooners and while Fred was a loud-mouth, he wasn't threatening to Wilma.
  14. I don't like All in the Family. I get the jokes, I just don't find Archie Bunker funny. I don't find The Honeymooners funny either. Re: Looney Tunes. I did know that about Bugs Bunny and Clark Gable. With the other references, I do agree that most of the references go over a contemporary audience's head. For me, I get most of the jokes due to my familiarity with the movie stars and movies of the era and history as well. You would have to be up on your 1930s-1940s Hollywood stars to get many of the jokes of the Looney Tunes shorts produced during that time.
  15. Yes. I love I Love Lucy. I own the entire series on DVD, including The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. I also have all the colorized specials, the I Love Lucy movie, I have 10 I Love Lucy dolls, I have a plate, books, everything. I love this show. I've seen every episode multiple times. I never tire of it. It's always funny. There are no bad characters. Even the most lackluster episode of I Love Lucy is better than many shows' best episodes.
  16. I love MTM. I also loved her show. It was my second favorite show on Nick at Nite after I Love Lucy. Mary Richards was one of my idols. Heck, she's still one of my idols. I'd like to think I was like Mary, but I think I'm more of a Rhoda ("I need to lose 10 pounds by 8:30" or "Hello, I'm another person in the room"). And I'm so happy they did not end the series with Mary getting married or something. There are a few dated jokes here and there, and some of Lou and Ted's opinions about women are outdated, but their positives outweigh the negatives. I think what keeps it so fresh is aside fr
  17. Interesting. I wonder if these films are available in any capacity. Siodmak must have liked Ella to have worked with her so many times. EDIT: "The Suspect" seems to be on You Tube. Who knows what the quality will be.
  18. Interesting. I hadn't heard that Elvis had been offered a role with Mitchum. I hadn't realized until seeing this photo of Mitchum (and his son) how much Elvis looks like he could be related to Mitchum. It is hard to know how good an actor Elvis was or could have been had he not been so closely affiliated with his Svengali Colonel Tom.
  19. Thanks. I didn't remember him as a child.
  20. Thank you. I've heard of this one. I know that Mary Tyler Moore is in it. I'll have to keep an eye out for this film. I'm a big fan of MTM as well as Elvis.
  21. Lol. If Elvis didn't sing and just acted in the film, I don't think I would like them as much either. But the combination of him, his music and whichever girl he's starring with make it fun for me. I haven't seen all his films, but I'm looking forward to watching them. They're good palate cleansers, so to speak, between more dramatic or more involved films. They're the equivalent to my reading Nancy Drew books in-between something that requires more from me. I loved Frankie and Johnny too. I hadn't seen Donna Douglas as anything else but Ellie Mae, so that was interesting. I love lov
  22. Ella was fantastic. I still need to watch The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry. Maybe I'll watch it tonight. I loved Phantom Lady. Elisha Cook Jr was amazing. Franchot Tone was fantastic. I loved Siodmak's use of light when it came to highlighting Tone's hands. I have Ella's Impact on my DVR. I'll need to watch that one as well. And she was in Cry Havoc which is also on my DVR. I also really love Robert Siodmak. He might be my favorite film noir director.
  23. When I "rate" a movie, I rate it based on how much it entertained me. A film can entertain by being funny, heartwrenching, captivating, etc. I don't care to rate the technical aspects of the film, unless it felt like my enjoyment of the film was affected by how it was edited, or the acting, or what have you. Reviewers that try and determine a film's quality based on their perception of the technical quality of the film bore me. I want to know how someone felt while watching the film. I want to know if they liked the film. Did they connect with it? Or was it the worst thing they've ever s
  24. She should have won the Oscar purely for turning a leather jacket into a full leather catsuit, complete with gloves and a headpiece.
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