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  1. I am not well versed in foreign films as they take a bit more "work" to watch, but I may have to make an exception for Mr. Delon. Ooh la la.
  2. Once a Thief (1965) I set this movie up to record when I saw that it featured Ann-Margret, of whom I'm a big fan. Alain Delon was her co-star, rather, Ann-Margret was Delon's co-star as he was the main character of the film. I'd heard of Alain Delon, but had never seen any of his films and didn't really know what he looked like. Eddie Muller's co-host for the evening, Dana Delany (who by the way, I thought was a wonderful guest that evening and I thought she looked fantastic), said that during quarantine she fell down an Alain Delon wormhole. Once a Thief was one of her discoveries.
  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve read Errol’s autobiography, did he even mention his Oscar nomination?
  4. Knock on Any Door (1949) I've been on a Bogart kick lately. I was such a nerd while watching this movie too. I just happened to be wearing my new Bogart shirt while I watched Bogart. Anyway, this was a movie that was streaming on The Criterion Channel as part of a series they have on courtroom dramas. In this film, Bogart plays Andrew Morton, a fairly prominent lawyer who is offered a partnership at his firm at the beginning of the film. However, part of the terms of the partnership is Andrew turning down Nick "Pretty Boy" Romano (John Derek), a troubled young man who has been accuse
  5. Lol. The less said about May Wynn, the better. She was fine. But that's about it. Like I said before, she does sing the same song that Tom Neal's girlfriend sings in Detour, so there's that I guess. I didn't understand why she wanted to be with Willie so much. I wasn't convinced that they were in love. He was always going to be away. She turned him down (I think) twice when he asked her to marry him, why did she agree at the end? It didn't make any sense. I agree that Anthony Perkins would have been way better as Willie--at least he's more interesting. I never really bought that
  6. Interesting. I agree that Bogart could go either way. He seems like a paranoid neurotic. At first, he seemed like a jerk, but I started to feel sorry for him during the strawberry debacle and later the mutiny. It's like he knew what to do, but couldn't think, but didn't want to admit to weakness.
  7. I agree that Jose Ferrer was pretty hammy in that part, though I enjoy seeing people (who deserve it) get what's coming to them, so I liked that scene. Interesting what you said about MacMurray. While I noticed that he seemed pretty indifferent to everything that was going on on The Caine, I didn't really pick-up on him doing anything overt. When Jose Ferrer gave him his verbal lashing re: putting the idea about Queeg's paranoia into everyone's minds so that it would grow, I didn't immediately think that he was doing anything under-handed. Maybe I'm just not up on my military politics, or
  8. I hated Under the Yum Yum Tree when I saw it. I love Jack Lemmon, but his character was so off-putting. I really liked the two films you didn't mention--Good Neighbor Sam and Operation Mad Ball. 'Sam' is fun. I also liked Operation Mad Ball because it featured Ernie Kovacs and a very early James Darren appearance. While 'Operation' is pre-Some Like it Hot and The Apartment, Lemmon went through this weird period in the early-mid 60s where he appeared in all these comedies playing offbeat characters. Despite this period, I am still a big fan of Lemmon's. He is excellent in comedies
  9. Two of the 5 (!) films that Barbara Stanwyck made in 1947 were Cry Wolf and The Two Mrs. Carrolls. Her co-stars were Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, respectively. In Cry Wolf, Flynn plays the uncle of Barbara's deceased husband. In the film, Flynn may or may not be menacing. I've always thought that Flynn was too young to be playing Barbara's uncle-in-law. Maybe he was her husband's father's kid brother or something. In The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Barbara plays a woman who gets involved with Bogart, a tortured painter...who is also married and has a daughter. It seems that Bogart's wife is a
  10. I really love his voice. I think I might own Midnight (It's on a Claudette Colbert collection I have), but I don't think I've watched it! I really like in him Heaven Can Wait (like I said), I also think he's fantastic in his films with Betty Grable--Down Argentine Way and Moon Over Miami. He's also really fun in That Night in Rio where he plays dual roles. He's also good in The Feminine Touch with Rosalind Russell and Kay Francis. I also love him in Trading Places which was a career comeback of sorts. But in all honesty, my first exposure to Ameche was when he voiced Shadow in Homeward Bound
  11. I second Dargo’s vote for this Heaven Can Wait. This is a great movie. Don Ameche is fabulous as is Charles Coburn, Marjorie Main, and Laird Cregar. Poor Gene Tierney gets saddled with a really ugly wig, but she’s excellent too.
  12. The possibilities are truly endless. TCM could even have their own line of hops, yeasts, grains, and malts too.
  13. Fatal Attraction would be a good example of infidelity with dire consequences.
  14. This episode is hilarious. It's one of my favorites. My favorite part of this episode is the scene prior to this when Ricky walks into the beauty shop (where Lucy obtained her "Italian Look" get-up) and sees the bald mannequin head (that was wearing Lucy's wig) and sees the sign that says "How Would You Like to Look Like This?" and Ricky asks the beauty shop owner, "Is this what we have to look forward to next season?" That part always cracks me up.
  15. Until I read this post, I never realized how much I wanted TCM to start their own craft brewery line, so that we could have movie inspired beers. Stella Dallas Hazy IPA The Little Foxes Bitter Ale Brigadoon Scotch Ale The Third Man Vienna Lager
  16. ::SPOILERS AHEAD:: The Caine Mutiny (1954) I recently borrowed this film from the library. I am not a big fan of war movies, but I borrowed it for Humphrey Bogart and Fred MacMurray. Overall, I thought the film was good. I'll spare everyone from a major synopsis of the film as I feel that it is probably a fairly well known story. In a nutshell, the film is about the crew of "The Caine," a minesweeper (which I recognized as the 2-peg ship in the board game, Battleship) in the Pacific during WWII. It is post-Pearl Harbor. Bogart stars as Lieutenant Commander Queeg who replaces T
  17. Yes! Lured has such a great cast too. Aside from Lucy (my fave), you've also got George Sanders, Boris Karloff, and Charles Coburn! I am so excited that I finally got my own copy of Lured for my personal film collection. Lucy deserved a bigger film career, but had she gotten one, we might have been deprived of her television work!
  18. I love Beauty for the Asking too! I agree with you about The Dark Corner. I wish they’d also played Lured. I’ve found that even in a meh film, like the remake of Libeled Lady (Easy to Wed) Lucy is always reliable.
  19. Thank you! My husband and I have known each other since the 10th grade (22 years ago) and have been together for 16. The traditional 10-year gift is apparently aluminum. My mom got us a new 12-pot coffee maker with a built in one-cup Keriug—figuring that was close enough. Lol.
  20. I never watched the telethon. While I appreciate Jerry Lewis’ intent with the telethon, I’ve never been a fan of his films. So watching hours of him didnt seem appealing. As for my Labor Day, really a 4-day Labor Day weekend, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband. We went to the zoo and out to dinner where an accordionist was providing entertainment. I heard an accordion version of “Beyond the Sea” and the theme from the first Super Mario NES game. On Saturday, my husband and I saw “Jailhouse Rock” at the theater then went to a metal show and saw Megadeth. O
  21. I think Betty started to like Joe when they met in the studio office and discussed the screenplay idea—even if he was less than enthused about her ideas at first. Then they met again at the party and really bonded over the screenplay. It’s their mutual love of writing that made them start falling for one another. They continued to fall in love over their nights of writing. Their love for one another reaches its peak when they kiss, and that’s when Joe realizes that he needs to cut off the relationship.
  22. My interpretation of that scene where Joe gives Betty the brush off was that he felt guilty that she’d fallen in love with him. Betty is engaged to Joe’s good friend Artie, a man whom Joe respects and feels is a great guy. He doesn’t want to be the “other man” and steal his friend’s girl. So he pretends to be happy being Norma’s boy toy so Betty will forget about him on her own accord.
  23. My favorite part is when he’s like “I’m squinting!” Because the bright white is so blinding. I also like his mini rant about Rhoda’s 5 poster.
  24. I love those episodes as well. In "Baby Sitcom," I always laugh about the ratio of milk to cookie mix that Bess mixes together. There is no way that those would bake correctly. There is way too much liquid for a cookie batter. Lou's Place is hilarious. COME ON AND HEAR, COME ON AND HEAR ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND. I also love "Lou's First Date" and he was so sweet at the dance when he finally got over himself and introduced Martha Dudley to Edie. I love "Happy Birthday Lou." Mary bringing everyone in one at a time is hilarious. --- -I love "Lou and That Woman" wh
  25. I am under 40 and there is a large population of others under 40 on social media (other than this message board) that are big fans of Classic film. While I understand what is being said here, I don’t think it’s fair that those that are younger than the assumed demographic don’t deserve any sort of consideration. Not that older demographics shouldn’t be considered either, but TCM should be for everyone.
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