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  1. I would agree with this. I would also imagine that Eddie had his schedule planned in advance. Then Dana’s appearance was planned later. They then filmed the two Noir Alley segments back to back. I don’t mind Dana’s dress in multiple segments, I thought she looked fabulous. I always wonder if they actually watch the films together during these discussions, or if they just pretend like they did.
  2. I love THE WHITE ALBUM. I have it on vinyl. It’s my fave Beatles album.
  3. Bette is too fidgety for me. She's good though, don't get me wrong. I love her costumes. Robson was much more subdued. Lol.
  4. "It's a fine thing when you come home to your home and your home is gone!" LOL.
  5. Even though I love Bette, I think she overplays her hand somewhat in Elizabeth and Essex. I think Errol outshines her. Flora Robson, Errol's Elizabeth I in The Sea Hawk, was much better than Davis, imo.
  6. Too Many Girls is definitely not the best movie ever. Had Lucy and Desi not become massive superstars together and created one of the most enduring television shows of all time, I'm sure that this film would have been forgotten. One of my favorite parts of this movie is when Lucy's character gives a flirtatious glance at Desi's character (who is manning the door) and he faints. Lucy is paired up with Richard The Creature From the Black Lagoon Carlson and they do not have as much chemistry as she and Desi did in the film, even though they don't really have any interaction. This
  7. I'm a huge Lucy fan. I was looking forward to this podcast and I listened to the first episode this morning. I thought it was well done and I like hearing Lucy's story in her own words. Because I've read so many books about Lucy, including Lucy's autobiography, there wasn't a whole ton of new information learned. However, what was fascinating was hearing the voices of Lucy's ever-present mother, Dede, who was a major support for Lucy throughout her entire life until Dede passed away in the late 1970s. Lucy was also close to her brother, Fred, and cousin, Cleo, and it was fun hearing their
  8. YAY! I never tire of this movie 🙂 And I officially start my vacation tomorrow! My fave film is the perfect way to kick it off!
  9. I love Bette Davis in “Beyond the Forest.” She’s so campy and ridiculous, I just love it.
  10. Yes. Beulah usually plays such sweet women or kind of kooky women, like in the aforementioned Remember the Night or The Sisters. I like her as the boarder complaining about “her convenience” in A Summer Place.
  11. Yes. I didn't tear into Bondi like I should have. She was an awful woman in this film. A complete 180 from how she is in films like Make Way for Tomorrow. The family (save for Travers and sister Ellie) are so needlessly mean to Dennis Morgan when he shows up for the holiday dinner. How awkward for him. I always laugh when she freaks out about the glass baby bottles that Ellie is smuggling to Parker, and Bondi immediately assumes that it is Ellie who is pregnant! And Travers doesn't correct her at first. And the way that Bondi slaps Parker when she comes home late is awful. She's
  12. I love Eleanor Parker. She has such a beautiful voice. She was also very adept at portraying a wide variety of different types of characters. One of my favorite films of Parker's is The Very Thought of You. This film is one of those WWII homefront movies that were popular during the early 1940s. In the film, Parker plays a young woman who meets an old acquaintance (Dennis Morgan) during the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Morgan, along with his friend Dane Clark , are soldiers on a 3-day leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. Parker invites Morgan to her family's home for Thanksgiv
  13. I love both ladies, but I'd give the edge to Bette Davis as I love the films she made slightly more. But don't get me wrong, I do love Barbara Stanwyck. My top 5: (based on personal preference, not any indication of my perception of one actress' ability over another) 1. Lucille Ball 2. Bette Davis 3. Katharine Hepburn 4. Barbara Stanwyck 5. Jean Arthur
  14. Re: Movin' With Nancy, I loved the orange coat with the pink hat and boots that she wore at one point. I love For Those Who Think Young. I even own it on Blu Ray. No, it's not the best teen movie, and Bob Denver's role is pretty bizarre, especially when he sings in the sand with his chin painted to look like a face... But I enjoy the film. The plot doesn't matter. Woody Woodbury wasn't that funny, but I love Paul Lynde. Too bad the act wasn't built around him instead. I've seen this movie multiple times, and I'm still trying to figure out if Pamela Tiffin's "uncles" were a couple,
  15. I guess Vegas must have paid off and Kelly could finally afford a formal dress. Hopefully Zack tamed his wandering eye during their marriage.
  16. I'm here for Nancy Sinatra, because I love "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" and I enjoy seeing things from the 1960s. To borrow from the over-used Twitter term, I love the aesthetic of the 1960s, but specifically the mid-1960s. That period that isn't quite as prissy as the 1950s-early 1960s, but isn't quite as scandalous as some of the later 1960s sexual revolution things. I love the graphics, the colors, the clothes, the dancing, everything. I really liked Nancy's RC commercial. This whole "Movin' with Nancy" TV special (I think that's what it is) is odd but reminds me of my second f
  17. I love that line too. I wish I could use it on someone, but at only 5’2” I would probably only be able to use it on children! :’( I also love it when he calls her out on there being no Schubert Theatre in San Francisco. Then tells her it was a stupid lie, unworthy of her.
  18. Yes! I always forget that Melanie's car has a back seat until they squeeze all those people in there. The car doesn't seem like it should have a backseat.
  19. I’m definitely recording this one. It’s one of the few Lucy movies I haven’t seen.
  20. Hopefully Zack Attack learned how to play their instruments since we last saw them in '93.
  21. Lovebirds are so cute!! I wish that The Birds was about hundreds of lovebirds attacking everyone. I think these might be peach-faced lovebirds.
  22. Dana Andrews plays a little handheld baseball game in Laura... I know, not quite the same. EDIT: Vautrin brought up the same baseball game. We're both on the same wavelength.
  23. I love Slater's keytar. Does that man ever age? He looks the same, except his hair is straighter. I'm glad they dumped Screech. He added nothing to Zack Attack. Has Jessie always been in Zack Attack? Or is she replacing Lisa?
  24. This was a great interview! I listened to it too. I really enjoyed the conversation. Eddie also popped up on Leonard Maltin's podcast, Maltin on Movies, yesterday. That was a fantastic interview. I can always appreciate when two people can present an entertaining, informative and intelligent conversation.
  25. I think the lovebirds are the only likeable characters.
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