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  1. I know! She's telling everyone to stop talking about the birds because they were scaring the children. Meanwhile, the children are sitting there without a care in the world. She epitomizes "won't somebody please think of the children?!" Obviously those kids don't attend school at the one-room schoolhouse, otherwise I would think they'd have been more affected by the bird attacks.
  2. I kind of liked Jane’s hair in Klute. I wouldn’t cut my own hair like that; but I thought it looked good on her. I thought it was a chic cut and looked good with her wardrobe in that film.
  3. I also love the old woman in the diner who knows so much about birds and refuses to believe Melanie’s story. That woman is just an “odd duck” (pun intended). After the first attack, but definitely after the birthday party incident, if I were Melanie, I would have left Bodega Bay and gone back to San Francisco.
  4. Me too! That song is awful and I appreciate the birds for putting us out of our misery. It’s never made sense to me why the kids run. I would think they would have been safer in the schoolhouse.
  5. The part when the hysterical diner mother screams at Melanie and calls her “Evil” is my second favorite part of the movie.
  6. I liked The Glass Wall. While it was a message picture, I think it had an important message. Here is Peter, an immigrant, a concentration camp survivor, who stows away to the US in hopes of starting a new life. He wants to leave his war torn country. He's full of optimism and hope, but needs to find the man whom he helped during the war in order to stay in the US legally. Then Peter comes across Gloria Grahame, a woman who is barely scraping by. And while Grahame is surviving on tea and half eaten donuts, she is not starving. She has a place to live. While obviously it's not ideal and
  7. I am waiting for the inevitable reunion world tour of Zack Attack with opening band, Hot Sundae.
  8. I didn't catch the intro to The Birds, but I caught the closing remarks. I agree with Cantone about the birds' intention behind attacking the schoolchildren--that god awful song! The "oh mow mow mow" song that the kids sing is so freaking irritating, I don't blame the birds for attacking them. They just wanted that incredibly irritating, repetitive song to end. This song is my least favorite song sung by children in any film. My second least favorite is that irritating song that the children sing in An Affair to Remember. I also agreed with Ben and Cantone wondering why Tippi Hedren g
  9. Moonrise (1948) SOURCE: TCM This was a film that I recorded a while back. I am a fan of Dane Clark who stars in this film. This is also a title that is part of the Criterion Collection. I wanted to check it out to see if it was worth adding to my collection. I'm happy to say that it's definitely worth adding to my collection. This is a great movie. In this film, Dane Clark plays Danny Hawkins, a young man whose father was hanged for murdering a man. Throughout his entire childhood, Danny is bullied mercilessly for his father's crimes. One child, Jerry, is the meanest of all the
  10. "You're gonna break a sweat!"
  11. I didn't have any special plans for National Silent Movie Day, my husband and I were taking advantage of free studio time for the pottery class we're taking. But afterwards, we got some sushi takeout and watched Peter Bogdanovich's "The Great Buster" documentary which was just starting when we flipped on TCM. I own this documentary and have seen it twice; but I never tire of it. It is a fantastic documentary. Some of Buster's 1960s commercials and TV appearances were so much fun too. I could watch him on Candid Camera all day long. He is hysterical.
  12. I believe that she's also on the board of the National Film Registry. I was reading through Ms. Stewart's bio on TCM's website and she has a very impressive list of accolades. https://www.tcm.com/host/8/Jacqueline Stewart/
  13. Congrats to Ms. Stewart. I very much enjoy her contributions to TCM and to the film community.
  14. I have Skatetown USA. I haven't watched it yet. I have Roller Boogie on DVD. To complete the roller disco trifecta, I also have Xanadu on DVD. With Skatetown, USA, I was intrigued by the cast: Patrick Swayze, Maureen McCormick, Scott Baio, Flip Wilson, and Ruth Buzzi?! Count me in.
  15. Musicals set in New York City?
  16. Looks like this schedule is still a work in progress. According to the Noir Alley website, November's Noir offerings are: 11/6 Five Steps to Danger 11/13 The Lineup 11/20 Johnny O'Clock 11/27 Tight Spot Saturdays- I'm interested in seeing some of the Torchy Blaine movies scheduled. 11/4 The infamous Torch Song is scheduled. I haven't seen this one, I'm definitely recording it. 11/5 Ladies of the Chorus. A very early Marilyn Monroe film that I haven't seen. 11/8 The Long Night. It has Henry Fonda, Barbara Bel Geddes and Vincent Price. The phrase
  17. 'Boots' looks like it's scheduled on 11/25 at 6am EST.
  18. I love Roller Boogie. No, it's not a good movie by any means. The leading actor is horrible. But I still find it enjoyable to watch. I love that the main conflict between Linda Blair and her parents is that she wants to give up her flautist scholarship at Juilliard to devote herself solely to roller disco. Wasn't the contest only during the summer? What does that have to do with starting her education at Juilliard in the fall? But who cares. Plot isn't important in Roller Boogie. Since I wasn't alive in the 1970s, there's no nostalgia. I just find the camp and corn of this film to
  19. I think Sydney Greenstreet might be star of the month?
  20. I am not well versed in foreign films as they take a bit more "work" to watch, but I may have to make an exception for Mr. Delon. Ooh la la.
  21. Once a Thief (1965) I set this movie up to record when I saw that it featured Ann-Margret, of whom I'm a big fan. Alain Delon was her co-star, rather, Ann-Margret was Delon's co-star as he was the main character of the film. I'd heard of Alain Delon, but had never seen any of his films and didn't really know what he looked like. Eddie Muller's co-host for the evening, Dana Delany (who by the way, I thought was a wonderful guest that evening and I thought she looked fantastic), said that during quarantine she fell down an Alain Delon wormhole. Once a Thief was one of her discoveries.
  22. It’s been awhile since I’ve read Errol’s autobiography, did he even mention his Oscar nomination?
  23. Knock on Any Door (1949) I've been on a Bogart kick lately. I was such a nerd while watching this movie too. I just happened to be wearing my new Bogart shirt while I watched Bogart. Anyway, this was a movie that was streaming on The Criterion Channel as part of a series they have on courtroom dramas. In this film, Bogart plays Andrew Morton, a fairly prominent lawyer who is offered a partnership at his firm at the beginning of the film. However, part of the terms of the partnership is Andrew turning down Nick "Pretty Boy" Romano (John Derek), a troubled young man who has been accuse
  24. Lol. The less said about May Wynn, the better. She was fine. But that's about it. Like I said before, she does sing the same song that Tom Neal's girlfriend sings in Detour, so there's that I guess. I didn't understand why she wanted to be with Willie so much. I wasn't convinced that they were in love. He was always going to be away. She turned him down (I think) twice when he asked her to marry him, why did she agree at the end? It didn't make any sense. I agree that Anthony Perkins would have been way better as Willie--at least he's more interesting. I never really bought that
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