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  1. https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/media-release/where-then-meets-now-turner-classic-movies-unveils-new-look-meet-moment I don't mind the "refresh." It's colorful, it has a retro, yet modern vibe, I like it. I believe all the abstract designs are supposed to be various C's that match the "4 key C's of the brand" curate, context, connection, culture. A while back, when TCM changed the website to black and white, everyone complained about that. Now they add color and everyone's complaining about that. They change the font from one with serifs, to one without. They litera
  2. Agreed. While the show does make some references to current 1970s events and personalities, on the whole, it is a timeless show and not dated. The issues and themes presented in the show were present in 1970 and are present now. For the most part, TMTMS focused on the relationships between people, which will always be a modern topic. I remember when I discovered TMTMS as a 10-11 year old in 1994-1995 and loved it. While some of the themes might have been lost to a 5th-6th grader, I still loved it. I loved all the characters, especially Mary, Rhoda and Lou. Even though I wasn't old enough
  3. My favorite part of this entire episode is the "12 days of Christmas sing-a-long" with everyone mad (except Sue Ann and Georgette) at each other, and the hilarious hats that they wear. MURRAY (Wearing an Italian gondolier hat) sings "a partridge in a pear tree." TED (Wearing a Russian hat) sings "two turtle doves" LOU (Wearing a Mexican sombrero) "sings" : THREE FRENCH HENS MARY (wearing a German Kaiser helmet with the spike): "sings" four calling birds SUE ANN (wearing a Dutch style hat) sings: "fiiiiiiveeeee goldennnn riiiiiiiings!"
  4. I just put in an Inter-Library Loan request for the first season of "Lou Grant," a spin-off of 'MTM' featuring Asner's character in a dramatic role. After being fired from WJM (along with everyone else, save for Ted), Lou moves to LA to work as an editor on the newspaper. Throughout the run of MTM, it is obvious that Lou Grant missed his former career, doing more hard-hitting journalism. There's even an entire episode where Lou gets a lead on a potentially corrupt politician running for office. He gets excited about this opportunity for investigative journalism and is soon paying people of
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/08/ad-asner-dead-lou-grant-mary-tyler-moore-1234823859/ RIP Mr. Asner. I loved you as Lou Grant in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," as Carl in "Up," and as Santa in "Elf." Asner's passing leaves Betty White as the only surviving cast member of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." She's also the only surviving cast member of "The Golden Girls."
  6. I'm very much looking forward to TCM's Lucille Ball podcast. Their previous podcasts, Peter Bogdanovich and Bonfire of the Vanities, were both excellent and well produced. It's not a TCM podcast, but currently, there is a new podcast about Joan Bennett and her husband, Walter Wanger. It is produced by Vanity Fair and the host/creator of the excellent "You Must Remember This" Classic Hollywood podcast. The podcast is titled "Love is a Crime," and is a collaboration between Longworth and Bennett's granddaughter, Vanessa Hope. Some of the story includes re-enactments of moments between B
  7. I'm excited about Lucy being SOTM. Her first star of the month was in 1998, I was in 8th-9th grade. My parents didn't subscribe to a cable package that carried TCM at that time. During Lucy's second go-around in 2006, I was in college and also didn't have a cable package with TCM. Finally, I can watch a Lucille Ball SOTM on TCM. I hate this idea that someone can't be SOTM because they were already SOTM 20 years ago. Eventually TCM would run out of people to honor. Who is going to attract more new viewers? SOTM Lucille Ball or SOTM Bess Flowers ? I don't mind TCM tying their program
  8. Redford didn't appear in these films, but directed them. I want to see Ordinary People (with one of my faves, Mary Tyler Moore) and The Quiz Show.
  9. Thanks! I was looking at Spy Game (I think I remember when it came out) because it pairs Redford with Brad Pitt. If Redford ever makes another film, he should make one playing Brad Pitt's father.
  10. I don't know if anyone's actually interested, but this is my Lucy collection. I am a big fan: Since this photo was taken, I've also acquired: Lured, Without Love, Meet the People, and Two Smart People. I also have a new book, Lucy Goes Home. Not pictured (because I didn't want to dig them out): My Hallmark I Love Lucy ornaments: "Lucy Gets Into Pictures," "LA at Last!," "Lucy is Enciente," and "Lucy Does a TV Commercial."
  11. Miss Grant Takes Richmond and The Fuller Brush Girl are Columbia. The Dark Corner is Fox. I *think* Lured is United Artists.
  12. I'm a big fan of Robert Redford's. I've been trying to see more of his work. I love: The Candidate (1972). I think this film is fantastic and very prescient today. I love Redford's character, a young idealistic man who initially agrees to run for senator based on the idea that he doesn't have a chance in winning, so he can use the exposure he'll get to promote his ideas for change. Then, when it becomes clear that he's got to actually run a real campaign as to not be publicly embarrassed when he loses, he starts to become disillusioned with the whole campaign process when he real
  13. Based on what's showing, my Top 10 MUST-SEE Lucy films for her spotlight are: 1. The Long Long Trailer (obviously) 2. Stage Door 3. A Girl, A Guy, and A Gob 4. Yours Mine and Ours 5. Dance, Girl Dance 6. Five Came Back 7. Beauty for the Asking 8. The Affairs of Annabel 9. Meet the People 10. Without Love -- These films aren't featured, but should be: Miss Grant Takes Richmond, The Fuller Brush Girl, Lured, and The Dark Corner
  14. Lucy's Lineup (It looks like she's featured Thursday evenings - Friday mornings) 10/7 -10/8 I Dream Too Much (1935) This one I need to watch again. I don't even know if I made it to Lucy's part because I couldn't handle the awful operatic singing that is in this film. Stage Door (1937) This is a fantastic film and was Lucy's big break at RKO. Room Service (1938) Not the best of the Marx Bros. films, but it's fun to see Lucy and Ann Miller with them. Bunker Bean (1936) One of Lucy's films I haven't seen! Don't Tell the Wife (1937) Ooh another one to record
  15. I've seen/own most of them, so I would hope that they air the ones I haven't seen. I haven't gone through the entire schedule yet. I'm about to do so now, so fingers crossed, maybe some of these will be included: -Sorrowful Jones (1949). It's a remake of the Shirley Temple film, Little Miss Marker. It stars Lucy and Bob Hope. I've only seen this movie once. -Bunker Bean (1936) I haven't seen this one -Don't Tell the Wife (1937) I haven't seen this one -Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) I haven't seen this one -Panama Lady (1939) I haven't seen this one either. I believ
  16. Lucy’s interview show, “Let’s Talk to Lucy,” is the show I was referring to in my earlier post. I’ve listened to a lot of the segments. They’re a very interesting look into the mindsets and culture of the 1960s and a look into Lucy’s personality. I can’t say I agree with some of the opinions presented by Lucy and her guests, especially as they pertain to women, but I do find the conversations interesting. The show is on Sirius Ch 104. It started on Aug 5 and runs 3 weeks. I believe that the shows will remain available afterward, via podcasts, for a time after Sirius’ limited run.
  17. Yes. That’s what I figured as well. Not sure if it’s entirely related, but Sirius Ch. 104 is in the middle of showcasing Lucy’s 1964-1965 10-minute radio show (essentially a 60s version of a podcast). I had no idea she had a radio show. It is never mentioned in any of the biographies I’ve read about her. Lucy has been getting a lot of attention recently, I’m sure in part because October 15 is the 70th anniversary of the debut of I Love Lucy.
  18. Yes! I think Lucille Ball is SOTM. She’s my fave. Great choice TCM.
  19. Oh man. That’s lame that the print was edited. Not that I’m dying to hear f-bombs, but I want to see/hear films how they were intended.
  20. I never really thought one thing or the other about George Segal. He was good in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I however, found myself recording quite a few of his films yesterday: The Owl & the Pussycat, Fun with Dick and Jane, and California Split--all films I've been interested in, but haven't seen.
  21. There’s a Johnny Carson segment where Vincent Price cooks an entire dinner (fish and veggies) in the dishwasher. He wraps everything in foil so the dishwasher steams the food.
  22. I recorded it. I knew it was remade awhile back. If it’s lame, good thing I didn’t spend money on it.
  23. https://www.kron4.com/news/national/patricica-hitchcock-dead-at-93/ Alfred Hitchcock's only child, Patricia, has passed away at 93. She also appeared in many of her father's films. I loved her in Strangers on a Train. She was very funny and actually had a pretty pivotal role in the plot of the film.
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