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  1. I just started writing poems (first a haiku, then a limerick) about a “repressed poetess.” I can’t speak for anyone else.
  2. I keep my collection in tall, skinny bookshelves. All the individual titles are alphabetized, regardless of format, boutique label name, genre, director, etc. I have my complete Fox Film Noir DVD set separate and organized by volume number. Then I have the multi-film sets together. Then I have all my box sets together, roughly alphabetized by subject. The alphabetizing is a little fast and loose, due to the size of the shelves. Then I have my Criterion separated and alphabetized. I also separated my movies and have the classics (1979 and earlier) and the modern (1980-present) titles sepa
  3. A repressed woman, a poetess She writes words, words that rhyme no less A loneliness, she pines Any man, she has designs She still pens prose, under duress
  4. A repressed woman. A poetess. Unfulfilled. A man shall come. Soon.
  5. I have Batman: the Animated Series on DVD. I believe that it was just released on Blu Ray. I think it is streaming on HBO Max right now.
  6. Mark Hamill's Joker was fantastic. Who knew he would be so good at having a scary voice? I read that the show originally wanted to cast Tim Curry as Joker, but his voice was thought to be too scary for kids. He would have also been amazing. I also enjoyed the more dramatic falling into the acid vat version of Joker, rather than just painting the face in a deranged way. That seems to be the way that Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jared Leto (I think. His Joker was just bizarre) went. Okay. Then I only had the Batman Returns cups. My family didn't collect the glass mugs. I tried
  7. Mark Hamill voiced the Joker in the early 90s cartoon series, Batman: The Animated Series. I used to watch it when it was new, after school. It was an excellent cartoon, with a lot of film noir elements.
  8. I like Nicholson too. He, Cesar Romero, and Mark Hamill are the best Jokers for me. While Heath Ledger was great, I quickly tired of his Joker (and the endless parodies and costumes) and didn't particularly like the films. Christopher Nolan doesn't really do anything for me. And Joaquin Phoenix was fine as his Joker, but again, I quickly tired of it. I also wouldn't watch Joker again. I don't particularly need to to know about whatever sad and dark backstory Joker (or any of the characters have for that matter) has. I think we had most of the McDonald's cups. Weren't there also cu
  9. Lady Gangster (1942) I recorded this a little while back for Faye Emerson. I've seen Emerson in quite a few movies now, and I've come to really like her. It's a shame that she never really found her niche in movies. For the longest time, I only knew of the name "Faye Emerson" from the Vitameatavegamin episode of "I Love Lucy," when Lucy "appears" on their TV to audition for Ricky. Lucy, tells Fred her plan to "appear on TV" and says something like "And you know who is going to be on it (the TV)?" and Fred says, "well, I can only hope it's Faye Emerson." It was only until I saw her wit
  10. I have my film collection catalogued on a web-based database. This allows me to search my collection by a variety of criteria, depending on what type of movie I feel like watching. And since it's online, I can access it with my phone. This is very helpful to see if I already own the movie when I'm out and about and see something I'm interested in. I also catalogued my DVR contents when Dish removed the ability to search the DVR by actor. When I delete movies from the DVR, I delete them from the database.
  11. My favorite part of that Batman was when Jack Nicholson falls into the acid vat. Batman Returns was everything for 8-year old me. I had the VHS, all of the "collectible" giant plastic cups from McDonald's (made for great large water cups during the summer), everything. I was (and maybe still am on some level) obsessed with the scene where Michelle Pfeiffer flips out and somehow turns a leather jacket into a full leather catsuit. I especially loved the scene where she sews her "nails" into her leather gloves.
  12. Not a commercial specifically, but in the 80s, multiple cartoons were spun-off of characters created by greeting card companies. As a very young child of the 80s, I watched many of these shows. Care Bears, Popples, Strawberry Shortcake, Shirt Tails, and Rainbow Brite to name a few.
  13. The rumor saying that Vivian had to gain weight to appear on the series is a myth. At some point during the series' run, at a party, Lucy presented Viv with a mock contract with all kinds of outlandish requirements (must be 20 lbs heavier than Ball, can't have red hair within 5 shades of Lucy's, etc. etc.). At some point, some of these gag contractual requirements ended up becoming "truth."
  14. I thought I'd read that it was Barbara Stanwyck; but this is definitely something that Tallulah would do. I could see Bette Davis doing this too.
  15. Stanwyck in her Westerns like The Furies and Forty Guns. In both films, she will not let anyone take over her territory.
  16. From my experience, Sandy Dennis is a divisive figure in the classic film community. People either love her or can't stand her. I can understand both sides in that argument. I thought she was great in 'Virginia Woolf' and acted very realistically. How else would someone act observing that trainwreck of a marriage? I would act like Sandy and George Segal did, awkwardly sitting there watching and listening, desperate to leave, but wanting to stay to see what'll happen next. I've also seen Sandy with Jack Lemmon in The Out-of-Towners and she and Jack were very funny in that film.
  17. I grew up watching classic movies, but didn't really get REALLY into classic film until I discovered I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite in '94-'95 when I was 10-11. I Love Lucy became my "Must-See TV" (well that, and 90210) and I quickly became a huge Lucille Ball fan as well. My family also went to the library every month and I started checking out every book about Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy and everything I Love Lucy-adjacent. From these books I learned about Lucy's movie career. Fortunately, my library had a ton of her films on VHS. I borrowed each and every film. From Lucy's films, I lear
  18. Welcome to the boards! I haven't seen a lot of your favorite films, though I have seen The Apartment and I love that one as well. I've been trying to watch some more "New Hollywood" films. Your list has given me some ideas and a couple of the titles I have on my DVR, I just haven't watched them yet. My favorite decades for film are the 40s-60s, since that seems to be where most of my favorite films tend to lie. I've been trying to watch more 1970s films, as there is just something about the aesthetic of that decade that appeals to me. My Top 10 Favorites are: 1) The Long L
  19. Errol Flynn's autobiography is one of the best celebrity memoirs I've ever read (the other fantastic one being Desi Arnaz' "A Book"). Like Tom said, even if Errol embellished half of it, it's still very entertaining. He also goes into how hurt he was by the trial he went through and the allegations lodged against him, and I am Team Flynn in regard to that case. His reputation today is tarnished by the allegations and modern day viewpoints regarding his relationship with Beverly Aadland, but I believe Flynn's side of the story, only because of some of the heinous things he did admit to doing
  20. In a different type of "strong" perhaps "stoic" is the right word, I would like to add Greer Garson as the title character in Mrs. Miniver. As the matriarch of the family, she showed strength when her husband was away doing his part for the British military. And she stays strong when held at gunpoint by a wounded German pilot, who demands a coat and food. She even keeps her cool and disarms him when he passes out.
  21. I love the Elvis movies. Are some better than others? Of course. But they're entertaining and they're fun. I like to watch and wonder "how are they going to get Elvis to sing next?" Some of the situations in which he sings seem more natural than others. I'm trying to see all of them and collect them as well. My favorites so far are Viva Las Vegas (my favorite Elvis movie), King Creole, Jailhouse Rock, Girl Happy, Blue Hawaii and Fun in Acapulco.
  22. Yes. I can see that too. Errol at least didn’t have a Colonel Tom/Svengali type influence in his life. Both men however, wanted to be taken seriously for their acting; but their outer beauty and box office popularity wouldn’t allow for that.
  23. The ability to caricature probably plays a role in it, I think the only really remarkable thing about Flynn's caricature was they gave him a prominent cleft chin. That's also probably why William Powell is featured, he has big eyes. And C. Aubrey Smith with his prominent nose. I'm surprised that Spencer Tracy was included but Katharine Hepburn was not. By 1941, she would have been a big star again.
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