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  1. I didn't realize that Cesar Romero was one of the best big-screen dancers? I don't think I've ever seen a movie of his where he dances. I will be looking out for that. I believe that it's Rita as well and agree that if it was meant to be Ginger, that she would have been drawn as blonde.
  2. Even though it's not the greatest film, I enjoy It's a Great Feeling. The celebrity and director cameos are fun. And any movie pairing Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson is a-ok in my book. The only part of this film that I can't stand is the annoying sound effects that play when the director recognizes Doris Day from wherever and suddenly we see her eyes fluttering rapidly and that annoying sound effect plays. Aside from that, Doris' boyfriend, Jeffrey Bushdinkle in Goerke's Corners, WI, is referred to multiple times throughout the film. His name, combined with the name of her hometown makes t
  3. I like 'Elizabeth and Essex' but more for Errol and Olivia. I love Bette Davis, but I sometimes find her interpretation of Elizabeth I to be a bit too much. She's so fidgety. I get that Bette was trying to capture Elizabeth I's reported idiosyncrasies and her romance with the much younger Essex, but I think Bette could have scaled back just a smidge. In contrast, I've found that Flora Robson's Elizabeth I in The Sea Hawk was much more restrained and more subtle. In 'Elizabeth and Essex,' I think it's more believable that Essex would take advantage of Elizabeth I's infatuation with him to
  4. Flynn is definitely underrated as an actor. His extremely good looks may have held him back. He says as much in his autobiography. In a 1971 Dick Cavett interview, Bette Davis refers to him as gorgeous, but acknowledges that he was good, though she refers to him as a personality person. I think he was one of those naturally talented, charismatic, gorgeous people, and perhaps Bette was a bit jealous.
  5. I think with blade runner, I had checked out so much that I didn’t even pick up on the noir detective story. The evening that we watched the film, my husband had made stuffed bell peppers and I think I felt indebted to him to watch the film through to the very end.
  6. Lol. My hair person was closed until about April,when she reopened and we had to wear masks in her waiting area. My hair grows really fast and thick (it get it cut about every 8 weeks) and it looked like a big block when I finally got it cut.
  7. I love the cheesy 50s-60s sci-fi like Attack of the Puppet People and Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. I loved The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Incredible Shrinking Man is coming to Criterion in October, so that’s made my list of movies to see. I enjoy the original Star Wars trilogy. But I quickly tire of the alien movies with one CGI spectacle after another.
  8. I don’t like Blade Runner. I watched it to the bitter end too. I didn’t get it. I never was engaged in it. Though sci-fi is one of my least favorite genres, except with certain exceptions.
  9. Even though I’ve informed my husband that the proper term is snood, he calls it a “hairbag.” I’m always on “hairbag” lookout in classic movies.
  10. Ruby Keeler does dance like she had boxes on her feet! So does Joan for that matter, but thankfully we were only subjected to her dancing in Dancing Lady.... I think. If there are other Joan dancing movies, I don't know about them...mercifully.
  11. I love this part when Harpo lights the little firework under Greta Garbo's enormous feet and she just goes: "ouuuuuuch." And the caricature of Clark Gable cracks me up:
  12. Lol. It is oddly difficult to find a rooster comb headband or something online. I was on Etsy. All anyone seems to have is like a full chicken head--which I don't want. We'll see. I didn't want to carry around a mandolin, so I ordered a bag with a picture of a mandolin screen printed on the front. It's functional and works with my costume. I have absolutely zero crafting/art skills, so I need to order the pieces of my costume and have the more artistically gifted people make it for me. I feel like Disney's Robin Hood is the second best rendition of Robin Hood and one of Disney's un
  13. Completely off-topic, or maybe on-topic in regard to groupies... Right now, I am in the process of trying to create an Alan-A-Dale (from Disney's Robin Hood) costume for the Disneyland Halloween party in October. I've gotten to the point where I'm inquiring about custom Alan-A-Dale inspired Minnie ears... I just flipped back to this conversation and thought: "Lorna might enjoy that I'm trying to create a rooster costume (no-fuss however, because I want to get through security quickly and ride rides) with rooster-inspired Minnie ears." Alan-A-Dale probably has his own groupies, right? He'
  14. I love Adventures of Don Juan. This is the role that Errol was made for. He plays the famous Spanish lover, but brings a twist to the story as he tries to redeem himself to the Queen and improve his reputation. Flynn brings his usual panache and looks fantastic in his gorgeous costumes. I love how his earring switches ears. This movie also features a few bonus Errol Flynn scenes as footage from both The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex are reused at the beginning of the film, with Flynn visible in both of the recycled scenes. I knew about the recycled
  15. I love this short. I thought the animation was gorgeous, though some of the caricatures were rather grotesque; but some were pretty funny. Claudette and Norma must have visited the same beautician before hitting up Ciro's that evening. I find it hard to believe that either Claudette or Norma would wear violet eyeshadow like that (at first I wrote "violent eyeshadow" and considered keeping it).
  16. I agree about Uncertain Glory. For most of the film, Flynn is just trying to get away from Paul Lukas and frankly, he has a couple chances to do so, when Lukas falls ill, but ultimately he doesn't. I agree that his conversion seems abrupt. I am not sure if it would have been better had we seen something that changed Flynn's mind, or whether that would have seem contrived. At the end of the film, it is made to seem that Flynn's patriotism (nationalism?) for his country was the deciding factor. I haven't seen Montana for awhile and had forgotten the dialogue about Flynn's father. Thank
  17. I also had that thought about the cartoon Ameche's (allegedly, anyway) nose, it seemed too prominent. I also had the thought that this caricature reminded me of Robert Taylor.
  18. Not a secret here. I love Errol Flynn. He's actually a more recent discovery for me as I hadn't seen any of his films until just a few years ago (maybe 2014? 2015?). I'd heard his name, but had never seen any of his films. I didn't even know what he looked like. Suffice it to say, he quickly replaced Gene Kelly as my favorite actor. Gene is now numero dos. Then, I saw him for the first time on the big screen during a showing of The Adventures of Robin Hood. Yowza. Flynn has one of the all-time greatest entrances, when he walks into Prince John's banquet with one
  19. In The Wrong Man, I find the continual focus on Henry Fonda's eyes to be a particularly poignant and compelling part of the film. These are the eyes of an innocent man and every time they're shown, the audience can see the fear in his eyes.
  20. I can see Colbert and Shearer. I could believe Don Ameche, he and Colbert did make a film together. Plus he was known for his Alexander Graham Bell movie. I'm not sure if George Brent were a big enough star (pun intended?) to be in a Looney Tunes short.
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