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  1. call her savage was quite good. clara bow had very believable chemistry with gilbert roland. I hope I got his name right it has been a little while since I saw this but anyway he is a mexican actor playing native american in this silent movie. that is gilbert roland right? anyway the concept of her being wild and unstable simply due to the fact that she is native american and not something to do with her personality is pretty racist and unnerving explanation. pretty messed up explanation but I guessed they figured the audience back then would just o with it plus the people behind the movie tho
  2. It happened one nightis great and so romantic. Iagree I liked rd dust better than mogambo. love the fiestiness between clark gable and jean harlow!
  3. night nurse was good but I have liked clark gable in other movies better. I hven't caught many pre-code movies on tcm. I wish they would show more pre-code movies and more often.
  4. it sounds like the movie called san francisco eith clark gable and jeanette mcdonald but it was a heavy drama. it is a great movie. i have it on dvd but it is about the early 1900s earthquake that happened there. there is a few lighter scenes between gable and mcdonald but no real comedy. i will think some more on it and maybe i can come up with the title you are looking for. one scene i particularly like is when jeanette mcdonald is not interested in clark gable and he automatically assums that she must have a girlfriend! i mean that was probably the way he was in real life that a good might
  5. it just dawned on me i meant mary pickfords brother was in the film that i can't think of the title. sorry about that. the more i thought of it lillian gish did not have a brother in acting.
  6. i don't watch many silent films because just like with "talkies" i am selective but i did really enjoy sunrise with janet gaynor and george o'brien. i remember seeing one awhile back that had lillian gish's brother in it so i decided to check it out because i had never seen him and i knew she was good but anyway it had something to do with a girl he liked and a train was in the movie. anyway i was taken aback about how truly natural he acted. just as good as his sister and he was quite charming in it as well. if anyone knows the title i would appreciate it because i would like to see it again
  7. when i decided to watch ninotchka i didn't think i would like it as much as i did. especially like the scene where melvyn douglas makes her laugh and i couldn't believe the crazy line she said to him about liking his corneas and then he said the same to her! i mean talk about quirky dialogue! they had better chemistry than i was expecting as well.
  8. my man godfrey is quite good. i especially like the scene where william powell pushes carole lombard into the shower! very funny. the whole movie is so neat and original concept. of couse bringing up baby, it happened one night, you can't take it with you(it has romance in it but all the crazy characters at jean arthurs house in that movie might qualify it as just an overrall zany comdy)! i laughed so hard at that one. the shop around the corner because it is so sweet and margaret sullavan and jimmy stewart have terrific chemistry. i also liked them together in i think it was called three comr
  9. i have a box set of early cary grant films and big brown eyes is one of them and it is neat. i defintely recommend it.
  10. i enjoyed kiss and make-up also. wedding present is goofy and a lot of fun too. i liked seeing him with mae west. it was fun to see her make him nervous. it really looked like it wasn't acting and he was truly nervous around her! ha ha
  11. i decided to check it out i think on foxmovie channel because i had never seen clara bow and she seemed so fiesty and fun. it surprised me to see gilbert roland so handsome as well because i had no idea! they both were good together but it seemed to turn into a big soap opera even by pre-code terms and a bit offensive with her being savage just because she was the daughter of a cheif! i mean come on i am not even native american and i couldn't believe what was going on. nothing redeeming about that kind of storyline and what it sad is that probably a lot of people felt that way back then but i
  12. yes i know the title is not pc at all but i decided to check it out because it seemed interesting when i read about it. it has warner baxter in it and i have not seen many of his films but he seemed to be a good actor. i hate to give anything away to those that have not seen it but those that have is anyone else disappointed in the ending when she kills herslf. i got so involved in the story that i did not want that to happen or for warner to send their boy away. i mean for a pre-code film couldn't they just lived happily ever after? i mean it was in 32 or something and it just put me in mind
  13. i originally decided to check it out for two reasons-i think pre-code films are just more interesting because they didn't play it safe. to me good cinema shouldn't play it safe and let the audience decide to watch it or not. i mean if a show is not for them then so be it but not water down and sanitize movies just for the sake of being p.c. now i don't care for gross out things that are done in movies nowadays. anyway also i thought this one had an interesting title and i just found myself liking it. i was glad i checked it out. i would probably check out victor jory in other films because him
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