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  1. maybe some of these pirate attacks off the horn of Africa might make a compelling movie.
  2. Maybe I have a different understanding of the word "disturbing" as opposed the merely shocking, gory or repulsive.I would defing disturbing as being one of those what I call "feel bad" movies.that is you're depressed for a week after seeing it.Anyway my top three would be "The Deerhunter","TaxiDriver", and "Seven"
  3. One of my favorites is "Paths of Glory" with Kirk Douglas and Adolf Menjou.It's more of an anti war movie actually.Also consider "Cold Mountain".The battle scene in the crater at Petersburg is gruesomely realistic and the background music during that is a dark old Wesleyan hymn-absolutely chilling
  4. Mongo.....i enjoyed your comments about going to the movies as a kid.Back in 1961 when I was eleven I went to a saturday matinee showing of "Gone With The Wind" with a bunch of neighborhood kids.We were used to seeing Saturday matinee westerns and B movies so when the curtain came down for the intermission we thought the picture was over and so we got up and left.It was years before i figured out that the movie didn't end with Scarlett pulling up radishes in the garden.
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