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  1. *FredCDobbs, I'm not trying to feud with anyone. I'm trying to track down information. Your link to the LaGuardia Archives is a helpful one. If Fiorello LaG is the fellow standing next to the lady in the photo, then that explains why she looks so tall -- he was a diminutive fellow.* *Again, we are quite familiar with Carole & Co. on LiveJournal. Vincent Paterno does stellar work, writes beautifully, and is a tireless researcher...but even his word is not gospel. When he has a Lombard question, he generally comes to us for information.* *We are also familiar with the book passa
  2. *In WHAT "public records," FredCDobbs? That's what I'm trying to discover -- where I can find this photo with the woman identified!* *If, by the term "Public Records," you're talking about the online blog, "Carole & Co" on LiveJournal, the author Vincent Paterno is a good friend of mine (and has been for over thirty years), and I help him with info quite often. His blog is an expression of his thoughts and opinions, as is any sort of online journal. Vincent cannot find any info about the photo either -- we are both hoping that it turns up in original form somewhere with a snipe on t
  3. *Am familiar with the Baltimore outfits, including the hat -- and this one is NOT it in the FDR photo. By 1940, CL was back at her natural hair color, which was a darker blonde than this lady has.* *Here is the funnel hat:*
  4. *Was Henie that tall? This lady appears to be about 5'6" or taller, judging by her relative height to the seated FDR and to the other two standing gentlemen. Even wearing Mae West's platform shoes, Lombard couldn't have reached that height!* *Grace Moore came to mind because she was an FDR favorite, she sang for him at Birthday Ball celebrations, and her coloring and profile look very much like this lady in the photo.* *The puzzling thing is that I KNOW that I have seen this photo elsewhere -- either online or in a book -- and the actress was identified both by name and by profession
  5. *Frankly, I'm stumped. This blonde lady with the tight little sausage curls has been identified as Carole Lombard, but I'm 99% certain it is not her. The lady is much too tall, for one thing. Next, Lombard NEVER wore that hairstyle, even when it was the height of fashion. This lady's nose appears much too large for it to be CL.* *I keep seeing Dietrich or Grace Moore, but am thoroughly puzzled at this point --* *Class? Anyone? Bueller?* *Thanks, in advance, for your help --* *Carole Sampeck* *The Carole Lombard Archive* Edited by: lombard33 on Apr 14, 2012
  6. *Hi -* *YES, the rest of the lot is practically all A-List performers. Chaplin, Garland, Ty Power, Hayworth, Hayward, Dietrich/Gabin, Colbert, Gable, Landis, Ann Sheridan, Darnell, Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Bob Hope, Lamarr, Reagan/Wyman, James Mason, Margaret Sullavan, Shirley Temple...not a slacker in the bunch. And no non-celebs in the entire lot. (Mark Stevens was the closest one of these came to being an image of someone I was unfamiliar with.)* *These are all vintage original snapshots (not mass-produced photos), and all appear to have been taken in Hollywood (rather th
  7. *Okay, first off: I have no idea who these performers are (the Mystery Stars). I literally do not know, and have been trying to identify them. The photo lot from which these snapshots originated consisted of all vintage material, and ranged from the late 1930s to perhaps the late 1950s.* *I'm inclined to agree that the first lady is probably Jane Powell. The face looks correct. This pair of snapshots looks to have been taken in an outdoor stage production, but certainly could have been done on-set for 7B47B (haven't investigated whether any of the gentlemen match).* *The third lad
  8. *Okay, I have a few. These are original snapshots obtained in an auction lot of other material. Most of the shots are identifiable, but these few are making me jump the tracks.* *Class? Class? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?* *MYSTERY STAR NUMBER ONE* *MYSTERY STAR NUMBER TWO* *I have been told this may be June Havoc. ???? (Otherwise, Mystery Star Number Three)* *MYSTERY STAR NUMBER FOUR* *MYSTERY STAR NUMBER FIVE* *Since these are all really small snapshots, I have enlarged them in hope that the performer might be more readily recognizable.* *Thank
  9. *Let's see if I can actually get the IMAGES to come up!* Message was edited by: lombard33
  10. *When I saw a film ages ago called 'The Bedroom Window', I was surprised by a resemblance between the leading lady, Isabelle Huppert, and my fave Carole Lombard. Something about the contours of the face, the cheekbones, and the way Huppert moves.* []
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