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  1. Eleanor seems to really use her entire body where Ruby pretty much plunks along doing a very strong, distinctive tap. There is something very unique when Eleanor just leans back and glides. Ruby is solid and steady, Eleanor, long and smooth. They both bring uniqueness to their work. Gotta say....Powell is my favorite.
  2. I also wanted to add I have a long-term prejudice against Ernst Lubitsch. He left grease marks on Mary Pickfords dove grey wallpaper. Apparently he like fried potatoes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He was directing her in Rosita, her least favorite film. Just saying....
  3. I've never been much of a Lubitsch fan and this is the first time I've had it explained to me. The bit with her zipper was very funny and fresh. Use of sound...the sound of the gun, more of a snap than an explosion. Cavaliers translation, "her husband". I'm far from being an expert on this but it seems I've seen this scenario in Astaire Rogers films...the furious/jealous spouse/lover/boyfriend. Certainly a lot of the comedies...
  4. Very wonderful selections and such a treat a few weeks ago when I saw Singin' In the Rain at a movie theatre with people singing along with the film, giving standing ovations and generally making me so happy to love Gene Kelly. I felt great pride and well.. it did rain just as the Singin' in the Rain number started. And I think that's an omen.
  5. I think my all time favorite documentary is Kevin Brownlow "Hollywood". I hope that it some day comes out on DVD. If I had to list the number of documentaries I love it would take forever. My main collection is mostly documentaries. There is a terrific documentary about the life of Olive Thomas that is available on DVD which I encourage everyone to see. The Louise Brooks docu that was shown on TCM some years ago was also fantastic-Based mostly on Barry Paris's book. I have a boxed set about Keystone that I am very fond of as well. It shows a lot of clips but has a very good underscore commenting on the different actors and actresses, shorts, ect. It's in a metal case and I have only seen it for sale once. Purely for educational purposes and really the quality is above average. I wish that someone would make a good documentary about the Pickfords. Not just Mary, but Jack, Charlotte and Lottie's life and why Jack and Lottie died young. It would make an interesting bio in the respect that Charlotte was probably one of the keenest, sharpest agents that ever walked the pavement in Hollywood. That woman was way way way ahead of her time--she could intimidate Louis Mayer. I have played with the idea of a screenplay called "The Pickfords" but I doubt there is much interest to make it anything near marketable for this day and age. Anothe thing I would love to see is just a documentary about costuming.
  6. The Big Parade--I have Mockery on my DVR to watch as soon as I can.
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