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  1. I'm interested in hearing about people's opinions on comedies created during WWII. I've got a blog devoted to the war years - http://hollywoodatwar.blogspot.com - and it was a fascinating time for the film community. WWII was certainly a dark, worrisome time, and I'm wondering if any of the comedies of that period (1940-1945) addressed the war, even obliquely. For example, a friend suggested I watch "Down Argentine Way," a 1940 comedy with Betty Grable because it was really all about the US shifting its focus from war-plagued Europe to South America - an interest that turned Carmen Miranda into a superstar. Did the War really do that? Don't know if there are any definite answers, but I'd like to hear other members' insights and opinions. Thanks. AT
  2. I'm interested in hearing about people's opinions on War movies created during WWII itself for my blog: http://hollywoodatwar.blogspot.com It was a fascinating time for Hollywood, suspended as it was between commerce and patriotism. Which films of that era remain classics? "Wake Island"? "Guadalcanal Diary" Which ones seem dated or packed too full of propaganda to be enjoyable today? Were there any shorts still worth watching? Curious to hear from members. Thanks. AT
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