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  1. While at Paramount I worked with both Ameche and Ralph Bellamy on Trading Places. The entire staff adored them, but I got the feeling that they didn't like each other.
  2. Hi Eve!!!!! A Place In The Sun?
  3. You have it eve....The Thief it is. Give us a real tough one!!!!
  4. Sorry finance not Torn Curtain. Clue 2: He takes up in a rundown building in New York City. The surrounding tenants do not have much to say to each other - even the sexy woman who lives down the hallway, who flirts with him. Maybe it is better that things are left unsaid.
  5. Thank you eve. I had remembered Graham Greene being quoted about his displeasure with this film upon its release. Okay.... Clue 1: During the cold war a nuclear physicist is quietly collecting secrets which he intends to sell to an unmentioned foreign power.
  6. Eve thats how I met Ruth Gordon. I liked Big Bus, which was savaged by the critics and did absolutely no business. Your turn luv.
  7. Sorry Eve - not Silver Streak. clue 2: The hero of the story is shunned by all society due to an incident that happened years ago. The incident is compared to that of the Donner Party and he does admit to one transgression by saying: Eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannible.
  8. This 1976 spoof involves a high-powered transporter, its zany passangers and a madman out to destroy the mission.
  9. Eve....thanks for the compliment/friendship/pass. Be back soon with clue(s).
  10. You are too smart ladyeve. It is to you to stump us all.
  11. Not Dirty Dancing finance. Clue #4: The girl is heartbroken. She knows that she will never see the boy again. Then one day there is a knock on her door. A stranger with haunting news about the boy.
  12. This film - one of the highest grossing movies of that year - was nominated for 3 AAs, winning 2. It catapulted its leading lady to super-star status. One famous scene from the film has been satired more that a dozen times. Sadly the leading man has recently passed away.
  13. Horrors lurk in the shadows. Before they depart the boy and the girl are attacked on the streets by a mugger. The boy is badly injured....he is unable to perform any deed - my lord, he cannot even pick up a penny. A terrible accident....or was it? The horrors continue to lurk in the shadows.
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