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  1. I think Saving Private Ryan is a good, but not great film. I think the scene with the old man at the cemetary at the beginning is very moving. The rest is a pretty stock John Wayne film bookended between two exciting battle scenes. TCM has definitely educated me in regards to movies and films from before 1960. I don't mind seeing films from the 70s. The 80s is starting to push it. I don't think TCM is going the way of AMC. It doesn't look like Halle Berry's Catwoman is on the schedule anytime soon.
  2. "Torture Porn" is the term given to newer "horror" movies like the "Saw" franchise or "Hostel" where there isn't anything really scarey or suspeseful, just a lot of squirming at the sight of scenes of torture in these movies. I have seen a "highlight" reel of "Salo..." on YouTube and one could surely draw a line from it to certain films of the last decade.
  3. I think "Wizards" was almost like a Rite of Passage for me. A bunch of us watched it in Junior High School after "Predator" and before some Italian soft-core flick. I'm not a Lord of the Rings person but oh how I love how LOTR nerds get riled up when they see the Bakshi version.
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