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  1. The NFL draft is now swallowing up and choking off my whole neighborhood. They are taking over every square inch of space all the way up and down the Parkway. More so than with the Pope's recent visit.
  2. If Britain hadn't eliminated the mandatory two years of military service in 1960, the Beatles never would have had the opportunity to become big.
  3. But Ben is still #1 the rest of the time, isn't he? The Essentials is no big deal.
  4. A kid packing heat didn't have to worry about other kids ****ing with him.
  5. All I know is that the suggestions on Google of the bands that are similar to Queens of the Stone Age and the Strokes aren't even close. They are similar to each other. The former came along a little bit earlier.
  6. Juggernaut? That is a reassuring term. I'm waiting to be carted off to jail in the middle of the night.
  7. YOU noticed that it was an 1892 rifle? Your list of hobbies known no limits.
  8. Friends Lake was the one usually mentioned. The athletic field was Metzger's Field. Your turn.
  9. How about a host for each genre------Noir, musicals, westerns, comedy, drama?
  10. Feel free to use it, but get my approval first.
  11. I've tried going through playlists that people have posted on youtube, but in general they are badly done.
  12. Getting back to my question, I'm looking for ___________Pond and _________Lake. To add to the question, when the boys play sports, they play at ___________Field.
  13. An easy argument is that that it's irresponsible to make psychiatric judgments from afar. Can't he be forced to be personally examined and evaluated by a few of them?
  14. I'm trying to increase my awareness of songs I might really like from post-2000 alt rock, and finding groups similar to these two seems to be the most efficient way of doing it.
  15. Probably, to give people who haven't seen a lot of classic movies and don't have the time to watch a lot of them, a short-cut to a solid grounding in what classic movies are all about.
  16. I rest my case. There just aren't many worthy films left that haven't yet been featured. So the choice is featuring THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for the third time, or featuring CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC for the first time.
  17. She was my second grade teacher...................Staying with Beaver, Name two bodies of water that the kids or families went to for recreation.
  18. Main Ingredient did two great songs, "Happiness is Just Around the Bend" and "Rolling Down a Mountainside".
  19. The fact that he's the guy who got Trump up and running doesn't help the stench that's settling around Trump.
  20. Sue Randall played Miss Landers. Diane Brewster played Miss Canfield.
  21. He's going down even harder than Frazier.
  22. Question-----If I like the Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age, what's the best way to answer the question, "Which groups are most similar to them?"
  23. The Strokes in particular blow me away. E.g., "The Modern Age" and "Taken for a Fool" get an A++.
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