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  1. His argument that the fact that he won the election buries this issue is not logical.
  2. People seem to be losing interest in this now that Trump is going up against Russia.
  3. Anytime he has a relatively good week (for him), he blows his momentum by coming up with something like this.
  4. The Steelers were nowhere until around 1969, when Dan was taking over from his father.
  5. I'm not sure which film musical it was, but the clause must have something to do with the fact that the film's release date could not happen until the Broadway run ended.
  6. I assume it's common practice for passengers to be asked to give up their seats to employees, in exchange for free flights, no?
  7. I really don't believe this United Airlines story. What were United personnel thinking? And the CEO initially backed them up. From now on, I fly only blimps and dirigibles.
  8. He's certainly on the slippery slope toward that status.
  9. Giveaway clue- Think of a Western star.
  10. Laughton's ripping the tailcoat as he conducted has always stuck in my mind.
  11. It doan't? He'll waste so much of the taxpayer's money on his personal stuff that the country won't have the money to defend itself.
  12. How can this have been a TCM premiere? I've seen it more than once in the last 15 years, and there's nowhere else I could have seen it other than TCM
  13. Now you've got the right sport, but your answer has nothing to do with the clue. Early '40s film.
  14. I didn't look it up. The answer seemed to fit so well, so I assumed that was the one.
  15. Garcia is no longer the greatest golfer never to win a major.
  16. In watching the Masters, I find it ridiculous that the amateurs are still allowed to use the long putter, while the pros are not. It gives some golfers an advantage, so some who are in competition with others shouldn't be allowed to use it, while others are not.i
  17. His role as the D.A. in A PLACE IN THE SUN served as his bridge from playing heavies to "Perry Mason", although he continued to play villains after A PLACE IN THE SUN.
  18. "It's a Most Unusual Day". Jane Powell. A DATE WITH JUDY. Wallace Beery.
  19. Wrong sport. This film generated the star's theme song.
  20. Exactly in WHOSE yearbook did Judy Zipper appear?
  21. Chuck Schumer is handling the Jews this week. Next week I believe it's Jared Kushner.
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