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Everything posted by DownGoesFrazier

  1. "Seven Nation Army" is good. Aside from that, I don't like the White Stripes' stuff.
  2. I'm starting to explore 2000s alternative. Thus far, the best groups appear to be the Strokes, Bloc Party, and Franz Ferdinand. Of course, there's also the Black Keys, with whom I'm already quite familiar.
  3. Off the top of my head, I know it was Miss Landers and Miss Canfield.
  4. The companion song to this one was K.D. Lang's "Constant Craving". The Paula Cole song is better.
  5. They've got to run out eventually. Then they'll be passing off " come see come sa" films as "Essentials".
  6. Karl Swenson also played George Haskell. Your turn.
  7. Blur's, Republica's, and the Breeders' songs are great. Also, "Lovefool", by the Cardigans.
  8. If she was tiny then, she must be miniscule now. People shrink when they get older.
  9. I'm just quoting Tony Curtis, who wasn't known for totally accurate statements.
  10. Hint: This juvenile is an iconic supporting character in sitcom history.
  11. Robert Mitchum refused the lead in THE DEFIANT ONES because he wouldn't work with a black actor.
  12. There are many businessmen out there who are far shrewder than he is. Maybe one of them should be Prez.
  13. I think the Smashing Pumpkins are good............ In general, '80s alternative was better than '90s or 2000s.
  14. Yes you are. This was the father of a juvenile.
  15. Apparently golf is not much of an exercise. Especially if you ride around in a cart, as I'm sure Trump does.
  16. You don't want scrawny guys holding office. Fat blimps like Trump are far preferable.
  17. Men are required to wear a jacket and tie to ride the Philadelphia subway.
  18. The only one I know is Offspring. "Come Out and Play" is great. Three more good ones I recently discovered are the Gin Blossoms,Jimmy Eat World and Kittie, a female metal band,
  19. I believe most European golfers would most want to win the British.
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