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  1. On this popular sitcom, the father of one of the characters, during the course of the series, had two different first names, and was portrayed by three different actors. Characters' names? Actors' names?
  2. So, on a given Saturday night, you may see Alec hosting the Essentials, and then portraying Donald Trump on SNL. Bizarre. And Trump is certainly not essential.
  3. Stanley and Tiger Fafara? 'Leave it to Beaver"?
  4. There have been fits and starts over the years toward making Puerto Rico the 51st state.
  5. I don't believe ANYTHING he says. If he said it was raining, I'd look outside to make sure.
  6. A common argument is, which major has the most prestige. The PGA is the only one that clearly is not. The British is the oldest. The U.S. Open is the most difficult. The Masters has the legendary course and the green Jacket
  7. The BEST one, IMO, is Fats Domino. Your turn.
  8. I've been updating myself on post-1990 rock artists. The well-known group that really stands out for me is Queens of the Stone Age. Does anyone have any opinion about them? I think they're great.
  9. Name two legendary 1950s rock and roll pioneers who are still alive.
  10. I should have trusted my first inclination, which was this one.
  11. I'd like to hear from some of the postresses on these boards on this issue.
  12. If women want to be known as "actors", then they should be competing against men for Oscars. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  13. I think the latter group may contain more people of monumental laziness.
  14. Suggesting it and opening the door aren't the same thing.
  15. His argument that the fact that he won the election buries this issue is not logical.
  16. You loved "Freeze Frame" and "Centerfold"?
  17. You are opening the door to an argument that there should just be a "Best Performance" category, with men and women competing against one another.
  18. People seem to be losing interest in this now that Trump is going up against Russia.
  19. Anytime he has a relatively good week (for him), he blows his momentum by coming up with something like this.
  20. The Steelers were nowhere until around 1969, when Dan was taking over from his father.
  21. I'm not sure which film musical it was, but the clause must have something to do with the fact that the film's release date could not happen until the Broadway run ended.
  22. Don't speak ill of the dead, but the J Geils Band's stuff was junk, at least the stuff that I heard.
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