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Everything posted by DownGoesFrazier

  1. Alberto Contador took a spill, but he re-entered the competition very quickly.
  2. In spinning class yesterday, the instructor started off the class with an unusual choice, Gene Autry's "Back in the Saddle Again". Get it?
  3. Just like in NORTH BY NORTHWEST where Eva Marie Saint pretended to shoot Cary Grant , just to show that she was on Mason's side.
  4. Given Trump's litany of potential lawsuits against himself in this area, perhaps he should defend Ailes and O'Reilly a little less vigorously.
  5. I think it's time to put this one out of its misery.
  6. The next step should be his recusing himself from Washington D.C.
  7. What would be a BIG noir? Most noirs do not break the bank, budget-wise.
  8. This year's upcoming NFL draft will be held on the steps of Philly's Art Museum, about 50 yards from my residence. They've already started to set up. This promises to be sheer bedlam.
  9. Have you seen any of these seniors interviewed about that?
  10. I thought that that was the college one went to if he wanted to become a competitive eater. .......Fifty hot dogs in ten minutes? No problem.
  11. The two have the same tailor. They met in the waiting room.
  12. Some people may have thought that this was a school where they could learn how to play bridge.
  13. A couple years ago, only the intelligentsia knew that Trump was a crook.
  14. I'm tired of the same schools winning all the time, especially North Carolina.
  15. ..and Oregon should have easily beaten UNC, but blew it in ten different ways.
  16. He is from Duran Duran, and was with the supergroup Power Station.
  17. American mobsters is bad enough. But Russian mobsters?
  18. This question has been met with a resounding thud. All the rock artists mentioned were at some point in their careers members of "supergroups". Open thread.
  19. I thought you meant that there was a Robert A. Byrd Vacant Lot.
  20. From looking at her in this photo, she appears to be missing a few marbles. "Evelyn Farkas" sound like a good name for a mental patient anyway.
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